MMJ8 – Sari Sensation

When the sun turns out to play, the saris being worn at Walthamstow market really come into their own. They are absolutely glorious and this photo in no way does justice to Nheed’s outfit with the intricate sequin embroidery and floating chiffon in saturated turquoise.

Here’s another local sari photo I took last June:

Doesn’t she look fabulous?

Talking of fabulous… Yep, I’m wearing another Pendrell blouse, my NHS Direct Top. This is my favourite make of the three I’ve (so far) completed. Look at it. I may as well be carrying a sign asking, ‘Do I make you feel happy?’ The cotton print is gorgeous and reminds me of Kestrel Finds and Makes recently completed Crescent Skirt. Clearly, red flower prints are the way to go with Sewaholic patterns.

As I type this, the rain’s set in. It had better clear before tomorrow. How can I wear my purple sunglasses in a rainstorm?

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9 Responses to MMJ8 – Sari Sensation

  1. Stevie says:

    I love that lime and turquoise sari!
    I’m desperately waiting for my ebay money so I can buy the Pendrell. I’ve had the fabric picked out since Goldhawk Rd!

  2. I love saris! You can definitely wear your sunglasses in the rain, I was just wearing mine inside! I wanted to try them out after having bought them online

  3. Sarah says:

    Gah!! How sari-licious!!! So gorgeous!! My sister-in-law has a beautiful white and coral one she wore to her wedding. Fantastic! I love that Pendrell blouse, too, and the purple sunglasses are the perfect touch!

  4. Kerry says:

    Ooh, thanks for the name check! Can’t beat a bit of red floral. Also, I’m envious of the London sunshine compared to our dreich Scottish weather!

  5. Debi says:

    Love this! Still have to make my pendrell!

  6. Roisin says:

    That print is gorgeous, and you look so cool with your sunglasses on and your hair blowing over your face!

  7. Dibs says:

    I went to work yesterday sans coat because it was sunny in thee morning…then the rain came, anecdote I was so cold…not good. what is good though are those saris. Very beautiful colours. I think if you make 1 more pendrell, I shall stage and intervention…lol…it fits u so well though, so I totally understand why you love it.

  8. Eugenia says:

    You’ve had a great me-made week! I love the pendrell top – the colours of this one are really lovely. I also love the sari pictures – I always think that they look so beautiful and colourful.

  9. Roobeedoo says:

    I thought you were going to say you made a Pendrell out of sari fabric, which might not be a bad idea! With a matching wrap skirt? Love the sunglasses!

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