Cutting It Fine

I am glad to report that some sewing action has taken place this week, although I’ll happily admit that productivity plummeted to an all-time low because of domestic shenanigans.

I cut out the rose print fabric! I was extremely anxious and very careful about the pinning out. I’m glad I took great care, because there isn’t anything left out of six metres that could be used for a spare pattern piece. I’d better sew just as carefully. No second chance saloon here.

In theory, I should have pinned out all my pieces to check that I had enough fabric before cutting. But seriously. How many of us have the space to lay out six metres of cotton at once? I tend to pin, cut then shift the fabric along my table to move on to the next batch. I just have to hold my breath and hope. It occurred to me that someone in a cramped flat would really struggle to make a dress using this much fabric.

After so much prep, it’s a relief to actually be cracking on. Except I won’t be able to crack on properly for the next seven days. (Jeez!) I’m going away. Can I lug a sewing machine onto a train? My deadline is creeping ever closer…

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9 Responses to Cutting It Fine

  1. ooobop says:

    I completely sympathise with cutting out big on a small table! I do much the same but remember to hold on to the front before the end snakes over the edge of the table! I’m so looking forward to seeing this dress x

  2. Esz says:

    I cut out on my spare Queen size bed! I’ve laid my cardboard mat on it and it gives me enough room to pin everything (with a little shifting). It isn’t good for my back though as one side of the bed is against the wall. And I often get bruises on my shins for using the bed as a fulcrum and leaning over it to cut.

    Good luck with the dress! Isn’t it funny how we freak so much with nice fabric.

  3. Dibs says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished dress. I cut on the floor, which is painful for my back, but since I don’t have 700 quid for a hilo, I have to make do.

  4. Anna says:

    I do the same with cutting unless I really am playing around with trying to get all the pieces on the fabric and then I can lay up to 3 metres on my living room floor if I move some furniture. Of course if I put it on the living room floor I then have to contend with 2 very ‘helpful’ children and cats walking across it!

  5. Eugenia says:

    Congratulations on making a start on this dress. 6 metres is a lot of fabric to handle! I’m looking forward to following your progress – the fabric is so lovely but I know that it is in good hands!

  6. Tilly says:

    Good work. You’ve inspired me to get off my bum and cut something out today. Is there any hand sewing you can take away with you or is it too early for that? Hope you have a good time, wherever you’re going x

    • That’s such a good suggestion and I did think about that, but it’s such early days in the project. HOWEVER, you have reminded me that I recently invested in some embroidery thread. Hurrah! I shall take an embroidery project away with me.

  7. Debi says:

    oohhh..very exciting! Glad you had enough fabric! I cut out my fabrics on the floor. A pattern weight usually consists of one large cat that I need to reposition to cut around! hahhahaha. Have fun on your trip!

  8. senjiva says:

    I can’t wait to see your dress! I’m inspired to dig out the vintage rose fabric I have been hoarding for years. I can’t cut on the floor anymore because of my knees. So I have a folding 6ft work table that I keep in the hallway and I set it up in the sitting room when needed.

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