Sewists Stay Alert!

It has come to my attention that industrial espionage has leaked into the world of sewing blogs. Back in May, Scruffy Badger blogged about her gingham make and I was lucky enough to photograph her wearing this most beautiful of dresses on the Fabric Fandango:

Scruffy Badger, Centre

So far, all so seemingly innocent. Yesterday, I wandered into Hobbs:

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I marched straight over to a sales assistant and told her that if all Hobbs could do was rip off my friends and copy their dresses then they were all a load of stinky pants whose mums didn’t love them. Her eyes flickered over my shoulder and she gave a small nod to the man in the navy uniform.

Security guards have surprisingly firm grips when they march you out of a store…

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14 Responses to Sewists Stay Alert!

  1. Karin says:

    Hahaha. Well, now we know who to call when we need someone to stand up for us! (No picture with the security guards? ;-))

  2. Tilly says:

    And I bet they came up with some pathetic excuse along the lines of, “It’s a homage to Scruffy’s work”. The cheek of it!

  3. Dibs says:

    Seriously? Hahahahaha. well now they’ll know not to mess with u future.

  4. Lisa says:

    Loving your work LOL !!!!!!

  5. Law says:

    Ha ha, they are a bunch of stinky pants! And stoopid poo poo heads because they can’t come up with their own ideas. To be fair though i think we all want that dress of Scruffy Badgers, I know i do…..

  6. OMG!! My friend trailed me into Hobbs a couple of weeks ago (it’s way too expensive a shop for me!), and I saw that exact dress, and had the exact same thought! I wasn’t brave enough to confront anybody though!!

  7. ooobop says:

    A picture of you with the security guard would have been fantastic! I guess there wasn’t time for that! I have to say though, that the Hobbs dress is a poor relation to Scruffy Badgers dress. And in any case was machine made by robots so carries no love in the weave! x

  8. Ivy B says:

    This happens with alarming regularity. My mate had her textile designs ripped off by a store I never go in!
    Have to say Scruffy Badger’s is superior.x

  9. Kerry says:

    Hah, no way! That dress is certainly popular. I blogged about it last month, as my friend and I had spotted it on a shopping trip. Have to say, I much prefer Scruffy’s version!

  10. Debi says:

    You tell them Karen! No one rips off our badger!!!

  11. alizwa says:

    ha ha ha…. you are funny!

  12. Scruffy badger says:

    Ha ha ha. You didn’t get a photo with the security guard? But you know my gingham was from walthamstow ( stall by sainsburys) and I was assured that it was ex- hobbs. Interesting, non ?

  13. Portia says:

    I think I just wet myself….

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