MMJ16 – I Feel Famous!

That’s odd. My keyboard feels really sticky. You guys haven’t seen anyone using my office, have you?

Anyway! Look, isn’t it amazing – I’m actually not wearing my Lisette today. Oh Lisette, I love you so. Hang on, why are you laughing?!

Today I had a meeting in Covent Garden, so I had to dress smart. I wore my Lady In Red dress, one of my favourite makes – the Vogue V1183. It’s an absolute winner and a delight to wear. Even if I say so myself, the finish is excellent. Amazing what can be achieved with the help of blog readers – comments were crucial in helping me with the fit.

After the meeting, I went in search of Covent Garden street entertainers for a photo. It was tipping with rain, so they were scarce on the ground. Eventually, I tracked down Ossie the Juggler. Ossie, keen to stress the ‘s’ spelling of his name, was an absolute star. I dropped some coins into his hat as a thank you:

On my way home, I caught the elevator at Covent Garden tube station. I found myself in a small, cramped space with some spectacularly large hats. A photo with Kerry and Michelle had to be in order:

‘I feel famous!’ one of the girls cried, as we lined up for our photo. In my excitement I forgot to ask, but I assume these lovely young ladies were off to Ascot Races for the day.

Tally ho!

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3 Responses to MMJ16 – I Feel Famous!

  1. Jane says:

    Very flattering dress, the Lady in Red can definitely hold her own with those Ascot girls. x

  2. KC says:

    Lovely dress and great photos!

  3. MrsC says:

    Love that dress – cut, colour, everything. Just the ticket for Covent Garden. You couldn’t wear that naughty Lisette there, she may not behave herself!

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