Mollie Makes – Seeking The Holy Grail

I’d noticed a whisper or two about this newly launched magazine on the Interweb. Then I spoke to someone last week.

‘Have you seen Mollie Makes yet?’ she asked.

I shook my head.

Her eyes lit up. ‘You HAVEN’T!’ She pulled a copy out and spread it before me. It looked lush but I was afraid to read too closely in case I couldn’t bear to give it back.

This magazine has taken the UK publishing world by storm since its launch in May. Yes, one month ago. The publisher, Future Publishing based in Bath, says that it’s torn strips off all previous sales figures. I think the first issue sold out in four days, or something ridiculous like that. With its message of ‘Making, Collecting, Thrifting, Crafting’ it’s bang on trend.

I’ve been on the hunt for a copy, trailing newsagents from Waterloo to Oxford Street. Have I had any luck? No, I haven’t. I’ve signed up to a subscription, but until my copy arrives – the third in the newly launched series – I’m left chewing my fingernails.

How good is good? Do you have a copy? I’m dying to find out. Leave a comment if you have a rare, treasured first issue. Take care of it. I suspect it will be worth something one day.

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19 Responses to Mollie Makes – Seeking The Holy Grail

  1. Sarah says:

    GAH!!! Thank you SO MUCH for the link!! *faints from craft overdose*

  2. Annec says:

    uh oh…ANOTHER source of sewing eye-candy…
    Love the fact that they’ve made an iPAD version – saves on shelf space!! (though I DO love an old fashioned paper copy to pore over (repeatedly). Thanks for the heads-up

    PS: I think your MMJ posts are the BEST…I eagerly check in each day to read about your latest random photo subject and, of course, to read about your fun wearing MM clothes, knits and jewellry. Very inspiring!

  3. Portia says:

    ooooooh! Gorgeous!!!

  4. Kirsty says:

    I found my copy of issue 2 at Hobbycraft, I’m in love with it! If you can’t find any then you can buy a digital copy through their website, you miss out on the gift though of course, I just bought a digital issue 1.

    Have you seen the promo video? It’s delightful!

  5. Dibs says:

    I saw a copy of it last week Thursday. It looks ok, but I did not buy it. I remember thinking it was something I’d consider buying in future. I’ll check it out again.

  6. Karyn says:

    I have a copy of issue one and two and I have to say I just love it. I think this magazine is so much better than some of the other ones on the market, I might even cancel subscriptions to a few other ones as Mollie Makes covers so much!

  7. Melizza says:

    I have the first issue. The free craft projects are adorable and the photos are glossy and clean. It’s a great read. I can’t see myself paying that much for a subscription but I will pick one up here and there.

  8. shivani says:

    I have the first two copies. I agree – it’s a lovely magazine. Its a bit on the pricey side though.

    BTW, I was passing Morely college on the bus yesterday – is that your lovely purple dress on display in the window of the Morely Gallery? x

    • karen says:

      Yes, I think it must be! They asked to include it in an exhibition and I’m popping along to the private viewing tomorrow. How amazing that you spotted it from a bus!

  9. Jane says:

    I’ve got the first two issues and they are as lovely as everybody says. Although it doesn’t actually take that long to read everything in each issue (about an hour) it’s the sort of mag you keep going back to to look at all the gorgeous pictures. I’ve finished playing with mine for the time being, so you can borrow mine to salivate over until issue three is delivered if you like? x

  10. Freya says:

    I think the Make Lounge in Islington stock this magazine, you could try there!

  11. Roobeedoo says:

    I could have sent you issue 1 but I gave it to a friend. I found it a bit too “crocheted apple cosy” for me!

    • Roisin says:

      Roo, me too! Maybe I didn’t give it a chance, and I am quite a grumpy girl, but the sheer pointlessness of the apple cosies made me shake my head. I don’t think Mollie Makes is for this sewist. Maybe I should launch my own cynical craft mag called “Róisín Sneers”?

  12. ooobop says:

    Hi Karen, I just saw it in Smiths in Hammersmith… so I guess WHSmiths is the way forward. It is indeed a quality mag. The photography is stunning and the projects are very sweet. I think £4.99 is a fair price. But I also think for me its a pricey distraction from the dresses I want to sew!

  13. Tilly says:

    Ooh I found one in… wait for it… Tesco! Yes, that bastion of post-consumerist culture. I was going to write a little blog post about it to support them…

  14. Liz says:

    I had not even heard about it, but I’m going to be looking out for a copy now!

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