MMJ23 – Stop! Children Crossing

Most weeks for the past ten years I have cycled past Sabbir, but we’ve never spoken before. Until today.

There I was, cycling to work, my brain empty of any thoughts other than anticipation of the extra hot wet grande skinny latte I was going to drink when I got to Kings Cross. A man in neon strode out before me with his large sign and I pulled to a halt. Come on, come on! I thought. I have a coffee waiting with my name on it. Then my gaze focussed. A lollipop man, in all his neon glory! This had to be my Me Made June Stranger.

I pulled up to the side of the zebra crossing, and explained my mission. Sabbir was glad to help, but he wasn’t just going to stop the traffic willy nilly. ‘We have to wait for some children to cross,’ he explained. So wait we did and finally one of the mums kindly agreed to photograph us as London drivers watched from behind their wheels and school kids gawped open-mouthed. Look, mummy! Look, at the crazy woman! Goodness knows what the impatient drivers were thinking or cursing.

Sabbir was very keen to take the name of the blog and I really hope he’s reading. Wave, everyone!

I’m wearing my Gertie Gingham skirt made last August and my Simplicity 2443 jacket, made in February.

I thought my Me Made June With A Stranger duties were over for the day, but then I popped out for a lunchtime snack. I just fancied some energy food. You know, something like a banana…

Say hello to Louis!

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9 Responses to MMJ23 – Stop! Children Crossing

  1. Louise says:

    You have much more interesting encounters each day than I do! Have loved this series of posts!

  2. Suze says:

    Oh this just gets better and better!

  3. liza jane says:

    Oh, poor Louis!
    (That was my initial reaction- to feel bad for the man in the banana suit)
    That jacket is fabulous!

  4. Oops!! Somehow I’ve managed to reply to Suze’s post. I’ll blame the Ipod on that one! 😉

  5. Tilly says:

    Pahahaha! They get better and better… x

  6. fattybumble says:

    Haha! You are on FIRE!
    Great stuff!

  7. shari says:

    I just found your blog recently and I love all your pictures taken with all the interesting people you get to meet each day. Your posts put a smile on my face. Love your simplicity Jacket! I have this one in my to make list.

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