MMJ25 – Miss P’s Wish Comes True

Pour yourself a stiff drink, you’re going to need it. Go on, I don’t mind waiting.


A few days ago I invited suggestions for people to be photographed with in Me Made June. Miss P had something to say:

‘I β€˜d scream if you bagged a photo with someone famous!’

Yesterday, she added this comment to my blog:

‘Can’t wait to see who you find to be photographed with in Paris!’

I want us all to bear these two statements in mind and I think we should find some cotton wool balls, too.

But let’s start at the beginning. The reason I’m in Paris is because my boyfriend was taking part in the London-Paris 2011 bike ride. I spent yesterday travelling to the finish line to meet him, starting at the Eurostar check in desk at Kings Cross, where I met…

Bat man and Bat woman

I was wearing my Sorbetto top, Oli and Rachel were wearing a lot of lycra. They were doing a charity hitchhike to France to raise money for St Peter’sΒ as part of the How Far Challenge, details to be seen here. They’d started that morning in Brighton – where my sewing friends were about to gather! – and had made it to London. So far, so successful. I left them approaching a man in a suit and saying, ‘Are you the manager?’ I really hope they blagged their way onto Eurostar!

After a journey that involved trying to check in at the wrong hotel, I quickly got changed because of the HEAT in Paris (yeah, crazy, I know) and went to catch the bus to the Eiffel Tower to cheer the cycling heros. Except the bus route had been taken over by a gay pride parade:

I’m wearing my Tilly necklace, but you’re not really looking at the necklace are you? What is the name of the exotic butterfly beside me? Kevin. At this point in the day I am so stressed at trying not to miss the end of the race that my hands are shaking. I hope Kevin didn’t mind my quivering digits on his hip.

Finally, I arrived at the finish line on time to witness this:

Then things started to get really interesting. I had Miss P’s words ringing in my ears. I decided to be braver than I’d been for the rest of June put together.

Here I am with Will Carling, former England rugby captain. When I asked if the photo could go on my sewing blog, the expression on his face was priceless. I think it was saying something along these lines: What is this ‘sewing’ of which you speak? I’ve just finished cycling for three solid days, where’s the bar? His actual words were, ‘Do what you like with it.’ Said in a nice way. In a charming accent. I skipped back to my friends! No, I didn’t. I ran back, waving my hands above my head and screaming.

Once I’d calmed down, I decided to take a second plunge:

This guy drives cars, apparently.

It’s Nigel Mansell, OBE and Formula One Champion! I didn’t ask him if he minded going on my sewing blog because I don’t think formula one racers give a fig about sewing and knitting. Though I could be wrong. He was cycling on behalf of the charity UK Youth.

By now, I had four photos with strangers for Me Made June 25, two of whom satisifed the ‘famous’ category. But the most important photo was this one:

My hero

Do you know what a man’s hands look like when he’s been cycling for three solid days in sometimes searing heat whilst wearing cycle gloves:

Our adventure was almost at an end. There was nothing left to do but go out for dinner. Finally, I tipped into bed, my body limp with exhaustion.

That was my first day in Paris.

Are you screaming yet, Miss P?

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27 Responses to MMJ25 – Miss P’s Wish Comes True

  1. Ashley says:

    Wow, what a great day! πŸ™‚ I wasn’t expecting the strange looking sunburn lines, I was expecting massive blisters or something. I suppose that’s what the gloves are for, preventing blisters!
    Enjoy Paris! πŸ™‚
    Ashley x

  2. Portia says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU lady, are an absolute legend!!!! I am slightly hysterical now…..!
    Well done Ian!! (interesting tan lines!)

  3. I love your blog, I’ve been tuning in each day for your MMJ entries and what a fantastic set of pics all in one day! Hope you manage some great fabric shopping while you’re there
    Debbie B

  4. Eugenia says:

    Looks like you had a very exciting time – surrounded by men in cycling shorts – phew!!! Kudos and congratulations to your boyfriend for taking on a very demanding challenge for a good cause. I hope that you are now going to have a wonderful romantic time together in the City of Love!

  5. Anna says:

    I would have gone all wobbly over Will Carling! I used to watch quite a bit of rugby around the time he was England captain and had rather a soft spot. shall we say, for him!

    Well done!

  6. Mary Ball says:

    If that’s the only sore spot Ian has got I’m impressed – but please, no photos of any others!
    Will Carling and Nigel Mansell – two such very nice men. I’m impressed with your courage to approach them.
    Have a great time shopping for material (or wool).

  7. Law says:

    Wow Karen, best me made pics yet. Well done your man!

  8. Debi says:

    I’m also squealing! Well done! What a FABULOUS day! and congrats to Ian!!! Have a fabulous time in Paris!!

  9. Tilly says:

    Oh. Wow. This is just too good. Your dedication to the MMJ cause is inimitable. Do you think we can get these and other celebs on board as MMJ patrons? x

  10. Alessa says:

    Hehe, sounds like you had loads of fun! Have a great time in Paris!

  11. MrsC says:

    Brilliant!! You are game for anything! And, I LOVE that dress. It is an absolute corker!

  12. Dibs says:

    Omg Karen you are a legend. Lol. I’m not familiar with the other celebrities, but Nigel Mansell? Wow. I’m impressed. Hope you have fun, and more interesting pics please.

  13. [takes hat off to Karen]

  14. Shelly says:

    Well, you certainly outdid yourself today with not only one photo but 4 and famous people too! This has been a lot of fun seeing who will be next. Keep it up.

  15. Felicity from Down Under says:

    I don’t understand the attraction of cycling (though my menfolk are quite ardent in the cause) but I admire your dedication and chutzpah.

    BTW, when you get back to London, and as you seem so taken with travel, how about getting ready for the Pottermania that’s sure to attend the release of the last cinematic instalment by being photographed with that trolley at platform 9 3/4? (Or possibly, as this is an Aussie making the request, Australia House/Gringotts?) I know they’re innimate, but they’re quite famous. πŸ˜€

  16. Pin Queen says:

    Karen, you have truly excelled yourself! A gold star girl! And a HUGE well done to your hero

  17. Jane says:

    Aw fab post and well done Ian, he is indeed a hero! You look GORGEOUS in the photo with Nigel Mansell! What’s happened to his racing driver good looks by the way? The man’s nothing without his moustache. Enjoy the rest of your trip. x

  18. Nigel Mansell!!! OMG you met Nigel Mansell!!!!! Squeal!!!!!!

    (Completely agree with Jane, bring back the tache Nige) πŸ˜‰

  19. Sarah says:

    Wowza!!! Look at you go!!!! I am so impressed with your inventiveness and the fact that you snapped not ONE but TWO famous lads!! Way to be a fantabulous sewing ambassador!!!

  20. betseydoodle says:

    Hey! I sew, I knit, and I love Formula 1! Nigel! You are one lucky lady πŸ™‚

  21. Welcome to Paris, it seems you had a pretty exciting time!
    I suppose it’s not your first time here and you know all the hot fabric spots (and the Babylon of designer fabrics) already, but just in case, feel free to ask..

  22. Bold Sewist says:

    How fantastic! Both Ian’s wonderful achievement and gorgeous celebs! Your boldness knows no bounds!!

  23. Elizabeth says:

    I hve no idea who those famous people are, but I will take your word for it! You are really having a blast with this. So fun!

  24. H'Atelier 22 says:

    Hi Karen
    Yes I remember Saturday, too. Your manic search for the Eiffel Tower, Malcolm’s direction finding messages, the fantastic Peleton when it arrived…….elation when you eventually found Ian, more static when you came back with pictures of Wil who??? Nigel M ??? Now if it had been Jenson Button, then that would have been another story……….Nice restaurant in the evening, lovely Sunday morning on the Boulevard St Michel. Lovely to spend time with you both. Malcolm has sent you both a copy of the most incredible picture he took of Ian (more by luck than judgement) – remember not a good time to try and work out how use the sports mode on your new camera! Hope to see you soon here in very sunny Brittany – asking our Irish neighbours if you can use their cottage when you come over. Just keep looking at the material, patterns, material….can’t quite decide what to do with it all!

    Sally the Hat

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