MMJ27 – The Kiss

It was so hot today that the melted tarmac curled like parmesan shavings from the Parisian cobbles as cars sped across the Bastille. That’s how hot it was.

There are only two things a Sewist can do in these conditions:

  • Stop and drink a biere blanche on the hour every hour from late morning onwards. (I felt like John Mills in ‘Ice Cold in Alex’, staring at the beads of condensation on my glass.)
  • Go to a museum and leave the natives in peace.

The above ‘kiss’ is shared by myself and Niccolas Orsini. He’s definitely a stranger because he’s been dead for six centuries. Never fear, no antiquites were molested in the taking of this photo – we weren’t really touching! I’m wearing my Simplicity 2591.

Today started with a spot of fabric shopping in Mont Martre. I thought it would be quiet on a Monday morning, but it was crazy busy with street hustlers much in evidence:

I did my fair share of shopping, but didn’t go mad. (More details when I have a better Internet connection.)

Then we paid a visit to Modes & Travaux on the recommendation of Fehr Trade:

I was particularly inspired to visit after I saw her recent amazing accomplishments with embellishments bought here. Yeah, you can guess what I wanted to buy. The shop didn’t disappoint and I also picked up three metres of white swiss dot cotton lawn.

After my fabric fix, we peeled off somewhere cool and dark. We chose the Musee Jacquemart-Andre because it was nearby, but also because I simply could not bear the idea of queueing up with hoards of tourists outside one of the main museums to watch my skin blister in the sun.

The Musee Jacquemart-Andre has a gorgeous tea room should you ever be in Paris and in need of afternoon tea:

Then we came back to the hotel and showered the heat from our skin. If there’s one thing I’ll remember about Me Made June (other than the crazy photos!) it will be my relentless documenting of the weather. Cliches are there for a reason. Us Brits really do talk about the weather A LOT.

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5 Responses to MMJ27 – The Kiss

  1. melissa says:

    awww I’m so touched you followed my recommendations! 🙂 And if it’s any consolation, it was similarly disgustingly hot and sweaty in London yesterday and today, too. Ugh. Cold showers are the only way to cope…

  2. Dibs says:

    Looks like you are having loads of fun. Can’t wait to see your purchase.

  3. ooobop says:

    Wow… look at that tea room. Thats my kind of place! I’d like to see a photo of the white swiss dot cotton lawn if you have one. I’m useless at identifying fabric! I think we talk about the weather so much because it can change up to 4 times a day. Nobody else in the world seems to experience that. I’m personally loving the heat… 31 degrees yesterday, yay!

  4. Kathryn says:

    I’ll be sad for MMJ to finish – reading your posts in the mornings has been great, getting a wee laugh before heading out to work for the day! Thank you!

  5. Amanda says:

    Love the kiss photo! I’d love to go fabric shopping in Paris. Will you be doing a Wimbledon themed MMJ? I’m watching a match as I read your post and had the thought 🙂

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