So What Did You Buy In Paris, Karen?

Shame on me – it’s been a while since my trip to Paris and I still haven’t shared my goodies with you. I’d better put that right straight away!

First up, the embellishments that I bought at Mode & Traveaux after being inspired by Fehr Trade’s use of embellishments on a beautiful turquoise linen dress as blogged about here.

Aren’t they pretty? Couldn’t you just die? Can I sound any more vacuous?

I can see why it took Fehr Trade a whole year to finally use hers. You need to stare at these for weeks or months as various pictures scroll through your mind’s eye. A Sewist should think carefully about how best to use them. The large embellishment is light as an angel’s feather; the other two are heavier. Choosing the right fabric to support them will be crucial. Any thoughts or suggestions, you know what to do!

Next up, the embroidered Swiss dot cotton lawn that Ooobop! asked to see:

It’s photographed here with some grosgrain ribbon and fastenings. I was going to make a waist stay for my Butterick dress but in the end ran out of time. Weirdly, grosgrain ribbon is the one thing it’s impossible to find on Walthamstow market. Go figure.

This lawn cotton came in at 20 euros (just over £18) for three metres. I was inspired by the several Broderie Anglaise dresses I saw being worn in Paris. I couldn’t find any Broderie Anglaise fabric to buy (I’ve since spotted some at Stone Fabrics) so this was the next best thing. I can SEE a version of the Simplicity 2591 in this fabric very, very distinctly. And so it shall come to pass. Hopefully before the summer is out.

Finally, I’ll share with you a weakness I’ve only discovered since I started sewing. It turns out I have a thing for novelty denim:

Oh well, I am a child of the Eighties.

Here it is, drying on the garden table in the sun. (Note to self – hey, a denim tablecloth would be great!) This came in at three metres for ten euros (£9), so seriously – how could I say no? I’m thinking another Beignet skirt as it works very well in denim.

I could have bought a lot more but I had shopper’s guilt. I saw some very pretty fabrics, but kept remembering the piles of pretty fabric waiting for me at home. I’m actually going to try and wait a while before buying any more patterns or fabric. Sometimes it just feels wrong to carry on buying. You know what I mean?

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14 Responses to So What Did You Buy In Paris, Karen?

  1. lazystitcher says:

    Oh goodness! That swiss dot is gorgeous. Will you need to underline it?

  2. Portia says:

    I’m with lazystitcher!! OMG the dotted swiss is amazing! I know what you mean about adding to an already abundant stash BUT (and this is serious) you HAVE to buy these things when you see them sometimes. It’s not like you can just pop round the corner and get some later is it…:)
    (I specialise in guilt removal..)

  3. MrsC says:

    I think it is so much groovier than broderie anglaise. Fabuloso. And I love that dress on you too. I bought a lot of stuff in the UK but only about 10m of silks of various sorts, all embroidered, can’t pass up embroidered fabric, it just isn’t in me to do so. Which is also why I have 8m of 150cm wide lightweight denim embroidered with pink flowers that I love but have no idea what to make with! At 46, I’m not convinced pink flowers are age appropriate. Happy to be convinced otherwise! (or should I make it into a tablecloth?)

  4. fatty bumble says:

    That dot cotton lawn is so fresh and summery looking. Can’t wait to see what beauty you create with that!

    I definitely get carried away when looking at fabrics and new patterns. I have quite a big stash already but it doesn’t me trawling the t’interweb looking for more! Your haul from gay Paree is different though. Unless you’re lucky enough to pop over every month or so you need to grab these opportunitys whenever you can!

  5. What lovely finds! And somehow they all seem more special having come from PARIS. 🙂

  6. Stevie says:

    Love that swiss dot. I have a bit of a love affair with it at the moment. Its dangerous, I have a mint one, a blue one and a white now I’m eyeing up that one! You can never have to much fabric Karen! I wish I had your guilt thing! I am on a partial fabric ban where I have to use 3 pieces of fabric before I’m allowed to buy another 1. Hopefully I can get my stash down a bit!
    Can’t wait to see what your going to make, x

  7. Andrea says:

    Oh, LOVELY finds! I especially like the denim. We may be taking a trip to London and Paris next autumn and if we do, could I pick your brain about good places to shop for fabric?

  8. Sarah says:

    Oooh, I can see the gold embellishments on the shoulders of a slinky dress – you know a tiny bit Cheryl Cole, but in a good way?

    Love the cotton lawn, I’d make a Victorian nightie out of it so I could waft around the house and pretend I was out of a period drama!!

    S x

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Oh I simply adore your embellishments. So pretty. I would stare at them for hours too!

  10. Suzanne says:

    I really like the Swiss Dot…beautiful! Looks like your Parisan shopping was a success!

  11. GretchenH says:

    Gorgeous fabrics and finds! I can definitely see the 2591 in the dotted swiss; it will look lovely on you! Have fun with your new finds.

  12. The Swiss dot is abolutely gorgeous! I wish we could find it easily here. Definitely a 50’s inspired pattern will be fabulous. Grosgrain ribbon in a different colour makes a brilliant waist trim.

    The demin is so cheerful, loads more than normal denim. Can’t wait to see both made up.

    As for the embellishments… I’m speechless!

  13. melissa says:

    Oooh lovely!! What a great haul – you really did some great editing and brought home just the best stuff! I see the left embellishment around a neckline, and the two smaller ones are definitely screaming out to be shoulder embellishments a’la a Balmain jacket!

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