Sweet Sorbetto

You don’t need me to tell you how beautiful this Italian cotton/silk voile is. The beauty of the Sorbetto is that it allows you to indulge your weakness for gorgeous fabric without breaking the bank. I ordered half a metre of this from Ditto and, including postage, it came in at £7.99. Eight quid for a top with 20 per cent silk – I ask you.

With half a metre you have very little wiggle room for extending the length. I squeezed an extra inch out of this. I also lowered the bust darts, but otherwise did nothing different on this second make.

As a child, I hated rhododendrons along with geraniums. My granddad grew both and familiarity bred contempt in me. (What a contrary child!) Now, I adore the smell of geraniums along with their gaudy blooms and I am so grateful to rhododendrons for their late summer colour.

High excitement! I’m off to Leigh-on-Sea this morning to meet up with Miss P. And you’ll never guess what. The sun is shining…

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  1. Pin Queen says:

    Have a lovely day, sun is out at this end too. I hope you have some homemade bags with you – Miss P always spots the most beautiful items and bargains!
    Pretty top, can’t believe it cost so little. I used to hate geraniums and hydranga. It must be an age thing, I’ve been doing odd things since I hit 40…… It’ll be blue hair rinse and bloomers shortly!

  2. tamsinwp says:

    ah, that’ll be why your email was so early this morning! have lovely day and enjoy the sunshine!

  3. Liz says:

    That is beautiful fabric!

  4. Marie says:

    Another beautiful Sorbetto, hope you’re wearing it today ;o) Enjoy yourselves!

  5. Eugenia says:

    So pretty! Your fabric choice is perfect – I love the delicate, slightly ‘washed out’ look of the beautiful colours. A cotton/silk voile is the most wonderful of fabrics, especially for summer (such as it is here at the moment!!).

  6. Sarah says:

    Another gorgeous top!! I love geraniums! My granpa grew roses and sweet peas in abundance.

    • Aw! Sweet peas make me want to burst into tears, remembering how my grandma grew them up canes. Amazing how evocative plants are.

      • Felicity from Down Under says:

        I think there is research suggesting that perfumes evoke memories more readily than sounds or sights. I’m sure it’s true – and I just love the colours in that fabric. I notice, Karen, that your costing obviously didn’t factor in your own time. 🙂

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  8. Elizabeth says:

    That is super gorgeous. I swoon!

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