Sewing’s Like A Box Of Chocolates

The Hazelnut Praline

(Oh, come on. When were hazelnuts in chocolate ever a good idea?)

I’ve completely messed up my white cotton from Paris. The dress is too small, my attempts at underlining stink (please don’t underline with a poly cotton mix, just don’t) and everything is a big fat fail.

I’m sorry, Paris fabric, I let you down. Move on!

The Coffee Creme

(If you don’t like them, can I have yours?)

I think this is the cotton I’m going to use on my version of the Gertie Bombshell Dress. £3 a metre from Walthamstow market. We’ll see. Now, I just need to order some steel boning and various other accroutements.

Steel boning. It sounds like something a lady trapeze artist would use. Exciting!

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23 Responses to Sewing’s Like A Box Of Chocolates

  1. Portia says:

    I LOVE hazelnut pralines but you can defo have my coffee creams. If there are any chocolate covered brazils left though, BACK OFF BALL!
    What a shame about your dotted swiss. I’m glad you’re nonchalant though. No point dwelling I guess. Although I’m a bit of a dweller. I tend to give myself a really hard time over cock ups before moving on. I think your approach is much healthier!
    Why is it that sometimes we are blessed with the magic sewing dust and other times nothing seems to go right? Maybe it’s to do with the frame of mind we are in before we sew. Are we hacked off/in a rush/sewing for the right reasons/just had a row/too tired. Surely creativity of any kind suffers from “block” in the same way artists and writers do? Or maybe it’s just one of those inexplicable things….:)

    • As ever, Miss P, your wisdom leaps from the page. I was entirely in the wrong frame of mind, very distracted and unsettled by other stuff going on, rushing forwards even when alarm bells were ringing in my head. My one regret is that I was up very early this morning sewing, only to realise that I should just have stayed in bed…

  2. Tilly says:

    Oh wow, you’re doing the bombshell dress course! It looks really great, like it’d be a real learning curve – you know how I love to learn new techniques 😉 I can’t see myself ever wearing the dress though, which is the only reason I haven’t signed up… yet… Really looking forward to following your progress xx

    • Yes, I entirely agree – or did entirely agree! I thought I would be making a dress I’d never wear, just to learn new technique. But the very first video lesson covers choosing fabric and Gertie made suggestions that set off loads of lightbulbs in my head. A solid colour wool crepe, for example… I’m making it first in this cheap fabric off the market to see how it goes.

  3. Jane says:

    You can have my coffee ones too eeuugghhh. I love, love, love the fabric for the bombshell dress, I think it will be perfect. I was tempted to sign up for the course just to have the techniques under my belt and see Gertie in action, still pondering. Looking forward to living it through you in the meantime. And yes, steel boning does sound like an exciting circus costume material! x

  4. Joanne says:

    Ahh tis so true. Good to see that you’re not letting it get to you – moving on! I must adopt the same frame of mind. Beating myself up over a dress I’m struggling with and have just abandoned a hastily put together halter-neck blouse. It. Wasn’t. Working. Am going to use the material to make a bright bow to put in my hair instead. I found that moving on to something fun and simple raised my spirits and put the wind back in my sails. Oh look… a salted caramel!

  5. Roisin says:

    I never finished my gingham circle dress, despite my careful muslining it was a catalogue of errors. Only thing for it was to move on. So fair play to you. Also I agree with you on praline – yeeeuch!

  6. shivani says:

    How about I give you the coffee cremes, and you give me the strawberry cremes? (but I totally agree – hazelnuts and chocolate were clearly made for each other- yums!)

    Can you salvage any of the lovely swiss dot from the dress for a blouse/top?

  7. Debi says:

    Love your fabric for the bombshell dress! I still haven’t bought my course yet…but this week!! Oona convinced me too!

    Sorry to hear about the dotted swiss fabric! I hate it when that happens…

    I LOVE chocolates with hazelnuts….Om, nom, nom, nom….:)

  8. Sophia says:

    Oh, I loooove hazelnuts in chocolate! 🙂

    Sorry that the fabric from France didn’t work out, that’s a bummer, but the blue and creme cotton is absolutely beautiful and will hopefully make up for the wadder.

  9. Shelly says:

    Wow, you’re doing the bombshell dress too! I thought I wouldn’t wear this dress but decided to do it just to learn the techniques anyway. Good choice for the fabric. One of my fabric choices is very similar to yours but I’m still undecided.

  10. shari says:

    Sorry your swiss dot fabric ended up as a wadder. Can’t wait to see your bombshell dress in that gorgeous blue and cream fabric!

    I’ll share the coffee creme’s with you 🙂

  11. Roobeedoo says:

    You can throw me the hazelnuts! 😉
    Sorry about the dotted swiss – that’s not fair!
    LOVE your fabric choice for the bombshell!

  12. oonaballoona says:

    yeah yeah hellz YEEEEEEEAHHHHHHH i’m so glad you’re doing the dress of dresses!!! oh i can’t wait.

    you may have my coffee cream, but anything with dark chocolate and/or alcohol in it is MINE.

  13. oonaballoona says:

    oh and ps, gertie has some great underlining tips in her vids, maybe you’ll get a lightbulb on your paris fabric. i know it’s eyeing you with haughty disgust from a corner of your room.

  14. LinB says:

    Maybe you can use some of the white French fabric for collars and cuffs, bands or yokes on a future blouse or shirtwaist dress. Pecans and chocolate are a more common combination for candy, where I live. Hazelnuts (filberts) are suspect, as being too European.

  15. PinQueen says:

    Sorry about the white cotton, but you’re dead right, move on. Any way, you may have dropped some of that hazelnut chocolate down it and ruined it anyway. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the Bombshell. If you need a good source for steel boning try Vena Cava design, they’re based in Poole, have a quick delivery and very reasonable pricing too.

  16. Maryanne says:

    Hi Karen, I’m not sure how this would work but I have excelent credentials in helping sewists who have gone wary get their projects back on track, and maybe I can help revive the white one? It seems a pity to ahve to abandon it. LOVE the blue and white too, very ‘period’!

  17. Felicity from Down Under says:

    life without Ferrero Rocher? Unimaginable! And perhaps your white sundress will make a come-back as something else if you let it sit and have a good think. Or maybe I mean you should have a good think? Anyway, bad luck, but I am looking forward to seeing that beautiful fabric made up as the bombshell dress.

  18. Geogrrl says:

    Love the fabric for the bombshell dress! It’ll look great with your colouring.

  19. Liz says:

    Hazelnuts in chocolate = one of the best ideas ever! But you can have my coffee creams if you can get to them before my husband does!

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