The Emergency Exits Are Here, Here and Here

I’m catching a flight tomorrow, so a finished V1179 is the perfect make. Combined with a pair of jeggings, how comfortable am I going to be? And the jersey will keep me nice and cosy in the face of aeroplane air conditioning. And it barely creases. What’s not to like?

This is my first make with the overlocker. I successfully changed the white thread to turquoise – get me! I did, however, nearly have a Tilly incident:

I didn’t even realise I was going over a pin! I can see why Overlocker Newbies get caught out. I tend to watch my sewing machine needle to judge when it’s time to take a pin out, but on an overlocker there’s that nasty little blade going up front. I’ve learnt my lesson. I fiddled with this pin for a good couple of minutes before realising it was probably a good idea to switch the power off. Shudder.

What do I think to the V1179? When I’m trying to lose a bit of weight, I think it’s ironic that I’ve made something so roomy. I would definitely choose my moments to wear this dress – not when I wanted someone to think, Wow! Karen’s hot! Why did I ever split up with her? Or if I had an important meeting. I would wear it when it’s cold out and I would wear it when I wanted a bit of comfort – emotional as well as practical. You could wear a long sleeved jersey beneath this for even more cosiness.

 I absolutely love the neckline.

The fabric came from Stone Fabrics and I can’t recommend this jersey enough. It’s so soft. The colour was a compromise. I wanted to order peackock blue, but they’d run out so I settled for turquoise. I wasn’t sure when it arrived. I don’t really wear turquoise, I thought. But accessorising this dress made me realise I have a lot of turquoise in my jewellery drawer.

The more I sew, the more I realise how little I know about myself!

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37 Responses to The Emergency Exits Are Here, Here and Here

  1. Nice! Very nice! The colour really suits you, so don’t go throwing it out because it’s turquoise! I love the shape of it, did you shorten it a bit? The hem looks much better on your version than the pattern!

  2. mujerboricua says:

    That neckline is pretty darn fierce and the color looks great on you, even if it isn’t a peacock blue.

  3. Debi says:

    LOVE the dress! I am getting overlocker envy 🙂 I think I am going to put a change jar in my sewing room like you did (and try not to steal from it for the bus! lol.) You look fab in turquoise! I love it!

  4. Ceri says:

    That looks fab-u-lous. Thats a reason in itself to buy an overlocker.

  5. Eugenia says:

    Gorgeous! That colour is beautiful – I really love it and, whatever you might have originally thought when the fabric arrived, it really suits you.. As you say, it is the perfect dress for travelling – comfortable but very elegant. Have a fun flight.

  6. Stevie says:

    really pretty! You can’t beat Stone fabric! x

  7. Kirsty says:

    It’s great! The colour is lovely on you. Have you tried belting it, might make it more suitable for the ‘Wow, Karen’s really hot’ moments?

    I really must order this pattern.

  8. Debbie Cook says:

    Love the color on you! The entire dress is lovely (not just the color)!

  9. Carolyn says:

    This looks fabulous on you! Isn’t it the easiest pattern to make with such wonderful results!?!

  10. Lisa says:

    Wow you do suit that colour, it’s beautiful . I love your version of this dress. Can I ask is the Jersey quite thick ? , it does look quite substantial in the photo. I say this as I subscribe to Stone fabrics fabric club and I was wondering if I could add some to my order .

  11. Thanks for all the lovely comments, guys.

  12. Yes turquoise is a colour for you. I love your version of this pattern.

  13. Tamsin says:

    Beautiful colour, beautiful dress – great job!

  14. Scruffybadger says:

    You clever thing you! Looks stunning!! Great colour too

  15. Alessa says:

    Very pretty, the color looks great on you! Personally, I love longish jersey tops or dresses over leggins for travelling. And lounging around. And pretty much anything else… 😉

  16. You look very chic and yet comfortable!

  17. thornberry says:

    The dress is gorgeous! I’ve made that pattern up three times now and love wearing my wool jersey version as a tunic top over a long sleeved t for all those times when I need to feel comfy yet stylish (but not necessarily “hot”). I went right over a pin with my overlocker once and the blade actually went chomp and cut right through it! Yes, it did dull the blade.

  18. prttynpnk says:

    Excellent travel wear- I Think Posh would approve- stylish and lovely!

  19. Sophia says:

    The turquoise looks beautiful on you. I like that you paired it with that ring. It does look ridiculously comfortable for a plane ride! And don’t even get me started on airplane air conditioning!! 🙂

    I’ve done the same thing with my seger and it’s quite scary. You learn quickly that pins are not good to have anywhere near a serger!

  20. amberelayne says:

    That turquoise is gorgeous on you! Is Peacock that far off? I’ve having a bit of a Devil wears Prada moment with the two belts that are “just so different” and think they’re the same colour 🙂

    The dress looks chic and comfy! Have fun on your trip!

  21. Felicity from Down Under says:

    I’ll just add my voice to the chorus of approval, shall I? Beautiful colour, lovely soft drape, nice neckline, beeautiful necklace – wow, ideal outfit for travelling and, I’d imagine, for arriving at the other end looking uncrushed and comfy.

  22. Sarah says:

    Ooo eee! Look at you and your awesome overlocking self!! Woot! Excellent job on the tunic – the colour is fabulous on you!

  23. I’m learning the hard way with the pins as well. Although my worst moment so far was destroying a needle rather than a pin. It wound up bent at right angles, eek! The dress is great. I wasn’t keen on the envelope picture but your version looks cool and quirky.

  24. ooobop! says:

    Wow… how good does that colour look on you! Great choice of pattern. And a perfect project for your new overlocker!

  25. Roobeedoo says:

    Oh yes – that is a seriously fabulous colour for you! And it may be loose around the middle but the drapery over the boob area is really rather (whispers) sexy!
    I have to travel to a conference on Wednesday. This would have been the perfect “Get out of the train and go straight to the fancy dinner” dress! Too late for this time, but that pattern is going on my wishlist!

  26. Elizabeth says:

    You look super cute while still being comfy, not always an easy combo to achieve. 🙂

  27. Tilly says:

    Turquoise really suits you, as it turns out. Really like this dress – I’d wear it with a long sleeved black and white stripey top underneath. Then again, I’d wear anything with a long sleeved black and white stripey top underneath.

    Ouch, glad that pin didn’t snap in half or end up in your head or anything. You will never make that mistake again!

  28. shivani says:

    fabulous, Karen! this colour really suits you!

    the dress looks so stylish, yet uber comfy. love it!

  29. Rosesred. says:

    That tunic looks great! I love the color and collar on you, as they really focus attention on you and your face instead of on the dress itself. (To me that’s a very, very good thing) The lovely thing about a great knitdress is that it looks great (whether it’s a casual look or more formal) but when you pair it with leggings, it feels like you’re in your payamas. Have a save trip!

  30. Joolz says:

    Love the dress.

    When sewing on your overlocker (rather than just seam finishing) pin the fabric parallel to the seam edges, rather than perpendicular. I tend to put the pins roughly on the seam line so that they give me an extra seam guide. If you do happen to leave a pin in, then the worst that happens is it breaks a needle, not the blade.

  31. kuby2u says:

    The dress is beautiful. Is that Sandra Betzina’s? I think I have this pattern but I was intending on doing it with the sleeves.

  32. Jane says:

    Just catching up on all my favourite blogs so have only just seen this. It’s gorgeous Karen (and yes, turquoise DOES suit you) and you look wonderful in it. I’m super impressed at how professional it looks too, what a fantastic first make with your overlocker, fab job. xx

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