A Bodice Ripping Giveaway

House of Marmalade Giveaway!

A few blog posts back I asked for some help researching 1830s corsets and dresses for something I was working on. Wow, you lot came good! You either left extremely detailed comments or directed me towards people in the know.  You were all pretty much saying the same thing – that 1830s corsets weren’t the type we now associate with fainting fits. If you want more detail on this, do read the comments here.

Two readers directed me to Julia of the House of Marmalade blog. She also has a website – Sew Curvy Corsetry – devoted to all things corsets. She very kindly sent me a long, comprehensive, educational and gentle email to my request for information. Every detail I had in my manuscript was basically WRONG! Julia told me this in such a lovely way that I didn’t have to feel at all embarrassed, only grateful.

In return, I said I’d happily plug the extremely generous giveaway that she’s hosting along with Dragonfly Fabrics at House of Marmalade. It’s awesome to the power of three! Three different gifts available, each featuring a Colette pattern plus either fabric or ribbon. Get yourself over there. The giveaway ends on 9 September.

Thank you to everyone who helped with information. How did I ever cope before I knew you all?

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  1. Juliab says:

    Aww, lovely post Karen .. I’m blushing at your kind words! The other benefit to you getting in touch was that I found your blog!! Thanks for the link back too 🙂

  2. MrsC says:

    Wonderful that you have found one another too! 🙂

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