Community Karma

I’m just back from a break in Brittany, France. On my first evening there, I was taken to the local village fete. For 12 euros we ate a three-course meal in a huge tent. I’d heard that there would be Breton dancing afterwards, but nothing prepared me for the sight of 400-odd people dancing energetic, traditional dances as the entire village played into the early hours. It was an extraordinary sight. Toddlers were out with their families, rebellious youths stood on chairs and chanted songs, wine was poured at a euro a glass. I loved it!

Rebellious French Youths!

But you know what? It didn’t make me think, ‘Oh, what a shame we don’t do that down Walthamstow way’ or ‘The rest of the world is going to the dogs’ or ‘If only we all Breton danced, there would never be riots’. It made me think, ‘Yeah, communities are really great, aren’t they?’

The dancing made me think of my sewing friends.

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  1. Portia says:

    I’m always up for a bit of traditional dancing (macarena anyone?) and can provide my own trestle table too…;)
    Welcome back.

  2. Marie says:

    You big softy you! Sounds like you had an awesome time!

  3. MrsC says:

    What a lovely association to make 🙂 I don’t think our community is quite so romantic and rowdy as that – mind you my sewing buddies tend to play Imelda May and Queen very loud and sing and dance during sewing days so it can get pretty rowdy! hehehe

  4. Clazzerati says:

    I love that about France, the communities. Makes me sad we don’t seem to really have that in London. x

    p.s. have you entered my competition to win £50 of vintage-inspired jewellery yet?

  5. Clare says:

    That is totally cool. I am a big fan of traditional dance and while there isn’t a ton of it in big British cities (I think the same can be said for big French cities though), you should try Cecil Sharp House in Camden as they put on a lot of events, gigs, shows, festivals, and are pretty serious about preserving British folk traditions. I’m a big fan (used to sing in their choir before I moved away!) A three course meal for €12 might be pretty hard to come by though!
    Love your photos 🙂

  6. Great pictures and it sounds like you had a lovely time! I once went to such a fair, years ago. Very fun. And yes, it’s true, I think, that this more a rural thing than an urban one. Here in Paris and the Paris suburbs, you don’t get quite the same sense of community. But I’ve just signed up for a local sewing circle/class, so am hoping to (a) reproduce in “real” life some of the sewing community I’ve experienced on line and (b) finally get my French sewing vocabulary sorted.

  7. CarmencitaB says:

    Oh! Did I miss an occasion for a meet up?

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