Multi-tasking Muppet

Gargh! I’m all over the place. I feel like Animal from The Muppets – frenzied. I have a nurse’s outfit to begin:

A dress to finish for a friend:

A bombshell dress that has had to be pushed back because of other commitments (see above):

But it’s okay! Because Tasia has given us all permission to go easy on ourselves. Let’s remember, I did complete my refashion for Miss P‘s marvellous week of refashion postings:

And I enjoyed reading my friend’s new sewing and knitting blog, Huggie does homespun. Check it out! Huggie is excellent at coming up with new terms for the sewing dictionary: Mum Assisted Me Made Item and BTS (Bitch-to-Stitch) being two sterling examples. I love the Mum Assisted one! Do you have any other terms for her burgeoning dictionary?

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5 Responses to Multi-tasking Muppet

  1. Portia says:

    Yay! The nurses outfit! Eeep….that makes me sound like a dirty old man,ha ha?!
    Don’t forget….pictures!

  2. thanks for the shout out!! and for sharing MAMMI (mum assisted me-made item) with the blogging fraternity. Let’s hope it catches on. For those that get friends to assist…there is also the FRAMMI.
    Good luck with getting all done this weekend

  3. Vicki Kate says:

    Ha, do both! Go to the gym, become all clean and scrubbed and then then pose at the hospital – just no where near A&E! Assuming of course that the Gym and your hospital are anywhere near each other? Or maybe look wistful in a field, awaiting the return of your war hero – I am remembering correctly that this is a period nurse’s uniform, aren’t I…

  4. Felicity from Down Under says:

    it’s fancy dress, not faithful to the period, right? You’ll never wear it again (probably) so who cares if it’s a bit hit and miss? Nobody wil even notice. Fancy dress costumes are as much about what they suggest (now, now, I’m not making lewd suggestions) as what they truly convey. Good luck with it, anyway – and all the rest of your sewing. (The bodice on that dress for your friend looks great; nice shape.)

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