Spot The Subliminal Message

There’s a message hidden somewhere in this blog post. See if you can spot it…

This morning I finished my second make for a friend – one of my bessie mates who is also off to Frankfurt Book Fair. I’d promised her a version of the Simplicity 2245 Lisette tunic, and here it is using beautiful cotton from – you guessed it – Stone Fabrics.

Then this afternoon I popped by Loop in Islington to buy a skein of merino wool and admire the general loveliness of the store:

With my two makes for friends out of the way, I am now clear to return to work on my Gertie Bombshell Dress. Hurrah! Any TIPS for working with a boned bodice? I’d LOVE to know.

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15 Responses to Spot The Subliminal Message

  1. Marie says:

    You are on such a selfless sewing roll Karen! I love what you’ve made your lovely friends, but can understand that you’d be very excited to get back to some sewing/knitting for yourself!

  2. Scruffybadger says:

    Hurrah back on bombshell. You are funny! And the fabric choice for the lisette tunic is great. I admit to having bought that pattern, well you know because of my miss Ellie trousers, however I keep returning to the picture of the tunic and pondering fabric choices. So thank you for another example!! I’m sure your friends are Super lucky to know such a selfless seamstress. How about asparagus as a good tip? ( groan! )

  3. Love that Lisette tunic (so much so I am going down the street to buy a pattern right now!) And that spotty material is perfect for it. Can’t figure out your hidden message – unless it is to do with bering tipped…
    Lovely wool, Lincraft (here in Oz) are flogging off winter stock at half price. Some pure wool for 74c!!! I bought wool and silk, and wool and cashmere for $2.40 per 50g ball. Lovely. Might go back and get some of the 74c wool. Imagine making a jumper for $14…
    Lucky you heading to winter, you can knit for the next six months!

  4. Maryanne says:

    Oh I love how they have the wool laid out like a rainbow, makes me want to learn to knit!
    Tips on boned bodices – I always encase the boning instead of sewing it directly on (some types of boning are designed for this but it is not a good idea). And round off the ends too. And put the bones in so they curve into your body, not away from it (they are generally cut off a roll so have a gentle curve happening)
    Umm, leave about 1/4 inch of ease only, any more and the bone slides around, any less and it can end up bursting out of the frock, always a good look. 🙂
    And that’s it! Boning is one of those things where occasionally one stops and thinks WTF??!! about the things we do for fashion!

  5. Juliab says:

    I would use spiral metal boning. You probably would only need 5mm width – I don’t know what width Gertie has recommended. Also WIPE it with a cloth before you put it in the dress. And see my tutorial here for cutting it:

    Riglene boning is good right over the bust curve (if there is boning that far up in that dress?) you can mould it to the correct shape with an iron. I would supplement the riglene with metal boning but would never use it for anything else – it is less than useless stuff..

    What other sort of tips were you after? 🙂

  6. Vicki Kate says:

    As far as boning goes, I’d refer you to House of Marmalade but the author herself has already shown you where to look on her blog, and Gertie! They’re certainly where I’d refer to first, and possibly Clare Schaeffer’s couture sewing book…

    The tunic is gorgeous! That pattern is new to me but is going on the list of things I’d love to sew – and it has pockets!

    Ah, I’m getting shop envy of your fabric and wool stores in the capital. So much teal and aubergine in that photo! Love!

  7. Felicity from Down Under says:

    spots are sublime

  8. Joanne says:

    Love that tunic so much it’s hurting me. Gorgeous fabric too. Hmm LOVE and TIPS and knitting. Are you doing a wooly version of the kama sutra?

  9. prttynpnk says:

    How can you bear to part with such a great lisette? You are a selfless and talented person indeed!

  10. Roobeedoo says:

    Wollmeise!!!!! There’s a sublimal message if ever there was one!

  11. Karin says:

    You have to love Wollmeise yarn. So very soft and nice.

    Funny thing is that I recognized the skeins before I had scrolled down enough to see the labels.

  12. Jane says:

    The tunic is beautiful Karen. You’re obviously a better friend than I am, if I’d made that I’d have kept it for myself! x

  13. Zoe says:

    What an amazing gift!!!! You are an awesome friend and that looks so gorgeous. Was the hidden message ‘make presents for your friends’?! xxx

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