Tree Huggers Of The World Unite!

You want me to come out and say hello? Little old me?

Oh, alright then…

This is my completed Debbie Bliss Flower Yoked Sweater – without the crocheted flowers featured in the original version:

Why didn’t I add the flowers? First of all, practicality: can you imagine pressing those little sods after every wash? Second of all, that thorny topic of age appropriate dressing. I’m, you know, 41 not 12.

Otherwise, as you can see, I copied the jumper exactly using the same shade of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I had to run to John Lewis and buy an extra ball in order to complete the make – so annoying when that happens. I was also taken aback that there’s a reason those crochet flowers were added – to disguise the details of where the yoke is reduced. I hate to say it, but I’m not sure this is good knitting design when you have to plonk something on top to hide things, but hey – I still have an extremely wearable jumper with a retro vibe perfect for wearing with my mustard Simplicity 3688. I love the deep rib on the waist.

A person could wear this jumper with a circle skirt and feel as though they’d stepped straight out of Grease or Peggy Sue Got Married.

It’s a great item to wear going into Autumn. I just need a playmate to kick through the leaves with now…

I’ll count to 100, you go and hide.

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39 Responses to Tree Huggers Of The World Unite!

  1. Ashley says:

    It’s lovely! I love it with the trousers too 🙂 Hmm, yeah plonking some flowers on top to hide the decreases is cheating! I still think it’s very pretty though.
    I’ve just finished a scarf/shawl in baby cashmerino, isn’t it soft?! I also had to buy another ball to finish my project. I had half a row and the cast off to do and ran out of yarn! Ah well, I can squeeze a small project out of the left overs 🙂
    Ashley x

  2. Vicki Kate says:

    That is so pretty! And I agree that plonking something on top of the decreases is cheating! But I wouldn’t want to iron them either… As an alternative what about beads over the decreases, but only if it bothers you as I think it looks brilliant!

  3. Portia says:

    Oooh, I love the shape of this! Nice job. I’m with you on the flowers though (They look a bit juvenile. I think they’d actually ruin it) Talking of juvenile, …coming, ready or not…;)

  4. OMG! This is officially too wierd! I knitted that very jumper a while ago sans the flowers also, just in a Coral colour. The colour you used I am using for a cardigan! I must blog mine forthwith so you can see. Yours looks lovely, I have to say mine is my favourite knit thus far. In her Land Girls books she does a version with a fairisle yoke.

    • OMG indeed! I bet it’s lovely in coral. Ooh, Land Girls sounds fab. What cardigan are you making? It’s lovely wool to work with, though takes a while. Nice for largely mindless knitting.

  5. Felicity from Down Under says:

    I’m immensely impressed by the petite peeping purple shoes! I like the jumper too and prefer it without the flowers, which seem too fussy. And where’s the drama with being able to see decreases? They’re a design feature, aren’t they? And the trousers? Sigh. Very jealous.

  6. I’m doing this one:
    Just one sleeve to go…

    Well in my over excitedness about someone doing the same jumper as me, photos of mine now blogged 🙂

  7. Tilly says:

    So cute! I am a rubbish knitter but seeing short sleeved jumpers like this makes me wish I were good at it. x

  8. Marie says:

    I’m in awe of anyone can knit…especially a whole, lovely, vintage feeling jumper! I love it!

  9. Nikki says:

    Knitting is a skill I’m going to have to relearn, fortunately I have a mum who’s very good at it. Your jumper is lovely, just the sort of thing I like to wear – but can never find in RTW!!

  10. Debi says:

    FABULOUS jumper! I really love that first photo too (oh, please come out and play!) it goes perfectly with your new trousers too…I love that colour combo (they were actually the colours of my high school…hahhahaha)

  11. Kirsty says:

    It looks great! I just cannot grasp knitting at all, I have lots of respect for people that can actually make clothes using sticks and wool!

    If you wanted to use something else to cover up the decreases (the flowers trick is a bit naughty, isn’t it?) you could stitch on some pearls or buttons or something.

  12. liza jane says:

    Such a lovely color! And I agree, the purple shoes are fantastic.

  13. don’t worry about the decreases. I thought the same when I made mine but soon as I wore it – plain forgot about them as they kind if form part of the look.

  14. redsilvia says:

    As I live in the town where some of Peggy Sue Got Married was filmed, I feel totally qualified to say your sweater is FAB! It’s very retro, but a good retro – not costumey and I like the decreases. I’d call those a design feature. Plus if someone is looking at your chest, they’re so not looking at your decreases.

  15. prttynpnk says:

    I think the neck detail shows better without the little blossomy-thingies. So prety and I love the color combination of the whole outfit!

  16. Kristen says:

    Wow, looks so cute! Well done! Definitely more wearable without the flowers too.

  17. Sherry says:

    It looks a lovely shape and your decreases look nice and pretty, no need to cover them up! Notice the flowers require you to buy and extra 2 balls of the yarn anyway 😉 I think a lovely vintage brooch or scarf would look nicer than the flowers if you wanted something extra, and they would be interchangeable too!

  18. Suzanne says:

    You did a wonderful job! I’m with you on the flowers too. I passed the flower age a LONG time ago!

  19. I generally love symetrical things, but those little flowers look a bit silly to me. I much prefer your version and I think the decreases look pretty cool. The colour suits you so well.

  20. Roobeedoo says:

    Now that is such a classy look altogether! LOVE those colours next to each other – would never have thought it but I suppose irises and crocuses do it and mother nature can’t be wrong! And the shape of that jumper is just perfect. Those silly flowers were too distracting. You could always wear a brooch or two if the holes bother you, but as long as they are even, what’s the problem? Yay! You are knitting up a storm!

  21. ooobop! says:

    What a beautiful colour combination… and a really neat jumper! I love the retro look and I think you were right to leave off the flowers. Without them it is very retro chic but with is more hippy chick! Cute shoes too!

  22. oonaballoona says:

    i have hidden.


    (not, that is, without a glass of something red and a gorgeous sweater of my own in a mustard hue to go with it.)

  23. Sarah says:

    What a gorgeous knit!! It looks marvellous on you! I have a soft spot for crocheted flowers, but I do agree that it’s cheating to use them the way they wanted in that pattern.

    I’m knitting the 3 Hour Sweater and really enjoying it!

  24. Jane says:

    I absolutely love a short sleeved sweater and, like Tilly, seeing one like this makes me wish I could knit! You look gorgeous in it and it goes perfectly with those fine trousers. And yes, a brooch would be a fab addition. x

  25. That’s fab, and putting it with the yellow trousers and purple shoes really makes it pop. The decreases look like a cute design detail to me.

  26. Michelle says:

    It’s beautiful! I love the decreases, personally. They make the sweater look just that much more retro.

  27. molly says:

    Awesome!! Love the shape and the colour looks great with the colour of your pants too. I wish I had the patience to knit, like you do. I loose count, get frustrated, want it done NOW, then cast it aside…. perhaps I ought to stick to sewing 🙂

  28. Before I read this post I looked at the picture and thought what a nice yoke design it was that made such a pretty feature of the decreases. I really like the way they look.

    And I think you were definitely right to skip the flowers.

  29. Mela says:

    What a lovely top. It seriously is motivating me to teach myself to knit, like, now.

  30. Janice says:

    Great sweater! I used to knit but sewing took up all of my free time.

    Wow you’re 41? I thought you were in your early 30s! 🙂

  31. Zoe says:

    This looks stunning with those mustard trews! Good call on leaving off the flowers, though maybes they would look nice done in the same wool as the rest of the jumper? Happy Autumn!


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