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Ten Divine Cards

I am a huge fan of the blog, Do You Mind If I Knit. Vanessa recently made a knitted dress from the same Debbie Bliss magazine that my yoked sweater came from. I adore this dress, but it also terrifies me. One paunch + clingy knitted dress = unflattering. Or that’s my fear. Maybe I could get away with it?

Anyway, Vanessa doesn’t simply knit. She also paints, sews and – crucially to my fantasies of one day winning the lottery – makes the most unbelievable papier mache sculptures that are for sale on Etsy. You can learn the story behind one of them here. (If you’re a cat lover, reach for the tissues before reading.)

What I love about Vanessa’s blog – and what I think makes for the best blog reading – is that although she has a general brief her writing subscribes to, it’s the variety of posts that make her so inspiring. Knitting, holidays, villages she’s come across, her start on the sewing journey. I particularly loved the beautiful blog post about sweet peas. My grandma used to grow them up canes, my sister likes them, the tents reminded me of country fairs I’d visit as a child. (Reading Vanessa’s post, I could feel the heat trapped beneath that canvas, smell the trammelled grass.) I am now determined to grow sweet peas next summer.

But enough rambling. When Vanessa announced her new cards, I ordered two packs immediately. They arrived the next day. They’re perfect. Good quality card, a generous A5 size, beautifully printed. As one blog commenter suggested, these would look marvellous framed. Only the most special people in my life will receive one of these. And they’re such a bargain. At £2 each, they’re highly competitive with that great Internet giant, Moonpig, whose cards retail at £2.99.

Which card would you order? It’s a no brainer. Thank you, Vanessa. Perhaps I need to start a coin jar for investment in one of her sculptures…

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8 Responses to Sir Henry Brambles Pays A Visit

  1. Amy says:

    They are lovely cards! I love Vanessa’s blog – she is one talented lady and her colour palette is instantly distinctive. I didn’t know she’s started selling cards – going to have a look!

  2. Sarah says:

    Dearest Karen,
    You always share the most marvellous links on your blog! Thank you! Not only have I found another fantastic blog to read, I’ve discovered another gorgeous Etsy shop, to boot!

    Ah, sweet peas! My granma adored them and my granpa grew them all up and along the back garden fence. The smell of sweet peas is the smell of my childhood summers in England. *bliss*

  3. Oh wow Karen, I feel a bit emotional, almost tearful, reading this blog post, to read such wonderful things said about my blog, and my work, doesn’t make me feel big headed, it just makes me feel very grateful, and humbled, and inspired to carry on blogging! Thank you so much Karen.
    From looking at your figure, I’d say we have exactly the same body shape, I have a paunch, and so I reckon that like me, you could definitely get away with wearing the Debbie Bliss dress. Definitely. I think it would look fab on you, and with your dark hair, dare I say I reckon the same colour as my dress would look wonderful on you! I also think that knitted in the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino suits the dress better than the eco cotton specified in the pattern, it’s lighter and has better drape than cotton. That would be very exciting to see you knitting that dress too, I love the idea of people doing the same knitted garments!
    I’m so pleased you love the cards, and you’ve photographed them beautifully.
    I’ve just been looking at your last post, and the db top you knitted looks fabulous, especially with the green trousers, what a stunner! I love the combo of green and purple too. Those trousers are beautiful. I like the top without the flowers, as you’ve knitted it.
    Must go, the doggies need a walk.
    Love Vanessa xxx

    • Perhaps I shall go for it, then! It would be a good long-term project. Thanks for the tip on wool choice. Now I just need to find my magazine, which is lost somewhere in this house… How can I put something down and then just immediately lose it?!

  4. Vicki Kate says:

    These are beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  5. decorartuk says:

    A very nice post about Vanessa – I do agree that she is brilliant. She is a great source of inspiration – a girl who is brave enough to do anything and brings so much colour into the world.

  6. superheidi says:

    Thanks for posting about Vanessa’s lovely blog.

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