The Bombshell Dress Meet Up – A Direct Hit!

We Had So Much Fun!


  • 6 Beautiful Women In Handmade Dresses
  • 1 Attentive Waiter
  • 18 Cocktails
  • 5 Bowls Of Chips
  • Countless Cries Of Delight

Where to begin, oh, where to begin? Yesterday my entire day was so full of sewing gorgeosity that I barely knew how to draw breath.

Plans had been afoot for weeks that we would meet up to celebrate the completion of mine and Suzy’s bombshell dresses. I woke to blessed sunshine and an early morning panic, losing faith that I could go sans bra beneath my bustier dress. So I cycled to Walthamstow high street to hastily buy a strapless bra. (I’m so glad I did.) The market was in full swing, so it felt – you know – rude not to stop by a haberdashery stop and fabric stall or two.

I was looking at bias ribbon when a voice sounded in my ear. ‘You write a blog, don’t you?’ A reader! We laughed and compared notes and I admired her awesome fabric purchases and my new friend revealed she’d been on a sewing course with Tilly at Oh Sew Brixton and … I can’t remember your name, dear one! Leave a comment and remind me who you are! It was so lovely to meet a fellow Sewist.

Then, there I was, walking down the market, thinking, Do I pop into Saeeds or not? and someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was Dibs and the Machine! Well, more screeching of delighted laughter and – guess what? -she’d bought exactly the same fabric as my new best friend. Then she showed me some jersey she’d purchased at Saeeds and my mind was made up. I had to stop by!

One fabric purchase later and the owner of Saeed Fabrics was regaling me: ‘When are you going to bring your sewing friends back here?’ All in good time, all in good time, I told him. First, I had a Bombshell Meet Up to attend – and now I was running seriously late. I cycled back home, hurled myself into my Bombshell Dress, daubed make-up and ran out of the house.

‘When will you be back?’ my boyfriend called after me.

‘I have no idea!’ I cried, waving a hand over my shoulder.

Here we are, enjoying our first drink. (Suzy would be joining us later.) Roisin chose the perfect venue – I absolutely loved the bar at the BFI. Doesn’t everyone look gorgeous? Each and every dress was a delight to behold and you can be sure we spent a fair amount of time comparing notes.

Roisin and Amy were also wearing the most adorable matching shoes, which drew several comments. How perfect that we found ourselves wandering past a poster for The Wizard Of Oz:

Then, at last, a beautiful goddess joined us:

I was SO pleased to meet Suzy, having read her blog for ages. What I love about blogging is the sense of personality that leaks through the monitor. You just KNOW you are going to like someone when you eventually meet them. Suzy didn’t disappoint with the twinkle in her eye and sense of humour. Anyone who can make a bombshell dress out of camouflage fabric is up there in my eyes.

So the six of us chatted and chose cocktails and smiled at the waiter and regaled each other with stories. (I won’t forget the Dead Goat Story for a long time…) All too soon it was time to make our way home before our waiter had to pour us into a taxi. But what fun!

I could never have believed that putting an ad on Freecycle for a sewing machine would lead to such brilliant friendships.

Oh! I can’t leave you without a photo of Suzy and I in our bombshell dresses. I love this photo, even though I look like a dork. See how teeny tiny Suzy is? I’m only 5 foot 5 and she makes me look like a giant! Aw, bless.

And how did the dress hold up? I never quite got as far as taking my shrug off, but I was impressed by how the dress performed. It had to endure a London commute, my harum-scarum dash across the South Bank running late, squeezing in and out of a banquette and general throwing around of a body. That bustier really stayed in place! It didn’t feel uncomfortable, either, though I wouldn’t go out for a curry wearing this dress.

Roisin – thank you so much for organising this and for being such brilliant company. Thank you, too, to the other ladies who joined in the fun. I can’t wait to meet up with some Sewists again.


Handmade Jane in her Oolong Dress

Lazy Stitching in her Rooibos

Dolly Clackett in herย Chantilly

Diana and Me in her Very Clever Refashioned Dress

Karen and Suzy in their Bombshell Dresses (here and here respectively)!

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20 Responses to The Bombshell Dress Meet Up – A Direct Hit!

  1. Dibs says:

    lol. how random was it meeting you at the marketk? you really had such an exciting day. all i can say is i now understand why you rave all the time about walthamstow market. i am a new fan of the market, and would fly there at the merest hint of a meetn-up.

  2. Looks like another perfect meet up and wow what talent! You all look fabulous, but more incentive to progress my bombshell!!

  3. Tilly says:

    Awww… I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there. Looks like you had so much fun. And you all look so beautiful! The BFI has never looked so glamorous.

    (Erm… what is that last image though? Looks a bit like… intestines?)


  4. Felicity from Down Under says:

    Excuse me while I get out my red pen. You missed a “beautiful”, didn’t you? It should be “6 beautiful women in beautiful dresses” – shouldn’t it? – because they are.

    And then you wrote, “(I’m so glad I did.)” I’ve assumed, from the tenor of what follows, that you were glad you went to the market, but you didn’t tell us if you actually bought a strapleess bra or, if you did, whether you wore it. I’m sure you wouldn’t have needed it but I am interested to know if you went with the psychological support factor (given your previous post about the emotional and psychological challenges of the Bombshell)?

    (And, yeah, that, ah, cocktail? (I assume it’s a cocktail.) More identification required! As Tilly rightly points out, it does look somewhat, ah, intestinal.)

  5. Freya says:

    Weirdly I was rushing through Liverpool street station last night when i’m pretty sure I saw the back of you. Well I’m pretty sure it was you! As i’d seen the picture of your shoes and dress earlier in the day, I don’t think it could have been anybody else…

  6. Roisin says:

    Oh, Karen – yesterday was an absolute HOOT. Thank you so much for coming, and for making it so special!

  7. Jane says:

    Thanks for a great write up of a fantastic day Karen. I had such a fab time and it was SSSOOOO lovely to meet everybody. And as for the dresses – where do I start?! x

  8. What lovely sophisticated talented young ladies! Not getting ‘spotted’ officially means you are an S list (Sewist list) bona fide celebrity!!!

  9. Debi says:

    ahhh…love these photos!!! I am so bummed I missed it! And it’s really great you met other people en route too!!!

  10. Vicki Kate says:

    Looks like you had a great time! All the dresses are gorgeous!

  11. Suzy says:

    Oh Karen, you made me blush!! Thank you for your kind words! I was so happy to meet you and all the other gorgeous ladies. Your dress is utterly fabulous and you look stunning in it. Don’t hide yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. liza jane says:

    Ok, I am so jealous of all you awesome bloggers who live so close. I’m going to have to come and visit some time. Everyone looks fabulous! Love the bombshells.

  13. Roobeedoo says:

    Wow oh wow! What a collection of frocks and shoes!
    Jealous. SO jealous!

  14. Marie says:

    Ladies, you all looked absolutely gorgeous! Seems like you had an awesome night!

  15. Amy says:

    Lovely to see you again Karen! Your dress looked great, such an amazing achievement ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Joanne says:

    Awh you all look gorgeous! Very jealous – when’s the next one? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tell the dead goat story! What an amazing day for sewing surprises though – I love it when weird coincidences happen in a city as big as London. It always feels so right when it does, like it’s meant to be. There was obviously something crafty in the air yesterday!

  17. lazystitcher says:

    it was so lovely to meet you in person, Karen! I think there is a trip to Walthamstow market in my immediate future. Do you know if the fabric stores/stalls there during the week as well or just in the weekend?

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