The Star Wars Skirt

This skirt is inspired by an inspiration from an interpretation inspired by Colette Patterns. Or, as I like to call it, The Star Wars Skirt! What’s our cast list?

First, there’s Sarai of Colette Patterns. She’s the Yoda, obviously, the leader of the Jedi Council of Sewing Patterns. She designed the skirt and spawned hundreds of sewing creations.

Then there’s Tilly and the Buttons. A good-looking, charismatic gun for hire. She’s our Hans Solo, smuggling the pattern over to the UK to produce a million (okay, several) versions of this skirt to inspire blog readers around the world. Including a banana sweetie cord version of the skirt that inspired…

Stitch and Witter is our Princess Leia, without the doughnuts on the side of her head. (Shame. Can you do something about that, please, Joanne?) She faithfully follows Hans Solo into skirt wondrousness with her teal cord version of the Beignet, openly inspired by Tilly in her blog post here.

And then there’s me… Who am I? Who AM I? Chewbaka?

Surely not!

Jabba the Hutt?


Oh, I don’t know -you decide! Long story short, this skirt is inspired by Stitch and Witter, who was inspired by Tilly, who was inspired by Sarai. Thank you, ladies!

It’s made from olive cord bought at Goldhawk Road for £4 a metre. The buttons are awesome:

30p each from Walthamstow market

And there’s a hidden pocket detail:

You might notice that I’m wearing the skirt with an, ahem, new silk Sorbetto top. It’s my … oh, who’s counting?!

I squeezed (and I mean squeezed!) this out of a metre of printed silk, bought from Goldhawk Road for £3 a metre from Classic Textiles. This is the second silk I’ve bought from that shop – they do good silk! (By which I mean cheap silk.) They’re also passionate campaigners against the planned closure of these shops.

I used pre-bought bias tape on this make. If you’re thinking of doing the same, you can squeeze the arm hole and neck line finishings out of two metres.

So, that’s your lot! May the Force be with you…

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33 Responses to The Star Wars Skirt

  1. Wow. Great colours, as always, and I am in awe at those buttons. By the way, surely you’re Mon Mothma – elegant and organised!

  2. Erika says:

    Love the skirt, a wonderful fall colour! The sorbetto is so great on you, and really: who doesn’t need a few more flattering, versatile, multi-season tops?! I think it’s wonderful you’ve found a pattern you love so much.

  3. Obi wan kenobi I’d say- you seek to vanquish the dark side and use the force to conquer all types of stitchery challenges!
    Great skirt – I am so impressed how the style can be poshed up or casual according to fabric. Cord is wonderful! And another silk sorbetto?! Fabulous!

  4. Vicki Kate says:

    They’re both gorgeous!! I love the colour of the skirt and it goes beautifully with your sorbetto! And you’re not Chewbaka or Jabba. I’d go with the great Scruffy and say Obi Wan.

    You look gorgeous and the skirt is amazing!

  5. Jane says:

    I say Obi too, oh wise one. What is it about the Beignet? It’s such a flattering cut and Winnie’s right, it can be poshed up (love that phrase) or casual depending on fabric. I think cord is the autumnal way to go – I’ve got some lovely cord in my stash but alas, not enough for a Beignet, I think I can just squeeze a Ginger out of it. Yours is lovely, as is the whole outfit, I love the jewel colours peeping out from your top and your shoes. x

  6. Alessa says:

    That Sorbetto fabric is so lovely! I’m still on the lookout for some lovely cord for a Beignet skirt, yours and the others are so pretty! 😀 I laughed myself to stitches over the Star Wars references.

  7. Felicity from Down Under says:

    The absolutely most entrancing thing is the hidden pocket lining. And isn’t the wardrobe an indication that we’re dealing with Queen Amidala?

  8. Roobeedoo says:

    Lovely autumnal colors – the mustard belt is so well-judged for an unexpected pop of colour in the right place! Fab! I saw another stitcher using similar buttons on a beignet but she thought they were a mistake. I must try to track her down and say “Look! You are not alone! Be confident in your button choices!” 😉

  9. Juliab says:

    goodlord! that’s exactly (almost) the same as my Beignet in terms of fabric choice and buttons! Except mine is black cord (£3/m) and blue/green/purple buttons – same price in exactly the same design … unfortunately I didn’t like the buttons on me and the skirt is now in the charity box … but wow!

  10. Dibs says:

    Obi WAN for me. the silk fabric is gorgeous.

  11. lazystitcher says:

    Maybe we can start a Sorbetto Support group… my 5th is just waiting on a hem. *hangs head in shame*. That silk is just stunning!

  12. Chris says:

    Fantastic combo, as ever you have put together a great look. I too have a ‘WIP’ using that very same silk.

  13. Oohh – lovin’ the green corduory skirt Karen! It’s a perfect piece for Autumn 🙂

  14. Law says:

    Love that skirt. I think you are more of an R2D2, wise-cracking and cool basically.

    I ordered some wine coloured cord to make a Colette Ginger skirt, but am now musing about whether to make a 2nd Beignet instead now, your’s looks so autumnal and cosy!

  15. Joanne says:

    Oh my, I am truly honoured to get a mention – thank you so much! Your beignet is superb in its very own right – what a little stunner! I love the buttons so much. That corduroy shade is sublime too! Now let me see what I do about those doughnuts… 🙂

  16. Elizabeth says:

    You are Colette obsessed! 😉 Beautiful skirt!!!

  17. How about R2D2? He’s always the one bailing people out of trouble coming up with the right bit of knowledge and trickery – opening doors, bypassing security, fixing the space ships. He’s a pretty handy guy to have around.

    Love the skirt, the whole outfit is just perfect. It’s a lovely mix of colours.

  18. Lisa says:

    I love both garments and I especially love the cord Beignet.

  19. MrsC says:

    I’m going with Luke Skywalker. Secret crush on Leia, a little in awe of Han Solo, but he is the hero who learns and grows and lets the force be with him and takes on a Bombshell Dress as his graduation to a Jedi Knight. And the quickunpick is your light sabre!

  20. Paunnet says:

    Ahah, such a fun inspiration! Love your outfit, both the skirt and the Sorbetto.

  21. shivani says:

    I’m a mere padawan, in awe of your jedi mastery (I second the suggestion that you’re Luke).

    This is a great outfit! I love the beignet! and that fabric works so well as a Sorbetto.

  22. Tamsin says:

    I think I bought the same cord last week with a view to making either a beignet or some trousers (style as yet undecided). Your skirt looks lovely as ever!

  23. Tilly says:

    Eh? I’m not quite following the Star Wars analogy. Like, what?! I’m confused. But I’m happy being Hans Solo. Although on second thoughts if I’m him that means I can’t marry him, doesn’t it? Rats.

    Oh nice skirt by the way! Corduroy = awesome. xx

  24. fearnie says:

    I love your outfit but can I be really cheeky and ask you if you made your corsage? I am looking to make one for a gift but not quite sure on how to.I wish my local fabric shop sold such lovely cord at the price you paid!! – so lucky.
    Thanks. your blog

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