The Most Exciting Blog Post You Will Ever Read – Fact

Thanks for all your help and suggestions! There are some seriously organised people out there. I have ordered:

4 under bed storage boxes

32 wooden hangers

2 cascading hangers

1 tie hanger

I’m going to go and have a lie down now.

I daren’t tell my boyfriend – he doesn’t like change, or anything being thrown out…

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  1. Joolz says:

    If you have an Asda or a Matalan near you, you might want to pick up some of the flock covered hangers they sell periodically. They are around £3.50 to a fiver for 10 and are brilliant. They take up very little space because they are so flat, and nothing falls off them because of the flock. I recently bought about 60 and replaced every hanger in my wardrobe (other than those for skirts and jackets) with them. I also converted my mum to them as well 🙂

    One other thing – if you have a steam generator iron (and if you don’t then you should consider getting one) then it’s easy to get rid of hanging creases from clothes because you can use the iron vertically with the clothes still on the hanger. It took me about 30 seconds this morning to get the wardrobe creases out of a rather too crushed crushed-velvet skirt.

    Have fun with the sorting. If I lived nearer I’d come and help because I love organising, especially other people’s stuff.


    • LinB says:

      Oh, Julie, it’s a good thing there are so many options for us all! I was gifted a set of flocked hangers: I hate and despise them precisely because nothing slides on them! That feature is a virtue once clothes are hung up, but it is a real wrestling match to get them onto the hangers in the first place. The worst of the gift is that it was my mother-in-law who gave them to me, so I can’t just toss them. The second-worst part is that she gave me 96 of them.

  2. Erika says:

    Lol! If you’ve suddenly organized the closet he would very likely get a chock! But then my guess is that he’d like this particular change…
    Ha fun sorting through all your stuff!

  3. Portia says:

    Yay! Proud of ya! Lot’s of tidiness euphoria heading your way methinks 😉

  4. CASCADING hangers, I have to go and google immediatley

  5. Felicity from Down Under says:

    Good work! You’ll feel extremely effective once all those new options are in place. And you’ll possibly, probably, feel like a grown up.

  6. MrsC says:

    Everyone wants to come and play grownyups with you! Hehehe. Oddly as it is the other side of the seasons over here, I just made 70 something nonslip coathangers for markets, and maybe you could convert a few of your lovely ones? All you do is glue a piece of that rubbery mesh stuff used to stop mats from slipping, to each coathanger arm. I also tie a piece of pretty ribbon around each end of it to stop it lifting. Keeps a hold of those items with straps, wider necklines etc. but tno so much as to make getting things on and off them a trial.
    So the big question is, why DO men dislike change so much? It’s a universal roblem for many of us!

  7. I’m pretty sure I could organize the closet without the Hubs getting too upset about the cost. My big challenge with him is getting him to throw out things that are past their “wearable” date. I mean, stuff that the local charity won’t even accept because the condition is that bad. Why won’t guys get rid of ANYTHING?

  8. In Australia we have a shop called Howard’s Storage World. It is a haven for those with OCD, but I tell you, I can’t get enough of their catalogue. There is nothing like being organised, after all…

    I love your blog. I read it all the time as I have become obsessed with sewing this year. Thanks for the inspiration!


  9. lazystitcher says:

    If you want a little organising inspiration check out Chez Larsson. It’s like heaven with a label gun.

  10. Felicity from Down Under says:

    I just thought of something else you might find useful – that is, that it’s possible to make a crowded wardrobe work for you if you don’t much like ironing. Trousers especially can go in quite crumpled and come out looking respectable, almost ironed, if you just hang them with a little care (and I’m sure you do). It doesn’t work so well with dresses unless they’re straight. But, you know, it’s another way of looking at it, right?

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