The Colette Peony + A Giveaway

Autumn has definitely arrived. Brrrrr!

So, this is the Colette Peony dress, a new addition to Sarai’s burgeoning collection of patterns. It’s a very, very clever pattern. The shaping of the front bodice is all down to four darts. (More on those later!) The boat neckline is divine, as is the skirt shape. This felt very Jackie O to make.

The fabric was bought from Mood in New York right at the start of the year when Elizabeth from SEWN kindly showed me around some of the Big Apple’s fabric stores. I ordered swathes of this fabric in a jetlagged haze. I have enough left over to make another outfit. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to work with this truly beautiful taffeta, but I’m kind of glad I waited to use it on the Peony. This dress and this fabric were born to be together – the design really suits the slightly structural aspects of the taffeta. Indeed, this has left me with fairly strong opinions on what fabric should be used when making the Peony.

So, the process. The MOST important thing I can tell you when making this dress is that you must, must, must make a toile of the bodice. (You don’t need to worry with the skirt – it’s roomy and forgiving enough to not present problems.)

I am soooo glad I did a toile. First off, the bodice was running a bit small. Plus the bust darts needed lowering a good inch, which affected the placement of the waist darts. Oh, I can’t tell you! I adjusted, tried on, adjusted, tried on, adjusted, tried on… Through trial and error I learnt that IF you are going to adjust the darts – and you may well need to – then the KEY is ensure that the points of each left and right bust and waist darts are still lined up according to the original pattern placement. Anything else, and you’ll have a mess onΒ your hands. I learnt that the hard way, sitting at my sewing machine in bra and pyjama bottoms. There you are, I’m giving you that tip for free!

Once you’ve adjusted your bodice toile, though, you’re rocking! I made this dress in a weekend. If you use a fabric similair to mine, you won’t need to line it. This brings me to my next hot topic on this make – fabric choice. I would really recommend that you don’t go with a crisp cotton. Those four darts – I don’t think you’re ever going to get the dart points to do anything other than point in a pointy way at your breasts if you use cotton other than a lawn. You need a fabric that is going to ease away from a bodice point, something that has a bit of ‘warmth’ and give to the touch. A double gauze would be perfect, as would taffeta. Any other ideas about suitable fabrics?

I added piping at the neckline and at the waist, just in case I ever don’t want to wear the cummerbund:

Making piping is really easy:

Adding the piping does make the seams at the waist and neckline more tricky, but it’s a lovely detail. I would urge you not to skip making the cummerbund. It isn’t onerous and really pulls the outfit together. Plus, check out the gorgeous button detail that can be added to the cummerbund:

Other tips? I added a whole three inches to the length of the skirt. I also added a teeny 1cm extra depth on either side of the boat neckline as I was worried about bra straps showing.

There we are! This dress was an utter delight to make, once I’d got past the challenges of fitting the bodice. The care and intelligence that have gone into this design are staggering. Colette Patterns have rightly earned their place in Sewists’ hearts.

This dress has put me in such a good mood that I thought I’d add a giveaway to this post. Yesterday I stopped by Persephone Books on Lambs Conduit Street. Do check it out if you’re ever in London, it’s just heaven on a plate:

I was buying a present for a friend, but then I couldn’t resist picking something up for my readers, too:

I don’t think I’ll tell you what book is in here – it can be a surprise for someone! All I will tell you is that Persephone bring neglected books back into print and I chose this one because I thought it was an amusing reflection on 21st-century lifestyle blogging and how much things have (or haven’t!) changed since 1949. Their books are published beautifully. This will be a real treasure for someone to own.

To enter the giveaway, all I ask is:

  • You send me a photo of you with your book so that we can share with readers.
  • You add a comment below answering the following question: what fruit is Persephone associated with, and what is your favourite fruit?

This giveaway is open to readers internationally and closes at midnight GMT on Friday 11 November.

Good luck!

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96 Responses to The Colette Peony + A Giveaway

  1. Vicki Kate says:

    You’re Peony is beautiful and the fabric is stunning!!! Thank you for the tip about the darts, I could see working that out would take me ages and ages and…
    Ooh, a surprise! I love surprises! Is it Pomegranate by any chance – I have a vague memory about pomegranates and Persephone from art history… Dante?
    And yep, piping is easy but looks so sophisticated (in my opinion, anyway!) and is a way to add a pop of colour if you so choose.

    • Vicki Kate says:

      Ooh, and favourite fruit is mango and raspberries. Particularly raspberries that are warm from the sun and go straight from canes to mouth – nom nom nom. That’s if Boy and Husband haven’t got there first!!

  2. Stevie says:

    Persephone was all about pomegranates! I would love to win. I wasn’t that sold on the Peony pattern in the beginning but like the macaron I think it takes someone to put it into a different perspective for me to see how awesome it is!
    Count me in for the giveaway pwease!

  3. Ashley says:

    The pomegranate! I love Greek mythology πŸ™‚ We just had some pomegranates, but they were a little tasteless πŸ™
    My favourite fruit is a tie between strawberries and mangoes. Nom!
    Ashley x

  4. Sadie says:

    Your Peony is beautiful, although your comments on fitting the bodice have rather scared me off – I had just been eyeing it up and wondering whether it would be a good first dress project, but given that I know I will need a serious FBA I’m worried that it might be beyond me.

    Persephone books are beautiful, aren’t they? I would love to win the mystery book, and as I recall Persephone is associated with pomegranates (not a fruit to eat while wearing lovely handmade garments, as I always end up with juice everywhere!).

    • Sadie says:

      Oh, and my favourite fruit is the first English apple of the season – generally a Discovery – so much nicer than the fairly tasteless imported apples we get from late winter through to September!

  5. Amy Tuite says:

    Your Peony is gorgeous! I’m too scared to work with taffeta (though I did just make a gorgeous top in chiffon).

  6. Roisin says:


    Good work on your Peony, she’s lovely! I’m working on my second toile – hopefully with some adjustment this one will be wearable. The front darts are all grand but I’m getting serious gaping on the back. So I’m pinching out those darts to see if it works. I know once I get the fitting of this down I will make more, because otherwise it’s a fun and easy make.

  7. Tors says:

    Oh it looks lovely! I wasn’t that fussed about the Peony but you’ve just completely changed my mind!

    I’d love to enter the giveaway please, I’m a fan of Persephone Books but have only managed to rack up one in my book collection. Persephone got stuck with Hades all because of scrumptious pomegranate seeds, poor thing.

  8. Alessa says:

    Your Peony is lovely! I like how much body the skirt gets with the taffeta. The print is very pretty, too, and I love how well you brooch matches it. πŸ™‚

    Mmh, ok, without googling I’d say Persephone is either associated with apples or pomegranates, being the (semi?)goddess of spring and all. I remember this really old Disney cartoon (from the 40s? 50s?) that told her myth. My favorite fruit very much depends on the season. For fall, probably ripe grapes and kakis. πŸ™‚

  9. Summerflies says:

    Yes a pomegranate .. Goddess of harvest!
    Your dress is lovely and reminds me of some nice taffeta I have in a black shot with blue!
    My favourite fruit must be the mango … we get them here in the summer and they are fantastic.

  10. Alex says:

    Pomegranates for Persephone! For me – an apple from the tree in our garden, not sure what variety it is, but old.I love just picking one as I go out of the gate. Pomegranates are too much effort, all that thumping around with a wooden spoon to get the seeds out.

  11. Andrea says:

    Your Peony is lovely. I’ve been eyeing it, but I don’t think I’m ready for all those dart adjustments. Let’s see, Hades tricked Persephone into eating pomegranate seeds while in the Underworld, so I’d say pomegranates are the fruit most associated with her. My favorite fruits tend to change with the seasons. During Fall I’m all about apples. Tarts, cobblers, apple butter. It’s such a versatile fruit. πŸ™‚

  12. catherine says:

    surprise books are the best kind of books! tis pomegranites for persephone. and i’m a bit fickle when it comes to fruit…this is my favourite, no this one…wait, this one! right now, i am enjoying pears, especially the ones that need a tissue under your chin to mop up the juice! and the dress is beautiful, looks like a proper grown up lady dress.

  13. Abby says:

    Your Peony turned out beautiful. Any plans to make another now that you’ve spent all that time adjusting the pattern? I asked for the pattern for Christmas, and I hope I get it! Persephone is definitely associated with pomegranates, but I prefer persimmons. I can’t wait until they’re back in season!

  14. Clare says:

    I love your Peony and I can see why you bought lots of that fabric. I have the pattern too and am probably going to make my first in a heavy black slightly stretchy fabric. Poor old Persephone and the pomegranate seeds – wasn’t she abducted? I’ve been gorging on fresh figs this autumn but I love English strawberries the most.

  15. Andrea says:

    I love your Peony, and the fabric too! I just finished up a Peony myself — don’t think I got quite as good a fit as you did, though! I completely gave up on the bodice as drafted and re-did it by tracing off another pattern bodice that did work for me from the armpits down.

  16. Marie says:

    This is beautiful Karen, I absolutely love your Peony! Thanks also so much for sharing your construction tips, for many people it’s going to help save a lot of time!

    I’d love to enter for the mystery book too! Being Greek Cypriot, I should hope I know the Persephony answer! It’s pomegranate! And pomegranate is actually one of my favourite fruits (alongside mango and anything else ‘exotic’ really). Growing up in Cyprus I was lucky enough to have a grandma with a pomegranate tree and I fondly remember many a happy afternoon in her garden with my cousins, as she picked and peeled pomegranates for us…yummy!

  17. Gabrielle says:

    This dress is a great success – it looks just terrific; well worth the toil on the toile πŸ™‚

    Persephone ate seeds from a pomegranate. My favourite fruit is the passionfruit – we used to have a vine in our garden when I was a kid and I would regularly eat more than 10 at a time! I still would if I had a vine in my grown up garden.

  18. Eugenia says:

    I love your Peony. You did the right thing to save that beautiful fabric for something special – this dress is the perfect style for the fabric. And it’s just right for this time of the year – the rich shades of the print are very lovely. Kudos on your piping – it gives such a nice finished look!

  19. mujerboricua says:

    I have seriously wondering what kind of fabric to make the Peony out of. I am drooling over your fabric choice. So so pretty.

    Like everyone, and Google, said Persephone was associated with pomegranates. As for my favorite fruit? Ooh, it’s a close tie between seedless grapes and Pink Lady apples.

  20. liza jane says:

    Wow, that taffeta is gorgeous! Perfect for peony.

    I’m going to say pomegranate because everyone else did, too πŸ˜‰
    I love pineapple, personally.

  21. Amy says:

    I love the dress – is a big success and the print of the taffeta along with the colour make it a stunner. Won’t you be lucky to be able to make two outfits out of this!
    Persephone was associated with pomegranate. My favourite’s got to be strawberries. Every summer I’m in heaven!

  22. Trisha says:

    Oh, that fabric is divine! I tend to gravitate towards grays, so I love your dress.

    p.s. Persephone was linked to pomegranates. I prefer apples. I eat one almost everyday.

  23. Roobeedoo says:

    You see this is why i don’t make dresses: I am a wimp and that is an awful lot of adjustments you made to get that beautiful dress! I can see it with a matching duster coat and a little hat…?

    Pomegranates for Persephone, raspberries for Roobeedoo πŸ™‚

  24. Suzanne says:

    Pomegranates – Persephone
    Pineapple – Me
    Thanks for the dart tip. I always have to adjust the darts anyways….

  25. Debi says:

    LOVE this! ooohhh…that taffeta fabric is so pretty and the shape of the Peony is really flattering and very retro! And count me in for the mystery giveaway πŸ™‚ My answers: pomegranates (thank you previous commenters) and my favourite fruit is raspberries!

  26. Carly says:

    Pomegranate! I have never had a pomegranate. My favourite fruit is…pineapple!

    I’m so glad you made a peony, I’ve been dithering over it but waiting to see a few versions round the web first as I wasn’t completely sold…it is definitely going on the wish list. And thanks for the tips too!


  27. Jane says:

    That’s a seriously glamorous Peony – if ever there was a case for a perfect match of fabric and pattern then this is it. A beautiful make and the extra effort you made with the fitting really pays off. Thanks for the dart tips and the fabric tips, mmmmm, a double gauze Peony…. x
    I LOVE Persephone books so just try and stop me entering your giveaway.
    Persephone – Pomegranate
    Jane – Melon

  28. Law says:

    ooh wow this dres is so pretty. I’ve literally just started making a Peony bodice muslin, sounds like it’ll be plenty of work!

    Great suprise giveaway Karen, in answer to your question, Persephone is associated with pomegranates and my favourite fruit is cherries!

  29. redsilvia says:

    Oh your Peony turned out perfectly! Hey Perfect Piped Peony…

    Persephone is nutty for pomegranates, an under appreciated fruit imho. Me, I’m nutty for pineapple. I always have it in the fridge.

  30. I used to work near Persephone, and went there in my lunch break to hide from stress! What a nice giveaway, and what a lovely dress.

    Persephone = pomegranates
    My favourite fruit = Papaya with my museli!

  31. Karen says:

    I would love to see what is in the wrapping paper! Persephone – pomegranate. Me – Cherries!

    Love your blog!


  32. Thanks for all your lovely comments, but I gotta ask: who are all these freaks who like pineapple?!!!

  33. piakdy says:

    What a fabulous combination of fabric and pattern! I looked at the pictures on Colette Patterns site. They wouldn’t have inspired me to buy. But seeing your version, now I think they should feature you on their pattern envelope / brochure! πŸ™‚ Congratulation on another lovely dress.

  34. PDX Gretchen says:

    Your peony is gorgeous! The pattern really shows of the beautiful fabric you picked out.
    As for the giveaway, Persephone is associated with pomegranates. My favorite fruit… I think it would have to be satsuma mandarin oranges.

  35. Clazzerati says:

    oh wow, the dress is utterly gorgeous, well done! I must try a Colette pattern -i’ve been admiring so many in the blogosphere recently, the cut looks just perfect for a modern take on vintage. x

  36. Joanne says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous – it was worth sitting about in the bra and pyjamas after all! I really like the idea of adding piping to the neckline too – what a lovely touch. After my crisp cotton version of the Peony I am inclined to agree that this is not the ideal fabric to make it up with. I think next time I am definitely going to go for something softer.I’m still having bust/dart issues after all that work! I really like yours – so lovely xxx

  37. Michelle says:

    I have been obsessed with greek mythology since I was a little kid. Seriously, I remember doing a report on greek mythology when I was in 5th grade (years and years after I first discovered it!)

    My favorite fruit varies throughout the year. Right now I am loving some grapefruit…which sounds really good right now…I think I am going to eat my last one in the fridge.

  38. Tilly says:

    Gorgeous, Karen! That fabric is amazing. Is that a brooch you’re wearing? very well placed.

    Persephone = pomegranate. My favourite fruit is passion fruit. Closely followed by raspberries. Closely followed by figs.

  39. Gemma says:

    Pomegranate – and what a lovely fruit to be associated with too. I’m very jealous. I think I’d be associated with apples or maybe plums. Not sure really. As for my favourite fruit – I think it’d have to be figs. I live in Crete so I have the luxury of eating freshly picked figs in August and they are heaven.

    What a lovely giveaway and of course what a lovely Peony! I’m trying very hard not to order it as we speak πŸ™‚ I don’t think I’ll manage to resist for long though!

  40. Felicity from Down Under says:

    I’m running late today, so haven’t read any comments – I know it’s a pomegranate which is one of my favourite fruits, as it happens (most of the stone fruits are competing for absolute favourite though at present bananas would be strong contenders as, thanks to the devastation wrought by cyclones eearly this year, we’ve been unable to afford them for so long that the current drop to reasonable prices means – gasp – we had some this weekend). We don’t have a pomegranate tree in our backyard but I have a neighbour down the road with a huge one in his front yard. We’re on handshake terms, you understand. He’s happy to see the fruit used. I’m happy to use it. Win-win in an urban environment.

    I suppose I’d have to be associated with something sour like lemons because I’m such a dragon!

    Lovely Peony, and excellent tips on ensuring the dart points line up.

  41. Wendy says:

    Your fabric choice is absolutely lovely – I’m still dithering on how I would like mine to look, but more food for thought ….. mmmm!
    Persephone was all about the pomegranate, me.. I’m all about apricots, and raspberries. Bring on summer

  42. Sarah! says:

    I love the idea of a mystery book giveaway! I’m a huge fan of pomegranates, just like Proserpina (I’m a little tired of Greek at the moment, as I have an ancient Greek exam tomorrow, so I’m going with her Latin name!)
    I’m also a huge fan of pineapples, but mostly I eat apples and bananas because I’m a poor college student. Frozen bananas and grapes are also a favorite, plus then I don’t forget about them in the two days that they’re perfect ripeness!

  43. Lynn says:

    Beautiful dress! I wasn’t sure about Peony, but your version is lovely and is making me reconsider! Persephone and pomegranate! My favorite fruit is the rare perfect peach. So hard to find one, but when you do, heaven! The best place to locate one is right from a farm stand…

  44. MrsC says:

    Wow I think this is your most delicious make yet. Looks amazing on you.
    Pomegranates are P’s fruit as already said, and a nice refreshing drink for summer (sorry!) is pomegranate juice/drink with ginger ale.
    My favourite fruit is cherries. Fresh cherries are the essence of summer (sorry! Southern hemisphere excitement about warmer weather!)
    About darts – good point but not entirely true – there are ways and ways with darts. Decreasing the bust ease slightly and backing the dart points off the bust is one, and also sewing the dart with a bow in it. I prefer princess seams on a fitted bust for a more modern look as a rule, as darts are predicated traditionally on solid underpinnings! Having said that however, I think you’ve achieved a fantastic fit with darts- well done!

    • Felicity from Down Under says:

      I echo your comment about cherries being the essence of summer. For me, they’re also the essence of Christmas (along with blig, blue agapanthus flowers)!

  45. kirsty says:

    You Peony is beautiful ! I love the fabric too. Its such a flattering cut on you, really is a lovely dress. Well jell :-)) Thanks for the tips on fabric and darts as I am looking to make one of these soon. Seeing yours has really inspired me as its so flattering.
    Persephone’s fruit is of course the pomegranate ! Thank you for such a thoughtful give-away.
    K xx

  46. kirsty says:

    Your Peony is beautiful ! I love the fabric too. Its such a flattering cut on you, really is a lovely dress. Well jell ) Thanks for the tips on fabric and darts as I am looking to make one of these soon. Seeing yours has really inspired me as its so flattering.
    Persephone’s fruit is of course the pomegranate ! Oops ! My favourite fruit are mangos, pineapples and nectarines !! Thank you for such a thoughtful give-away.
    K xx

  47. Judy Edmonds says:

    Persephone was definitely pomegranates (and I think she ate six seeds, which is why autumn and winter are six months long). Raspberries are my favorites!

  48. emrasa says:

    Persephone and pomegranates. My favourite fruit is watermelon!

  49. Amy says:

    Even if I hadn’t already know Persephone was associated with pomegranates, I’d know by now after scrolling down through these comments. My favorite fruit would have to be strawberries. We’re still getting them around here in California, and they’re so good. Mmmm…

  50. Amy says:

    Gorgeous dress, it really suits you! Persephone = pomegranate (although only the six seeds). I love apples in the fall and clementines in the winter and can’t think ahead to the warmer months yet. Who made those shoes? They look super cute and comfy.

  51. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful!. Just gorgeous. I love that fabric and to think I was at all involved in the purchase of it is priceless. Your work is impeccable and the dress suits you to a T!

  52. Michelle says:

    Oh Karen – you have excelled yourself! This dress is magnificent, and you look so bloody good in it too. Thanks for the tip on piping! I’m always tempted to put piping on skirt yokes, but then it always seems so hard. But it’s not!

    I so wish I had been able to spend more time in Mood the other week and come across gems like this fabric, but I decided to act frugally and buy just one memento piece of fabric. Next time I will go with far less clothes, and just buy fabric! Mind you, we do have good shops in Sydney and Canberra. I shouldn’t feel so deprived. Also – my stash cupboard is bursting!

    As for Persephone, I always want to say persimmons because the two words sound so alike, but I know it’s pomegranates. But my favourite, favourite, favourite fruit in the world is mango. Which is a shame as I now longer live in the tropics. But if I could have a mango a day, I know I would die a mango-filled, orange yet happy, girl.

  53. KathleenS says:

    What a great giveaway! Persephone books are lovely, although it’s sad that wonderful books like Little Boy Lost need to be rescued from obscurity.

    Persephone was something about pomegranates. I don’t think I’ve ever tried those but I love most fruit (not bananas ugh). If I have to pick a favourite I’ll say strawberries.

    Thanks for the tips about the dress pattern. I’ve just gone through my own trials with a darted bodice – I’m not sure I’m ready for another just yet!

  54. Steph says:

    I really want to make the Peony, so thanks for your tips!

    Persephone eats pomegranates! Personally, not a big fan of pomegranate, although it can be very tasty in a greek salad. Strawberries are my favourite fruit. I am also quite partial to an apple but I’m very picky and it would have to be Braeburn.

  55. hebejeeby says:

    Hiya! Persephone was tricked into eating pomegranates….they’re my favourite fruit but unfortunately I’m allergic so either resort to antihistamines or dowse myself in Pomegranate perfume! Love the dress (sewing in bra and pj bottoms isn’t unusual is it? πŸ™‚ )

  56. shivani says:

    Karen, this is really lovely! Fab choice of fabric and the fit is spot on – definitely worth all the bodice adjustments!

    My favourite fruit is tied between oranges and figs – both taste of sunshine and faraway places. (I’m not in it for the giveaway – I’ve got quite a vast selection of the Persephone titles already, but wanted to stop by and say how much I love the dress) x

  57. Oh that is gorgeous. You’re always making amazing things but that is my absolute favourite so far. Everyone is going to ask you where you bought it. It is fabulous!

  58. Lindsay says:

    I love the shape and length of the skirt! It’s picture-perfect. Great job!

  59. Kerry says:

    Love your Peony! I’ve had my eye on that pattern since its release, and I think yours is the first I’ve seen made up. I’m thinking it would make the perfect Christmas party dress.

  60. Jeneveve says:

    Lovely frock – you’ve *almost* inspired me to get my sewing machine out from under the bed…

    I shall add to the general cry of ‘pomegranate’, and I think my favourite fruit is probably a humble strawberry.

  61. kessi says:

    Karen, this is another gorgeous piece you made! I envy your talent.
    Your creations are always so inspiring.
    I hope you will soon have more room in your wardrobe for plenty of new handmade clothes, now that you ordered all those fancy boxes and hangers. I desperately also need to tackle that problem with my wardrobe.

    As to persephone it’s pomgranate, of course.
    My favourite fruit varies from season to season (speaking of Central European seasons, that is) – strawberries in spring and early summer, cherries in summer, grapes in autumn and apples in autumn and winter.
    I’d love to be a winner of the ‘secret’ book.

  62. mia says:

    That frock looks stunning on you, I love the print too. P is for Pomegranate, but my absolute favourite fruit is the Fig, but only when sunwarmed in Italy or Spain, eaten from the tree. Otherwise I adore raspberries, warm, cold, frozen or jellied. Love them.

  63. LinB says:

    Pomegranate. She ate seven seeds, which meant that Hades had her for seven months of the year, and she could only be with her mother, Ceres, five months. I’ve always loved that story, which is so telling about desire and possession of the beloved and familial love … and also why we have winter. Love the dark greys of your new dress — and aren’t bust darts a beast? Having them aim at the general direction of one’s bosom is really hard to accomplish without a direct fitting, the larger you are or the older/saggier you are. (Not that you are old or saggy, my dear. Alas, that is left to my own changeable self.) Persephone, one supposes, just bound herself up with a long scarf, or relied on the tying of her tunic to keep herself perky.

  64. Tamsin says:

    Beautiful dress! I think that Persephone was associated with pomegranate.

  65. lladybird says:

    oooh i just LOVE how your peony turned out! i have peony next on my list (after i finish this galaxy dress, just a little more hand-sewing tonight!), and yours is extremely inspiring. of course, now i want to make mine in plaid taffeta… huh, i guess i’ll never be totally satisfied with my fabric collection πŸ˜‰

    put me in for the giveaway! i know persephone is associated with the pomegranate. personally, i don’t care for pomegranates (sorry!). if we are considering the humble tomato as a fruit, that is my favorite favorite. especially a sun-ripened, tennessee tomato in the middle of august πŸ™‚

  66. lysy says:

    What a gorgeous dress – and while those adjustments sound rather daunting it says a lot about your dressmaking abilities! I definitely remember Persephone and pomegranates from classical studies at school. Personally I like a good English apple πŸ™‚
    I’ve had problems commenting recently (problem at my end), but I thought your bombshell dress was amazing and you looked like a dream! Plus your post about zero ease was really thought provoking. On that note – what’s the dress actually like to wear – are you really conscious of the zero ease issues (and can you breathe ok?!)

  67. GirlSpazdog says:

    I love reading your blog. I am not interested in the giveaway, even though I am sure it will be fabulous. I am more interested in the shoes you are wearing. I love Mary Janes and yours are wonderful. What brand are they?

  68. Paunnet says:

    I guess a pomegranate, I’m ashamed I didn’t know it!
    My favorite fruits are tangerines, I love how they are fresh and sooth your thirst. Moreover, I like to put the peels on the radiator so that the whole room smells like tangerines!
    Your Peony is fabulous! Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  69. Your Peony is lovely. I have been working on one on and off for a month now (life, work and the children keep preventing much sewing time, alas) and I’m inspired by yours. I *will* get mine done this week, I’m promising myself! Persephone’s fruit is, as everyone’s been saying, the pomegranate – she ate some of the seeds, I believe. My favorite fruits are raspberries and apples, also pears. Not very exotic, but certainly delicious. Thanks very much for the giveaway.

  70. Nikki says:

    Love the dress. It looks gorgeous and really suits you. Thanks for all the tips on the darts. I’m not one for putting a toile together, but have this pattern and will remember to check it out before I start cutting out in something nice.
    As for Persephone, her fruit is the pomegranate. MY fruits however are raspberries and an unofficial fruit – rhubarb. They taste lovely together and just add a bit of ginger and you’re well away! The book sounds intriguing. Must check out that bookshop. I’m normally in those for hours.

  71. Justine says:

    Love, love, love your Peony!

    Pomegranates for Persephone

    My fav fruit = nectarines

  72. iamnotanoctopus says:

    Alright, I’m sold. I need to make this dress. Persephone is associated with pomegranate, a fruit I have attempted to eat once and only once. Nightmares! My favorite fruit is strawberry–I can and will eat an entire pound in one sitting, which I actually feel is the best way to eat them.

  73. Emma SL says:

    Oh goodness, books, my weakness… and surprise ones even more so!

    I love the story of Persephone, although now that I think about it, it was a bit sad… hmm… anyway, it’s pomegranates that she is associated with. They’re sooooo good, but bit of a nuisance to eat. I think my favourite fruit would have to be the kiwi fruit…. *sigh*… now I wish I had one…

  74. Dilly says:

    Such a lovely dress – I totally agree that the fabric works perfectly. I also love your print (and brooch) placement.

    Persephone is associated with the pomegranate – I love Greek myths (and Roman, and Celtic…), and always found this story so sad…

    I’m not really a fruit person, I much prefer vegetables, but the two I do like are raspberries and pink grapefruit. In fact, I might have a pink grapefruit at lunch today!

  75. Harriet says:

    Hello! That dress is gorgeous, I don’t know if I am brave enough to do all the adjustments though! Persephone is associated with pomegranates…and my favourite fruit is apples! I love this time of year as there are so many gorgeous varieties around!

  76. Claire Leach says:

    Lovely, lovely dress! I have the pattern and just about to make a toile, so that has me decided that it is a must.
    My daughter visited Persephone books in the summer, and bought one for her sister. They are beautifully made.
    Pomegranate definitely, although I am not that hot on my myths I managed to remember. (Although there is also a good hint with all the comments.) I like most fruits apart from the dreaded banana – I remember hating anything banana flavoured as a child. Favourites I guess clementines, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and mango.
    Thanks for posting such an informative review.

  77. oonaballoona says:

    how GORGEOUS, karen!!! i love the info on those darts.

    oh please come back to nyc…

  78. Handmade says:

    Your peony is lovely – I wished I’d read your review before I’d made mine!! Yes a toile!!!

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