My First Ever Sewing Related Stress Dream

We all have them. The dreams that let you know you’re a bit stressed:

  • Walking down the street naked and greeting colleagues (done)
  • Being chased up a hill by bears and not being able to run quickly enough (done)
  • Teeth falling out (done)
  • Realizing that my house has an entire wing that I’d forgotten about and anxiously going to explore the decrepit rooms (is that one just me?)

But last night I had my first ever sewing related stress dream.

I dreamt that I was cutting through crumbled red bricks instead of fabric with my newly sharpened sewing scissors!!! I was gutted when I realised I’d ruined the blades.

Have you ever had a sewing or craft related stress dream and did it involve bricks?!

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28 Responses to My First Ever Sewing Related Stress Dream

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I have not dreamed of sewing. Yet. But I often have dreams about translating letters originally in German into English.

  2. Carly says:

    I’ve not had a sewing dream yet, but I have had the one about discovering a whole wing of my house I didn’t know about! Those dreams are great, I’m always so disappointed when I wake up and they’re not true.

  3. Debi says:

    hahahaha! Oddly enough I had my first stress related sewing dream two nights ago! I dreamt that Tasia from Sewaholic was coming to visit and I had one hour to clean my sewing room! hahahaha. Bizarre! 🙂 I often regularly have school stress dreams even though I’m no longer in school–like the one that I didn’t realise I had a class and it’s the last week left before the end of the semester and I have to take the final test (oh this is always a math class)!

  4. Kay Young says:

    I adore those undiscovered rooms dreams too! Those are definitely not stressful for me.

  5. Oh I dream a lot. Signs that I’m stressed out are both walking and talking while asleep. I don’t walk far, but it happens in clumps a few times a year. One trigger for sleep walking is going to bed prior to my husband, then when he comes to bed I think there is a stranger in the room and I need to put on more clothing because I shouldn’t be naked with strangers. I wake up rifling through my dresser looking for a night gown. Only once did I manage to wake up wearing something I didn’t wear to bed so I clearly did sleep walk but didn’t remember. I now wear something not revealing when I go to bed first and if he sees me starting to move will say “It’s only me, you don’t need more clothing.”

    I have dreamed about sewing. Usually it’s tied to a project I’m puzzled by, if I stopped where the directions don’t make sense and I can’t figure it out. Much like when I play too much solitaire before bed and dream about cards, sewing before bed time has it’s risks.

    • MrsC says:

      Oh man. I have the house dream a lot, mind you it’s usually a nice dream. Never tried to cut bricks. Interesting. Were you scared by a wall as a child? My stress dream is a doozy. Morning of a wedding and the bridesmaid’s and/or bride’s dresses are not even started, because I had the day wrong. OMG!!!!! Beyond alarming! And it nearly kind of happened – I made 3 sets of ties, braces and kerchiefs for the male half of a wedding party (that dates the story somewhat!) because I’d made three bridesmaids’ dresses, right? The groom says to me, where’s the last one? because he is wearing this unholy get-up as well. I’d used every scrap of the fabric, the wedding was in 4 hours. Somehow I managed to get it together, source the fabrics and bits needed, got help in to construct the last set and deliver well in time. Not even a thank you and they never paid me for that last set! Should have left the pins in…

    • Romney says:

      You’re not the only one. The number of times I’ve woken up my other half to slay a spider that isn’t even there. Or unplugged the bedside light so that water leaking through the ceiling doesn’t get into the electrics when there is no leak. Or been absolutely convinced there are burglars. And then theres always that point where I wake up and think “gah, not again!”.

  6. Charlie says:

    My sewing dreams tend to involve me breathing in pins which I been holding between my teeth as I pin tissue paper to fabric. I appreciate this is a bit weird, time to invest in pattern weights perhaps?

  7. piakdy says:

    I had one the other day. Or at least I hope it was a dream. I’m in the process of shopping for my first serger, having hesitate forever because I was worried about my thread pile multiplying like rabbits. Or rats & cockroaches. Or worse – moths. (You know how it is with storage space in London.)

    I had been reading serger reviews online the previous night. I woke up the next morning believing that serger threads only last 1 year. By that I mean they’re only good for 1 year, after which you can’t use them with your serger. And as I seem to buy a new thread colour for each project, that seems awlfully wasteful. Especially as I’d need multiple spools per colour.

    So, as the proud owner of a new serger, Karen, please tell me I dreamt this up!

    • MrsC says:

      It’s true. After a year, they spontaneously combust, so it’s very important to keep a majorsized diary of all of the threads and separate the old ones out so they don’t set fire to the new ones,or the house…;-)

  8. Marie says:

    How hilarious and distressing at the same time for you! I’ve not had one of those dreams yet…

  9. 3hourspast says:

    I used to get bad stress dreams when I first started teaching… The pattern wouldn’t fit on the fabric, it became like a shifting tetris game…. The seams wouldn’t sew together, they actively ripped themselves out as soon as I sewed them. I’d open my mouth to talk about buttonholes and a discussion of blind hems would tumble out. Finished dresses shifting shape, to the wearer’s horror. (Though I think the last one would be kind of cool…)

  10. Trisha says:

    Once, I had a dream where I figured out how to fix a sewing dilemma that I was having. But no sewing horror dreams…. yet!

  11. Portia says:

    I had a dream that I one day hope to turn into a novel entitled “The Witching Tree”. As the title might suggest it was quite a spooky dream, (in a cool way!) but I’m a bit weird in that I LOVE scary dreams. I’ve always had an awareness, even in the dream state, that it’s just my mind having fun with my imagination, and I can always will myself awake if I want to. Consequently, even my spooky dreams never scare me. They’re just fun! I wish I dreamt more in fact.
    Have you ever done that thing when you’ve been woken from a dream you’ve been really enjoying, then deliberately gone back to sleep so you can go back to dreaming it??
    I’ve not had a sewing related one yet though. There’s some definite symbolism in there somewhere Karen….! Bricks huh? Hmmmm…..

    • I have tried to go back to sleep for a dream, but it usually doesn’t work. Sometimes it just takes the snippets of the dream I’m clinging to into a different direction or the thinking about the dream makes me restless.

  12. Joolz says:

    Never had the naked colleagues one. The bears one was always Daleks for me – and they were chasing me around the lanes near where I grew up (and a definite recurring dream for me.) Teeth – never. House with extra rooms – always wake up and find it sad that my tiny flat doesn’t have those extra rooms I dreamed about. The rooms have never been scary.

    Very annoyingly I know someone who bought a top floor flat and discovered there were actual real rooms in the attic and at some point someone had removed the staircase that accessed them. It cost her a couple of grand to reinstate the staircase and she was then able to sell on the flat for far more than she had anticipated (she had bought it to renovate and then sell). As lovely as she was when I knew her – I think I will always hate her for actually finding extra rooms in a property 🙂


  13. molly says:

    Yay – I love crazy dreams! I’ve had just about all of them (sans the bear chasing that is hehe), and remember them vividly. I’m what I like to refer to as an “Active Sleeper” ie. I walk/talk, the lot. I’ve had just about had ever stress dream under the sun, from being at work half naked (I’m sorry, I don’t think I can wait on that table, I haven’t any pants on!) to “My flight leaves in 2 minutes, I haven’t packed and I have NO clean underpants!”
    Some of them are vaguely sewing related, but most recently I dreamt that the fabric bolts I’d ordered for a market stall I’m preparing for arrived and there were hundreds of them, so so many! they just kept coming through the door, and I had no where to put them all! and certainly couldn’t remember ordering that many! As if that wasn’t stressful enough, I had this baby too, gosh knows where that came from, and I hadn’t named it yet – wait, had I fed it yet? when did it last eat?

    One day I ought to write them down and make a book “Molly’s Mad Mind – what happens when the lights go out”

  14. Felicity from Down Under says:

    OK, so I’ve done a bit of research about dream symbolism (thanks, Google). I’ve decided to be selective about the results (we only publish the research that supports our hypotheses, isn’t that right?). Scissors mean your focus is being divided into too many directions. Bricks indicate hard on the outside, all soft and sensitive on the inside (like Bogey). Cutting is a little less – sorry, brace yourselves – clear-cut because what I tracked down seemed more to be referring to having cuts (injries). So, trawlling through that lot? You need to allow your sensitive side to show through by focusing only on sewing or you might injure yourself. How does that sound!

    My nightmares (I couldn’t really call them dreams) relate to getting to the airport for an international flight only to discover that I’ve left either my ticket or my passport (often both) at home. Shudder. The other that had me convinced I should retire was a scenario where I was in a courtroom (I do work in a courtroom in the normal run of things, so that wasn’t scary). But I was being asked to record the proceedings with no information, no equipment, nothing. Shudder again.

  15. Sarah says:

    If a project does´t work the way I want it, I continue sewing the whole night long trying to solve that problem. For example inserting a sleeve around 50 times that night. When I wake up I´m completely exhausted. I hate these dreams!

  16. Sarah says:

    My sewing stress dreams are either sewing my fingers together (gross!) or the zipper popping out! I dream about my house having an extra wing, too! Sometimes it’s decrepit, others completely lush. Weird, eh?

  17. Clio says:

    I’ve never had a sewing stress dream, but I used to work for a ballet company (NOT as a dancer) and when I was stressed I’d dream that all the ballerinas were injured and there I was in a tutu about to be shoved out onto the stage to dance Swan Lake not knowing any of the steps. LOL

  18. LinB says:

    I have the house dream all the time, so not a stress dream for me. (I watch way too much HGTV programming, apparently.) Worst recurring nightmare was once a year for about 12 years as a old-child/teenager: Children went into a big warehouse and picked out whatever toys or games they wanted, for free. As soon as they walked out of the warehouse, their throats were slit. I was one of the children. I hated that dream. Impending death of childhood? Who knows.

  19. Gaylene says:

    No sewing nightmares – they tend to happen for real! But I regularly dream that I’m still at university after 20 years and can’t remember what I’m studying, or which lecture hall to go to, so I’ll never ever get to graduate and leave. I have the dream about extra rooms in the house, but also extra wardrobes stuffed full of lovely new clothes which all fit really well…waking up can be a bit depressing!

  20. Which reminds me, ever heard of the Sleep Talkin’ Man?

  21. Clever blonde Donna G says:

    I often dream that the item I’ve spent days making has turned out awful and I’ve thrown it in the bin. Then I awake to discover its true.

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