For all those folk who are frothing at the mouth with premature Christmas talk in November, I have a piece of bad news.

The lego Christmas tree has gone up in St Pancras International. The countdown is official.


Last night I bumped into Pincushion Treats when we were both … WEARING OUR SNOODS. She was on her way to Drink, Shop & Do; I was imbibing with a friend (who is planning her own snood make).

That is the end of this Public Snoodness Announcement.

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14 Responses to Lego-ho-ho-ho

  1. Marie says:

    Hehe, I posted a very similar pic on Twitter last Sunday…but the lego tree has come a long way since then! I love the breaking snood story!!!

  2. MrsC says:

    A. Lego. tree. Really? Wow. James May have anything to do with it? 😉

  3. lladybird says:

    i can’t hate – if i had a lego christmas tree, i would put it up so far in advance it might as well be year-round 🙂

  4. mujerboricua says:

    It was such a pleasant surprise running into you! I really think we should start a snood gang but instead of wrecking havoc we knit and purl in unison and yarn bomb all over London.

  5. Felicity from Down Under says:

    where I live the Season is ushered in by the Christmas Pageant, an extravaganza that has a long history and seems to be going from strength to strength. The Pageant was last Saturday. Father Christmas is in the Magic Cave. Soon they’ll be lighting the tree in Victoria Square. And today is definitely NOT snood weather as the forecast is for a maximum of 37 degrees. Bring it on!

  6. Awesome tree! I love Lego!! Yep Xmas started in bath too- lights officially switched on by John cleese this evening. Guess what? I bet I was also wearing my snood whilst you and pincushion treats were wearing yours!!

  7. Ella says:

    Hi Karen! An anecdote I thought you’d like – last night I was in Waterstones Piccadilly Costa with some friends. There was a group on another table who were all knitting and crocheting. My friend had just been talking about how he really wanted a traditional Christmas knitted jumper, so he went over and asked if any of them took commissions – and came away with the contact details of a woman who’s going to knit him a jumper! He was thrilled – books and knitting are obviously a great combination!

  8. Drink Shop and Do is near Kings Cross station, which is where I catch my train from to go home to the North, so I always try to pop in and have some cake before I se off on the four hour journey. Aren’t their cakes delicious?! I love the idea of a lego Christmas tree, that would be a great way to keep children of all families busy, get them to build their own Christmas trees! Vanessa xxx

  9. Liz says:

    A lego Christmas tree – how awesome!

  10. Yes I built the LEGO Christmas Tree
    It will be finished on the 24th Nov

  11. There are approx 600,000 bricks in it

  12. Alessa says:

    Lego tree! They started up Christmas markets yesterday. It’s so not cold enough to drink mulled wine yet…

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