The Welcome Martha Crocheted Baby Blanket

Finally! After starting my crocheted baby blanket back in July, I’ve finished it. It languished for weeks, nay months. Can you guess what suddenly sent me hurtling towards the finish line? Yes, someone became due to join us very soon. In fact, someone delighted in a late entrance. Can you tell someone is a girl? Welcome to the world, Martha Rosalind! (I LOVE that name.)

So, on to the make. I used Rowan hand knit cotton wool in three gender neutral colours: cream, teal and purple. Crucially, this wool is machine washable at 40 degrees. (No one will thank you for a baby hand knit in wool that requires hand washing.) This make took just a touch over six balls with a 4mm crochet hook.

I should at this stage admit that this gift was not my own idea. As has already been established several times on this blog, I am the queen of faithful copies. Pins & Needles first crocheted and blogged about a baby blanket and I then shamelessly emailed her for Youtube links and tips. Thank you, my dear!

100% cotton wool seems to suit crochet extremely well. It has a slight stiffness to it that makes it keep shape and structure very well. I was concerned that the cotton wool wouldn’t be soft enough for babies, so consulted two friends who are also mums. They reassured me that a new born would have no issues with this and that the hole-y nature of crochet is excellent for babies, because it prevents them from getting too hot. Aw, bless. (Can you tell I don’t have any children?!)

I absolutely adore the little scalloped edging. It would have been easy to skip this step, but it finishes the blanket off a treat. Google ‘Youtube crochet edging’ and a million video tutorials will come up.

Interesting note – since starting this make, I’ve discovered a much more affordable source of cotton wool for crocheting. First4yarns supplies 50g Creative Cotton balls of wool in zinging colours for £1.50. Rowan handknit cotton retails at £3.95. Now, what I will say is that the Creative Cotton wool does tend to split as you’re crocheting and the Rowan wool keeps structure slightly better. If I was new to crocheting (erm, I AM new to crocheting!) I would fork out the extra for the Rowan wool, as it will make the learning process easier.

If you want more crochet inspiration, one of my readers (thank you, Anne!) directed me towards this blog. There’s more gorgeous crocheting at Attic 24. Read them both and drool.

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21 Responses to The Welcome Martha Crocheted Baby Blanket

  1. ooobop! says:

    What a lovely present. My crochet skills are basic but I did make a blanket like that for my son a few years ago. Didn’t have a lovely edging like yours though! Loving the colours of those granny squares. Looking forward to seeing them all sewn up!

  2. shivani says:

    Karen, that’s turned out really lovely! great colour selection. And thanks for the tips re yarn.
    I love the “throw of dreams” – looking forward to seeing how that turns out. I find this blog really inspiring for crochet projects: x

  3. Marie says:

    Ooooh, the blanket’s so lovely…what a lucky baby! And I’m loving the neatness and colours of your granny squares, They make me think of yummy sorbet!

  4. Jane says:

    Oh Karen it’s lovely, absolutely perfect for Martha Rosalind (I love the name too!) and the colours are gorgeous If I’d received a gift like that when my boys were babies I’d have been completely overwhelmed – it’s beautiful and obvious how much work has gone into it. Lucky baby girl. x

  5. Dibs says:

    Oh Karen you are giving me ideas….ambitious ideas.

  6. gingermakes says:

    Cute! What a lucky babe!

  7. Debi says:

    great present! And what a lovely name!! I still want to learn to crochet…maybe I will sign up for a class in the new year!

  8. jadestar says:

    What a pretty blanket, and beautifully done for a beginner. You’d never guess. I’ve just finished a very similar one myself. Check out this link:
    If you haven’t discovered ravelry yet, its great. Lots of free patterns and inspiration. 🙂

  9. Felicity from Down Under says:

    What a lovely, thoughtful gift. You’re right, the edging gives it that extra little something. I’m sure Martha and her mother will cherish it for many years.

  10. Liz says:

    That is a beautiful blanket – I love the colours (and must ask at my nearest yarn shop why they don’t stock Rowan handknit cotton in that purple).

  11. Annec says:

    Glad you found Sewing Daisies’ site interesting…your crocheting now has me seriously hunting for Gran’s hook stash….I’m from a bygone era when crochet was daggy with a capital D…but I have been convinced otherwise by your gorgeous Martha blanket. Lucky little girl!

  12. Lavender says:

    Such a sweet gift! I grew up with these blankets, and can crochet a bit (can’t knit at all). So good to see someone else crochet! I always feel like it doesn’t have the same cred as knitting 🙂

  13. How wonderful! I bet it’ll be treasured, and I agree the edging is so cute. I’m also loving the gout of your squares- they look far more uniform than my granny squares!

  14. Alessa says:

    What a pretty blanket, and I love the color of your granny squares! I’m still eyeing that granny square skirt over at Handmade by Carolyn’s…

  15. sandra says:

    What gorgeous colours and what a beautiful name for a little girl! I’m currently crocheting a gazillion granny squares for a blanket that I’m going to keep all to myself! Your squares are so neat – mine are a bit more (read – a lot more) wobbly around the edges. I blame it on the yarn…

  16. Portia says:

    Awww! Gorgeous! Lucky baby Martha Rosalind! (Great name:)

  17. Amelia says:

    So pretty! I have never tried to crochet but I have fond memories of my great grandmothers crocheting Afghans and such I still have one that I use nightly.

  18. Karen, so glad you’ve become a crochet fan. I was taught by a mum when I was in grade 3 at school. I’ve been crocheting over forty yrs. Many times I wish I could find that mum and thank her. I’ve learned the simplest of things can be life changing and never forgotten. What is that edge stitch called I’ve never seen it before.

  19. Sue fontes says:

    Where do I get the pattern for the baby blanket

  20. virginia Vojnich says:

    Where do I get this pattern

  21. Louise says:

    This is so beautiful ! Ive just got the hang of crochet and love it ! haven’t tackled the lovely edging yet but will b learning all that too.!😊😊😊

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