The Three Amigos!

Yesterday I met up with Leopard Anchor and Huggie Does Homespun to spend a happy afternoon at Crafty Pint in Tooting, South London. I already knew Huggie was fab and Leopard Anchor turned out to be just how I expected her to be – a woman of excellence. I do love this aspect of blogging and making: meeting people you already feel certain you’re going to get on with.

Oh, how much crafty fun we had!

There was mug painting:

And necklace making:

And general happiness! We wandered out, blinking and wide-eyed, after about four hours of chat and fun and wine and cake. Most excellent!

I bought Leopard Anchor a present to say thank you for my new header from Matilda Rose, who was at a craft fair in Vestry House in Walthamstow. Her cushions, in particular, are gorgeous:

What a great meet-up! Today, a spot of sewing on my cashmere coat (gorgeous!) and then, I checked in on Google Reader. Have you seen? My Happy Sewing Place is suggesting a January meet-up in Scotland. I’m already packing my overnight bag…

UPDATE Gargh! The meeting I was hoping to move to make 14 January in Scotland is totally unmove-able. One day, one day!

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10 Responses to The Three Amigos!

  1. Suzanne says:

    What a fun get-to-gether with creative souls!

  2. Debi says:

    Looks like a fabulous meet-up….I just love the necklace you made!!! I’m hoping we can still make January happen…maybe the weekend following???

  3. MrsC says:

    What fun, and what an amazing idea – a crafting pub! Is this sort of thing common in London? You see, to be going to an exciting array of public venues with coffee or drinks etc where a gal can get down and make something. 🙂

  4. tabathatweedie says:

    Wow, how did you make that necklace? Love it! And the mug is really pretty too.

  5. Handmade in Tooting says:

    Thanks for coming, and for such lovely blog posts. The ceramic painting looks beautiful. And amazed you made it to Walthamstow for Craft Guerrilla as well!

  6. Hey! I remember blasting your necklace with my heat gun! It was one of my faves of the day, so creative 🙂 I was soooo busy I never got a chance to chat to anyone… But glad you enjoyed yourself! 🙂 check me out at for more shrinkie inspiration 🙂 x

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