The World Map of Snoods

Once there was a lonely Snoodster, knitting snoods all on her own. Then she blogged about it.

Do you remember the Sensational Snood blog post? There’s no denying it, the Snood Sensation has gone mad. It’s rippled out from London to commuter land, beyond to the Midlands, over to Ireland, and across the Atlantic to America.

It needed a colleague to point this out to me (thanks, Alex!) but a World Map of Snoods was really called for. And here it is! Click the ‘View larger map’ link above and you will see the locations of all the (known) snoods in the (known) universe with an accompanying narrative and blog links from yours truly. Yes, the place markers are miniature balls of pink wool. I can’t tell you how much fun I had compiling this! A lot.

If you want to be added to the map, do let me know. In the meantime, here’s a photographic run down.

We started with one giveaway winner, two knitters and one sewer-with-a-knitting-mum who all wore their new snoods with pride:

Clockwise from top left: Scruffy Badger, Elizabeth, Handmade Jane & Pincushion Treats

Elizabeth decided to make a second snood for her mum:

Mother and Daughter Matching Snoods

In the meantime, other readers were catching the snood bug:

Clockwise from top left: one of my bessie mates Alex, Stitch and Witter, Dibs and the Machine & A Krafty Kat

Special mention must go to A Sewing Odyssey who may need to think about renaming her blog ‘Epic Knitting’ after all these makes:

And the Snoodster I am particularly pleased to meet is Kelly all the way from Virginia, USA:

Now, you might think we couldn’t possibly do more with snoods. You’d be wrong. In this extra-cold weather we can … double up our snoods!

This is me wearing my teal snood with ANOTHER snood I made last year, following the Carly Makes Stuff crochet snood pattern that you can find here. I used Rowan Big Wool. It’s a gorgeous pattern, as you can see, and will crochet up in an evening or two if you fancy one.

I am so proud of all my Snoodsters, but now I am exhausted. It’s time for a Snood Snooze. ZZZzzzzz….

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47 Responses to The World Map of Snoods

  1. KristenMakes says:

    Oooh, I love the double-snood look! Extra points for wearing 1 knitted and 1 crocheted!

  2. Gabrielle says:

    For some weird reason we’ve been experiencing winter and autumn weather here in Sydney (where it is officially summertime)… I’m blaming snood fever! Accordingly I must resist the snood’s siren call and sew and wear summer clothes (even though I have a blanket on my lap).

  3. Liz says:

    I like the snoods, I especially like the World Map of Snoods, but WHERE IS THE CROCHALISER! Would Lesely, John and Peter have let 10 days go by without an update? I feel lost and cast adrift, I need news.

    • Aha! I very purposefully said in my crochaliser post that I would update on whim and at random. This is to cover periods of almost zero productivity such as I’ve had, ahem, over the past week!

  4. shivani says:

    That map is brilliant!!! and I love the layered-snood look! x

  5. Marie says:

    Ooooh, I’m loving the world map – it’s great to see so many fellow snoodsters! Your original snood post inspired me to complete my first ever knitting project with just a handful of knitting lessons under my belt, I feel confident that I can tackle much more advanced projects now! Oh, and thanks so much for the special mention…I need to give the ole blog name a rethink for sure ;o)

  6. Marie says:

    P.S Love, love, love your snood layering! I’ve got to learn how to crochet now as well!

  7. Roobeedoo says:

    Now just you stop that! I do NOT need a snood. I certainly do NOT need TWO snoods. I need a cowl. That is something completely different… isn’t it?!

  8. Kirsty says:

    I love this post! I can’t knit, but I really want a snood so I’m going to use the Carly Makes Stuff pattern to crochet one. Yours looks so good together, great colour combo!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I love that you marked the maps with balls of yarn. So cute!

  10. lladybird says:

    yay snoods! hopefully i am going to start mine tonight, provided the yarn i bought over the weekend is the right weight. SO EXCITED ABOUT MY FUTURE SNOOD.

  11. Kat says:

    Yey for snood love! Snoods will soon take over the world 🙂

  12. Kelly says:

    Woo hoo, I’m famous! Going to send a link to my mom. Super cute map, Karen! Love the little balls of yarn. Kelly

  13. Dibs says:

    Thanks for featuring me Karen. My sister is harassing me to make her 4 snoods can you believe. That should keep me busy over christmas. I’ll look into the crochet snood. I much prefer crochet, as I think its faster than knittting. The map is such a fun idea. Sisterhood of the Snood…lol

  14. LinB says:

    “Snood” is just simply a fun word to say. And while I tend to think of circular neck scarves as “cowls” and the hair-in-a-bag-on-the-back-of-neck thingie as a “snood,” I still like to say “snood” better than i like to say “cowl.” (A “cowl” was originally a head-and-neck covering, anyway. On monk’s robes, as in “taking the cowl” when one became a monk.)

  15. Sheryl says:

    Hi Karen, I’ve jumped on board the snood train too! I’ve knitted 2 balls up today, and I’m waiting (impatiently) on the third ball to arrive by post – I guestimated amounts, then decided I wanted one bigger and longer so I could snuggle my ears and neck at the same time.
    I am loving returning to knitting after a break of about 20 years since my boys started asking me NOT to knit them new stuff PLEASE!!

  16. MrsC says:

    It’s about time someone mapped the world according to a subject of true relevance!! Who cares about Commonwealths and policitcal affiliations, we care about knitting!!!! 😉

  17. KC says:

    Add me to the confused-about-the-snood-cowl-distinction group Although I must admit, when I looked it up on the omniscient Wikipedia, “snood” included the knit tube as a modern usage of the term, while “cowl” only referred to the monk’s entire robe with hood. So excuse me while I go correct Wikipedia. 🙂

  18. Tilly says:

    Karen, you are such a trend setter! How heart (and neck) -warming to see pictures of people across the globe wearing the same make. If only I had the patience to knit… xx

  19. Laura says:

    You can add me in Minneapolis, MN, USA. I made a snood…then a hat to match…then ornaments…the knitting mojo is back!

  20. Ruth says:

    Yes, and me in Istanbul. No photos. Sorry. Not a blogger!

  21. Ruth says:

    Let me add that since inspired by your turquoise snood post, I have not only made a turquoise snood, but two more green ones in different stitch patterns, a hat and scarf set with pompoms and fringing for my nephew, a raglan cardigan for myself, a short lace scarf, and am now halfway through a two-colour rioche hat, probably for my son.

    Meanwhile two T-shirts languish unfinished by my serger, and my last batch of fabric buys (aka stash, I admit it!) have been buried tactfully in the base of the sofa bed.

    You are so bloody irresponsible with your blog! I hadn’t knitted in about thirty years. I was absolutely CRAP at knitting. It used to make me shudder, i avoided it like the plague, but you caught me with my guard down, lulled me into a sense of security by talking about our common interest in sewing, and now look at me! You, you, yarn-pusher you!

    (stomps back to her knitting, weeping off)

  22. Ruth says:

    That’s a brioche hat, btw, and brioche is HARD!

  23. Ruth says:

    I mean hard to knit, not hard uncomfortable. Kind of soft, squooshy and mmmmm, in fact.

  24. Ruth says:

    Mmm, sorry, lost my temper a bit there, didn’t I? Sorry, hope you won’t mind me visiting again (when I can put my bloody knitting down). OK, deep breaths now, deeeeeeep breaths….

  25. Leah says:

    I love the map! wearing two snoods is all kinds of awesome, how did I never think of that?
    I undid a whole bunch of my hand knitted scarf’s and re-knitted them into snoods so glad I did 😀
    although I’m on a bit of a hat knitting binge at the moment!

  26. Genius!! What else is there to be said? I wonder whether if you unravelled all the balls of wool required for the snoods how far it would get you? Sorry. It links to seeing balls of wool on a map!

  27. Nel says:

    Loved this post lol … I’m sat here wearing my snood right now and would love to be added to the map in Dorset. xxxx

  28. mujerboricua says:

    I loved reading the comments and seeing that the snood has made it to other parts of the world. The power if the internet never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for the mention again! So glad my hair was cooperating when I took that photo.

  29. All new comers have been added to the World Map Of Snoods. There are 16 of us now. Can we make it 20?!

  30. Elena Cresci says:

    Loving the Google maps action! I played with one so I could map the Seamless pledgers, but I like the icons on yours a loooot better! Definitely need to crack out my knitting needles and join you… I just need to learn how to knit!

  31. Felicity from Down Under says:

    one snood, no photo, in Australia (which, of course, is quite a large place, so you could select South Australia and that would do).

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  33. SallyBowles says:

    Hey Karen, add Manchester to the map! I’ve made one for myself and three for friends for Xmas. Genius wool choice BTW. Have a wonderful Xmas 🙂

  34. Amanda says:

    Haha, I just read the snippets for my balls of yarn on the map. I’ll now think of my snood as the Thomas Jefferson snood, which is perfect considering I studied at his university (we call him TJ there)!

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