Four Little Questions…

I finally found my backbone and added the bound button holes to my coat. (Hint: if you’re setting out on a morning of bound button hole-ness, make sure your medication is close to hand and all other human beings out of the room.)

Question number ย one: Reckon I should add a snap to the top of that collar? Or a fifth button hole? Or just leave well alone? (Oops, that’s three questions.)

Doesn’t the knitting look pretty? Wouldn’t you want to wear this if you were … 10 YEARS OLD?!!! The tension is totally out, despite the fact that I carefully made a tension square. This is the bottom of the back of a cardigan. It’s meant to be 47 cm wide. It’s 37 cm wide. I’m not convinced that anything should be stretched and blocked 10 cm wider.

I think the problem is that I’ve substituted wool. The pattern calls for bamboo wool, which is notoriously stretchy – so much so that it can ruin final makes. I’m knitting this in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino instead, because it’s such a nice wool.

I think I need to frog (unravel) and start again. I don’t mind doing that, but I’m going to have to guesstimate a new needle size.

Question number 2: Any hints or tips?

My boyfriend’s been doing stuff up in the attic. He found an old plastic battle ship toy and an ancient soda can. Remember those style ring pulls?

Question number 3: Can you guess how old the can is? I’ll give you a clue – Madonna’s singing career was doing very well the year this was popped open.

I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping.

Question number 4: Notice anything unusual about this shop counter?

Happy Mondays, everyone!

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27 Responses to Four Little Questions…

  1. Looking good, Karen! I would put another buttonhole or a snap in the collar – I have a funnel collar coat and it has a button there to help the collar keep its shape when it is done up. It’s a hidden button, though – so the button itself is on the inside of the front facing piece, and the buttonhole is behind that – not sure I’m making sense, but basically you don’t see the button or buttonhole when the coat is done up. So you could forego another bound buttonhole and put in an ordinary one if the idea of a bound one is giving you palpitations!I think shapewise it would be more sturdy than a snap fastener.

    • Yes, I know exactly what you mean and that could be a good option. My worry with snaps is that you do have to really TUG them open. My worry with a fifth bound button hole is that it’s creeping up towards the collar and I do like the ‘cleanness’ of that funnel neck.

  2. Joanne says:

    Who is that fluffly noof noof kitty?! Gorgeous! Would also recommend a second button hole – it might gape and it might annoy you while wearing if it does. Just to be sure…

  3. Roobeedoo says:

    Re Knitting: I think you might need to add stitches – or just knit a larger size? Because that texture and tension looks just fabulous and you don’t want to end up with something saggy and baggy, which might happen with bigger needles. Was your tension square done in stocking stitch or garter stitch? Unless you use the same stitch, you can’t relay on it for gauge.

  4. Jane says:

    I think another button of some description to the collar section too. But for your mental health I’d suggest a snap or hidden sew on button rather than another bound one!
    The fact that the can of pop is Cariba dates it more than the ring pull. I haven’t seen that since about 1985, wasn’t it the poor man’s Lilt? Ah remember the Lilt ads with the totally tropical taste?! x

  5. Eileensews says:

    There is that little box on the workbench.

  6. Graca says:

    Lovely work on the bound buttonholes! I would add my vote for a hidden closure up top too. And Madonna, never was a Madonna fan, so I have no clue.

  7. You’ve bought a large fluffy cat!!! Oh how lovely ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. hmmmm don’t do a button hole. Wait until you are done then see if you need a hidden fastening. You are not going to get a proper feel for how it fall/ holds till then. All this advice from someone who has never made a coat ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Oh, and knitting-wise, could you not just keep knitting the piece until it is 47cm wide? You’d need a little more wool than the pattern suggests but as Roobeedoo says, the tension does look lovely like that. You can then switch to a larger needle when you start knitting up the back.

  10. I don’t knit much (don’t have the patience) but I do know that I always have to cast on with a larger needle than I’m going to use to make the actual item because my casting on is always too tight. This means I start knitting with the tension all wrong, and it stays wrong. I have to do the same with the first “row” of a crochet garment as well – use a bigger hook to create the foundation chain.

    One thought about a coat closure – you could perhaps add a small fabric loop on the facing of the coat with a button on the coat itself. If this was sewn on by hand then it would be easy to remove if you found you didn’t like it. I’m not a fan of poppers (snaps) if they show on the garment when undone so I can see why you are trying to find a different solution.

  11. Clara says:

    I’m afraid i can’t offer any advice with the garments just that I like a snap-on collar! xx

  12. Lauren says:

    i vote hidden snap for the collar – i think a buttonhole would distract from the overall design.

    your knitting is so pretty! much more neat & perfect than my current project… although i will blame some of the messiness on the hairy alpaca wool i’m using.

  13. CGCouture says:

    I’d go with the snap. And if the snap is too hard to open/close, you can loosen them up using needle nose pliers. You can see how to do it for this style here: I would imagine there is a similar process for the other style as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Definitely sew on snaps for the collar. And your bound button holes look divine!

  15. Marie says:

    Oooh, the coat is looking so lovely. Well done for sticking with the bound buttonholes, they look so professional! I’m with the hidden snap (or even hook & eye) school of thought rather than a fifth buttonhole! And I hope you can figure out how a way forward with your knitting, it looks so cute!

  16. kbenco says:

    What fabulous buttonholes.
    If recalculating the number of stitches is making your brain hurt (and I agree that your tension looks perfect and that you should increase stitch numbers, not needle size), there is a doovelacky (technical term) called a knitting calculator, with a hole for measuring your knitting and dials around the edges that allow you to avoid doing any maths other than counting – a bit like a crochaliser really, but not so pretty.
    Or there is this website with on-line tools
    I like your picot edge, and I am not 10 years old.

  17. Alessa says:

    Your button holes look very lovely and professional! I agree, some additional (hidden) closure would be good. Lovely knitting!

  18. weeza says:

    Tension squares lie! Did you block your swatch? it might grow… If there is a larger size on the pattern than you are currently knitting, rip and begin again with the same needles on the next size up, so you don’t have to do any recalculating. You will probably need more yarn though. That coat looks amazing!

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