Christmas Shopping London Style

Yesterday, I popped into town to buy the last of my Christmas presents.

Top tip for avoiding the hoardes: visit a museum gift shop.

This is the shop at the British Museum. Note the lack of marauding crowds!

Then I strolled to Covent Garden:

Wandered up Seven Dials, once the site of some of London’s biggest slums:

Rubber-necked at The Ivy:

And spotted some fabulous sewing machine jewellery:

After all that, I went to the cinema on my own – something I haven’t done for years. Bliss! I saw ‘My Week With Marilyn’, which I really enjoyed. Michelle Williams does a fabulous and fascinating job of interpreting Marilyn Monroe, Kenneth Brannagh is glorious as Laurence Olivier and Dame Judi Dench is there doing what Dame Judi Dench does. What’s not to like? Oh, and then there are the outfits… Heaven on a plate.

I was hoping to finish my coat before Christmas, but that’s not going to happen. As the finish line approaches, it’s really important to slow down. Any hints on avoiding bulk in the hem of wool coating? I have an unsightly bulge!

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7 Responses to Christmas Shopping London Style

  1. Maxi says:

    Love the British Museum! And those sewing jewellery bits are fab!

    Merry Christmas x

  2. MrsC says:

    Clever move! I hit TradeAid for mine this morning, ab fab for presents and not too busy. Covent Garden would have been a bit crazy though I imagine. I am not sure about hemming coating so this I do know, it may help? Trim seam allowances down to 1/4 inch and whip stitch the seam allowances down. Less bulk. Use a fusible interfacing, that goes from raw edge to the point about 1 inch above the sewing line, and then sew the hem allowance to the fusible not the the actual fabric. I think this works because the bulk of the fabric is not caught in with the stitching so it won’t cause that ridge. And only press it from the inside. I hope that all helps! xo

  3. Michelle says:

    I went shopping after work shut down at lunchtime, and I have to say that the Canberra Centre was nowhere near as interesting as your shopping jaunt looked!

  4. Debi says:

    I’m hoping to see that movie soon too! I just love the stills I’ve seen of the outfits! Lovely photos…have a wonderful holiday season!

  5. Where’s your bulge (ooo err) post a pic? – Have mum here and she’d good with wool…

  6. Roobeedoo says:

    My coating hem tip is to sew the edge of the wool to the edge of a strip of stretch lace and then sew the lace to the body of the coat. If you are getting “pleats” where the hem is on an a-line, steam-press the bejinkies out of them: they should shrink to fit.
    Happy Christmas!

  7. liza jane says:

    Hit it with a hammer! Seriously. Whenever I need to flatten a hem out, or somewhere there are lots of seams meeting, I smash it with a hammer until it’s flatter. I usually do it when I need to run bulkier seams through my machine. May not be the most sophisticated of methods.

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