There’s Always One…

Thank you all so much for your lovely feedback on Sunday’s post. It’s very much appreciated! In return, I thought you’d like to see an, ahem, out take from the weekend’s photo shoot. As Mandy snapped away, a waiter decided to join in the fun.

I bet he didn’t make that shirt…

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11 Responses to There’s Always One…

  1. Dibs says:

    hahahahahahhahahaha. Cheeky cheeky.

  2. Amy Tuite says:

    I’m still LOVING that coat. Sooooo adorable. And the waiter is funny.

  3. Tamsin says:

    That’s funny! I thought from the title that maybe someone had been dissing your coat – thankfully not!

  4. Judith says:

    Classic!!! As my teenage kids would say “You’ve been Photo Bombed”…

  5. Caitlin says:

    That’s a great photo – and I’ve just realised I love your shoes too!

  6. CGCouture says:

    How fun! I think he needs a full tummy adjustment for his next shirt. 😉 And your coat turned out gorgeous!

  7. Just getting caught up on blog reading tonight, after a long break during the holidays and the scrambly first week back at work and school. Your coat is fabulous – it takes my breath away. And I love this photo, you and the anonymous waiter look so happy.

  8. He looks so happy to be posing with you, though, I couldn’t help but smile! 🙂

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