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Eep! Remember back in July when I made the Butterick B5605 dress for a friend’s wedding? Well, it’s only gone and been featured in the February issue of Sewing World magazine.

I’m really thrilled to be part of an issue devoted to all things vintage. There’s an article on Vintage Vogue patterns, an interview with Second Hand Rose, several pattern suggestions for that vintage vibe – and little old me! There’s even a pattern pull out for three different patterns: a pencil skirt, some lush-looking French Fancy lingerie and a little retro-inspired shrug. Could they cram any more in there?

Here’s an insight into publishing: nothing happens quickly. I was first in touch with the editor last March. Yes, 10 months ago. Thankfully, because I work in publishing (albeit books, not magazines) I already understood how far in advance people work.

And, anyway. Aren’t the best things in life worth waiting for?

You can buy Sewing World direct from their website here or from newsagents. Perhaps I’ll keep my eyes peeled at the airport newsagents this morning. Yes, as you read this post I am on my way to Edinburgh for the Crafters’ Ceilidh. Watch out, Scotland, I’m coming to get ye!

NB If you want to read a really good conversation about sewing magazines, pop by Tilly’s blog post here.

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26 Responses to Sewing World Magazine Featuring…

  1. Lotte says:

    Eeeee! Congratulations!

    I have finished my version of this (and worn it, with many compliments, to my brother’s wedding) but in the photos my mum took on the day I am terribly blurry and bearing terrible posture and I have deemed those pictures unworthy of the internet. But you have inspired and motivated me once again… I will do it soon!

  2. ooobop! says:

    Well done Karen. Most deserved. Such a beautiful dress 🙂

  3. Sherry says:

    Wow – congratulations Karen, I remember that gorgeous dress!
    Enjoy Scotland, I’m looking forward to the stories!

  4. Debi says:

    YAY! SUPER BIG CONGRATS!!! Ok, I HAVE to find this magazine! See you soon!

  5. Congratulations! It looks like a great spread!

  6. Tilly says:

    Eep! Karen, that is soooo exciting! My friend is, like, FAMOUS!!!! Woop!

    Ooh and you’re going to the Ceilidh… how exciting! Send everyone my love, I wish I could be there. xx

  7. Marie says:

    Yay Karen, this is brilliant! I’m off to buy it now! Enjoy Scotland too!

  8. SuzySewing says:

    Oh my congratulations!! Will pick it up from shops soon! But there’s something about today and magazinea. I have received a copy of handamade living magazine with a article about my blog I was ask to write and just posted on my blog, lol.

  9. FAMMMMOOOOOUUUUSSSSS!!! I know a celebrity 🙂

  10. CGCouture says:

    Very cool! Congrats on being featured in a magazine!

  11. oonaballoona says:

    YAY KAREN!!!!

    you ought to wear some sort of banner to scotland, like the ones they wear in pageants, “ms published”. HUG DEBI FOR ME!!!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    That’s amazing! Congrats!!!

  13. Jane says:

    Wow, that’s fab Karen and very well deserved. Will get my mitts on a copy as soon as I can. Enjoy the Crafter’s Ceilidh, wish I was there! x

  14. Tamsin W-P says:

    I happened to pick it up and have a flick through when I was in Cambridge this am. I glimpsed what I thought was your dress and bought it straight away. Enjoy the Crafter’s Ceilidh – after shopping in Cambridge with 3 kids all going in different directions, I kinda wish I’d decided to come too!

  15. Wow! Very cool.It’s lovely to see how handmade fashion has a durability and longevity to it…a style like that can be featured, 10 months out, because it’s just that beautiful, and still will be, no matter how many retail seasons pass in the meantime. Nicely done.

  16. Carolyn says:

    Congrats Karen! This is wonderful recognition for your very beautiful dress.

  17. Blimey – congrats Karen :)!

  18. Felicity from Down Under says:

    congratulations on proving that timeless is timeless and that sometimes the recognition is rewarding. And who doesn’t enjoy being in print?!

  19. Curious Gem says:

    Congratulations Karen. I particularly liked the pointers at the end.
    I had to go straight out and buy the magazine. The rest of it’s rather good too.

  20. liza jane says:

    Congrats! Very cool.

  21. gingermakes says:

    Waaaaahhhh!!! Congrats!! Super awesome!!

  22. Joanne says:

    Oooh that’s fantastic well done you!! That’s both you and Suzy in sewing mags this month – we are officially impressed! 🙂

  23. mooncalfmakes says:

    Oooh well done!!! I’ll look out for a copy in Smiths.

  24. mujerboricua says:

    Oh wow! Very cool! If I was you I would totally cut it out and put it on my fridge 🙂

  25. Congratulations.. How exciting !

  26. Annika says:

    How awesome. Congratulations!

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