When Granny Met Teen Granny

Okay, I’m not a granny. I don’t have any off spring for one thing. But as far as anyone born after 1995 is concerned, I’m ancient. A hag. An old crone.

Sometimes I feel it! I gasp when people say, ‘I’ve never seen Pretty In Pink,’ or ‘What did Bob Geldof do before Live Aid?’ or even ‘What’s Live Aid?’ I stay quiet when colleagues discuss online games and bite my knuckles when legwarmers come back in fashion – for the third time.

So, it’s kind of crazy that my new blog love is Teen Granny. She’s 16 years old. In theory, we have nothing in common. But it turns out we do! Teen Granny knits and has set up a Twit Knit Club on Twitter. She has planted the recipe for Oreo Stuffed Cookies in my head and now I must bake them or die unhappy. And, last but not least, she wrote one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time in a list of facts about herself:

‘I once knitted for 14 hours straight. I drank 3 litres of Cherryade and halfway through, I forgot how to knit and started to cry. I wouldn’t recommend it.’

Teen Granny’s Oreo Cookies

When Teen Granny said she was looking for blog sponsors, I got in touch straight away. Then the two of us hit on the idea of interviewing each other. Shhhh. Don’t tell Teen Granny. She never need know how old I am…

 So, Teen Granny! I have to ask, do your fellow students know about your urge to make and what do they think of it?

NO! They know nothing. I recently moved schools. My friend from my old school knows about it, but no one from my new school does. I’m pretty sure if they found out they would kill me! My friends from my old school think it’s great and ask me to teach them how to knit, although I think this would be a disaster as I have no patience with other people and would end up doing it all myself.

 I love the knitted Prince William you made. How long did it take? Did you design the pattern yourself? And if so – how?!

Aw, thank you, I love him too. I found him in a book called Knit Your Own Royal Wedding by Fiona Goble which I love. It did take quite a long time because there were so many fiddly little bits but it was so fun in the end. I recently adapted the pattern myself to make my mum a knitted version of herself. I think when you start out knitting you’re so confused by patterns that you could never imagine coming up with one yourself but I was surprised when knitting my mum (that sounds so weird!) how easy it was to adjust the pattern a little to make it look like her and not Prince William.

Look! Teen Granny knitted her mum!

 Several of my readers are novice knitters. Do you have any advice for them? How can they join your Twit Knit club?

I know this sounds horribly modern but I actually learnt how to knit from Youtube! Trying to learn knitting from a book is impossible because it just doesn’t make any sense on a page but if you type ‘how to knit’ into Youtube you will get millions of the best videos. Twit Knit Club is a group of people on twitter who all knit and we try to do the same project at the same time! You don’t have to be good at knitting at all but if you tweet me @scarlyKFcurtis I will tweet your name to the rest of the club you can join in. And you can read this post about Twit Knit Club. It’s loads of fun!

What’s your take on the blogging phenomenon? Did you grow up aware of blogging, or come to it as you grew older?

For me blogging was one of those things where I’d heard of it but never really knew what they were, I always thought blogs were just for people who wanted to talk about themselves a lot! It was only when I started to get into crafts that I started discovering these amazing people (like you!) all over the world who were doing exactly what I loved.

I think blogging is so amazing because it gives you all these windows into the lives and worlds of people you would otherwise never have met. Not many of my friends are as into knitting as me so it also makes me feel like I’m not alone in the things that I love.

You do book reviews on your blog. What was your last stonking read? Do you have a Kindle?

I don’t have a Kindle but I am an obsessive audiobook listener! I think for people who like to read and do things with their hands audiobooks are the perfect option as it means you can do craft and ‘read’ at the same time. I just finished Hurting Distance by Sophie Hannah who is one of my favourite crime writers ever. Her books are incredible.

You recently made a quilt for your mum and dad. Any tips for people trying this craft for the first time?

Well, it was my first time making a quilt too which was pretty scary but I think the main tip is to leave yourself loads of time and just do a tiny bit every day. I don’t know about you but if I spend too long on one project I get frustrated and end up rushing things. So with the quilt I would just sew a few squares together every day and then one day I just realised I was nearly done.

Phew, I think I’ve got away with it! I strongly recommend that you check out Teen Granny’s blog. It has cakes, crocheted cakes, knitting, quilting, ickle dogs, spadefuls of originality – and it’s lots of fun! Thanks, Teen Granny. Don’t forget to pop by TG’s blog to read HER interview with ME.

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7 Responses to When Granny Met Teen Granny

  1. Felicity from Down Under says:

    How fantastic. I’m off to visit Teen Granny! (I’ll say you sent me, otherwise she might think I’m stalking her.)

  2. Louise says:

    How cool, I love her cake, good to see that youngsters are into crafting/sewing/baking/knitting etc.

  3. Marie says:

    Excellent post/interview, Teen Granny sounds awesome…off to check her blog out and to join her Twitter club! Yay!

  4. shivani says:

    excellent post – I’m off to check out her blog 🙂

  5. Jane says:

    Teen Granny sounds ace, exactly how I wanted to be when I was 16 (but wasn’t!) Now this next bit makes me feel REALLY old…. From reading her blog, I realise she’s the daughter of Emma Freud. I remember listening to Loose Ends on a Saturday morning on the radio which I think Emma Freud used to co-host occasionally with Ned Sherrin. They used to refer to baby Scarlett AKA Teen Granny!!!!! x

  6. gingermakes says:

    Fun interview! Teen Granny sounds awesome! I learned how to knit watching YouTube videos, too! A friend came over to teach me the basics, which I promptly forgot, but watching the videos and pausing them over and over really is a great way to learn (and not wear your friend’s patience thin, either!).

  7. grenouille78 says:

    Good for her! By the time she gets old like the rest of us, she’ll have all those years of knitting experience, she’ll probably be selling books. May not even take her that long!

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