Sewaholic Minoru Jacket

Tis done! I feel as though I should be walking through the leafy grounds of Princeton with a varsity scarf around my neck, being clever and charming with my fellow over-achieving students. ‘Beckett, a genius, you say? Ha, ha – I thought Waiting For Godot was utterly transparent.’

So I have finished my Sewaholic Minoru jacket – and added patch pockets. I am the type of person who gets a runny nose the moment she steps outdoors, so I really did need external pockets for the stuffing of tissues. Here’s a glimpse of the handy internal pockets:

I didn’t add the velcro patches that the pattern suggested, as I didn’t trust my delicate silk lining to stand up to the wear and tear of ferocious pulling open of velcro. I love the lining. Here’s a detail in the hood:

The combination of silk and wool is really cosy – I recommend it. Though the bulk of wool explains why it isn’t one of the recommended fabrics for this pattern. Some of the top stitching was challenging to say the least, around bulky corners and seams.

I didn’t make a toile for this coat, just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Like Tasia, I ran out of thread at the eleventh hour and had to cycle down to the market. This make takes a lot of thread – I’d recommend getting 2/3 spools in.

I enjoyed making my patch pockets. I hand sewed them on, so I think I need to be careful about shoving my fists in too forcefully. Are any of you interested in a tutorial for these patch pockets on the Minoru? If so, I’ll put something together.

Back in November, I blogged here, setting myself the challenge of making not one but two coats – the V8548 and this one. Three months later, I’ve managed it. Phew! (Actually, making two coats in three months is pretty good going if you ask me.)

My one moment of confusion in the pattern came when I had to stitch in the ditch of the collar and I discovered this would mean a rather large raw seam inside the zipped collar, where the hood can be tucked away. (If you haven’t made this coat, you won’t know what I’m talking about.) I consulted with the lovely KristenMakes, and have decided to live with this raw seam. I’d love to know what others have done. If I’d known this was coming up, I’d have finished the seam in some way – either with my serger or pinking scissors before it had gone too far along in the construction of the coat. But details, details – this coat’s a corker! I absolutely love the make and think I’m going to be wearing it non-stop. Well, when I’m not wearing the V8548.

Now, I’m going to go and make some nice easy tops and skirts. Nothing too challenging. Not yet, anyway…

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  1. Felicity from Down Under says:

    That really is lovely and the lining is a perfect match. Silk is one of those wonderful fabrics that’s soft and fine yet warm as toast, so I can well believe you’ve come up with a fabulously cosy garment. Probably needs a snood for extra effect. 🙂

  2. Jill says:

    Congratulations on two coats in a season, that deserves applause! It looks very cozy, and I’m really loving the lining-beautiful!

  3. Tania says:

    I love it! Karen, your new jacket looks amazing – well done!

  4. poppykettle says:

    That lining is a stunning match to your jacket! (the caramel coloured fabric looks like a lovely texture too). Looks gorgeous!

  5. Rachel says:

    It looks amazing – and very expensive! The silk is a perfect match. Love it

  6. Roobeedoo says:

    Wow! Absolutely nothing like an anorak 😉
    And Rachel is right – it looks really expensive!
    Is that raw seam edge not bias-bindable?

    • Well, if I wanted to swear and curse and throw hissy fits and wrestle the thing to the ground, I could probably add a bias tape now but … I can’t be arsed! If that was going to happen, it should happen earlier on in the make. But thanks for the suggestion! I’ve done what I can with pinking scissors.

  7. Tamsin W-P says:

    Another triumph! It looks lovely and cosy, and the lining… perfect!

  8. Marie says:

    “Actually, making two coats in three months is pretty good going if you ask me.” – erm, try frigging awesome! You are such a stitching legend Karen! I love your Minoru and I’m so happy to see such a glorious wool version. This would have been my fabric of choice (until I abandoned my Minoru plans), so it’s great to know it’s doable should I choose to revisit it at a later time. I also have serious lining envy!

    A tutorial on patch pockets would be wonderful by the way ;o)

  9. Louise says:

    That looks so great, its amazing the impact the right fabric makes, it looks so classy, smart and not at all anoraky and casual (although I like the casual Minoru too). Well done you…

  10. Jane says:

    Wonderful Minoru Karen! You’re right, two coats in three months is MORE than pretty good going. Love the contrast of the neutral wool and the silky lining and yes, it looks VERY expensive, perfect for Princeton!

  11. Rachel pinheiro says:

    Karen that’s a fierce coat/jacket … I’m loving it so much I may tackle this pattern earlier than planned… Xx

  12. Kitschy Coo says:

    It’s excellent, well done! I just bought this pattern (after seeing Kristenmake’s) and I’m even more keen to make one after seeing yours 🙂

  13. shivani says:

    Gorgeous Minoru! the silk and wool combo is luxurious, and as others have said, it looks v expensive. I’m in awe of your 2-coats-in-3-months-(not to mention other projects)-ness. I’m hoping to make a Minoru later this year, so a tutorial on patch pockets would be great. x

  14. Tilly says:

    Oh Karen, it’s lovely! You look so comfortable in it and it looks such good quality. Wowzers, two coats in three months – well done you! xx

  15. Wow, nice. I have to say when I looked at the original pattern I wasn’t inspired. Mainly as it looked anoraky and therefore one to buy rather than make. Now I’ve seen it made up love it. Tres classy. I want one. NOW.

  16. PendleStitches says:

    This is another amazing coat. So beautiful.

  17. Leith says:

    Fantastic! Lovely jacket. I just bought some black wool for my second Minoru Jacket. I’m going to line it with some Liberty Lantana…

  18. Jacqueline says:

    Wow, it’s beautiful. Way beyond my capabilities I think.

    • Don’t underestimate yourself! This jacket is simpler than a lot of other makes as there’s no pad stitching or interlining or any of that fuss. There aren’t any complex fitting issues either. I reckon you could totally make this.

  19. Joanne says:

    Ah I really like your Minoru! Beautiful combination of colours and fabrics. I haven’t got to that confusing point yet – I’m just putting my lining together (Ill do a post tonight on progress). I’ve opted for side pockets using Amy from Sew Well’s excellent tutorial but am sure peeps would love a front pocket tute too. BIG respect to you for doing two coats in three months – that is super-amazing-fabulous 🙂

  20. Kirsty says:

    You’ve made two amazing coats, both look so soft and warm. The combination of the wool with your patterned silk lining is gorgeous for the Minoru. It really is a flexible pattern.
    I know what you mean about the raw seam. I turned it out as much as I could and overlocked/serged most of the raw edge.
    Your pockets are sweet – a tutorial so we can all steal your ideas would be awesome 🙂

  21. Vicki Kate says:

    I know what you mean about the raw seam in the collar! I’ve been staring at it and trying to work out what to do with it. I’m going to have to live with it too. Next time I’ll finish it before top stitching or finish it but press the allowance away from the collar – basically go against the instructions!

    Your pockets are cute and the lining is gorgeous! Congratulations on completing your two coats in three months! I bow to your dedication!

  22. Robyn says:

    Two coats in three months is a fantastic achievement. Your Minoru looks great – I really think I need that pattern 🙂

  23. Clare says:

    Lovely seeing it in a wool fabric, you did a great job. And the lining is making me drool slightly. Did you also make the blue top?

  24. ooobop! says:

    Beautiful combo of fabric. Love that lining. I’m so impressed you’ve made 2 coats to such brilliant standards in only 3 months. I’m looking at 3 months to make a titchy jacket!

  25. Law says:

    This coat is dreamy and lush. I would be so afraid of getting it dirty though. The colour of that wool is so lovely.

  26. nothy lane says:

    Really nice. I love unexpected linings!

  27. I love the coat! well done again. I burst out laughing about your runny nose…I get the same…I always have tissues with me…and my nose is always red!

  28. Amazing! I love your fabric choices for this, it looks so classy. Did you find gathering the wool at the neck difficult? I’ve been dreaming about sewing it up in tweed but was worried about this step. Also I don’t know if that pleated patch pocket has a special term but it’s a great extra. Was this easy to do?

  29. Ceri says:

    I love it, its beautiful. Always one for practicality, I love a coat with a hood, but especially a coat with a hood that looks good! A rare thing. Well done you, it doesn’t look as if a human hand has been anywhere near it. Immaculate. And by the way, are those M&S jeggings, lol, I’m wearing mine today too. Spooky.

  30. CGCouture says:

    I always just serge all the raw edges before I start sewing. It goes surprisingly fast because you don’t have to be too careful. Then I don’t have to worry too much about the fray-happy fabrics that sometimes end up in my stash.

    I love the finished jacket, it looks cosy and warm without being bulky and hot. 🙂

  31. LinB says:

    Hurray! Another beautiful and very wearable garment for your overstuffed closet! The silhouette is much closer to the body than I imagined from the pattern illustration. The word “anorak” always makes me think of the film of Nanook of the North that we watched in sociology class. Those coats were monstrous huge.

  32. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! It’s just beautiful! I love it. The lining is a great pick for that wool. And the pockets are a definite must. Well done!

  33. LLADYBIRD says:

    Ooh, a silk and wool Minoru! You out-class us every time, Karen 🙂 Haha but seriously – it is lovely!

  34. Amy says:

    Hooray for finishing your Minoru! I’ve been baby stepping with the Sew-Along. I have gotten a step or two ahead, and I just might have to go ahead and finish my own after seeing your lovely version. Bravo on such a fitting pairing of fabric and lining.

  35. oonaballoona says:

    holy crap karen, you are seriously churning out the coats! this is exquisite!

    (and please give me your pink bag. ooh, you wanna swap pool for bag?!)

  36. Kerry says:

    Ooooh this is lovely – a luxury version in wool and silk, the perfect mix of stylish and cosy. Thanks for the heads up re the seam as I am planning to make this but as you say, can’t visualise where the seam is right now. That being said, I bet I’ll only realise what you mean too late!

    (Bet you’re not missing the lime green waxed cotton – did anyone buy it?!)

  37. Trisha says:

    Very nice! That color is great because it will work with everything, and it will work in any season. Good choice!

  38. ms. modiste says:

    Oh, it’s so fantastic! It looks so warm and cozy (and the lining is beautiful.) Well done, you!

  39. A brilliant make Karen, can’t believe you’ve made two coats in such a short space of time. It looks fabulous and toasty and well thought out.

  40. Amy says:

    Another impressive coat! Well done Karen. I especially like that lining, and it goes perfectly with the wool.

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  42. leahfranqui says:

    So. Nice. I love this! And please for the love of god give us a tutorial for those amazing pockets. Thank you. That is all.

  43. Anne W says:

    Looks really cozy! And I love the silk lining.

  44. Alessa says:

    The fabric and lining look great together, especially where you can see at the hood! Kudos for actually managing two coats (and such yummy ones at that) in three months!

  45. Lovely lining fabric. Where did you get it?

  46. Lisa says:

    Two coats so close together is a huge achievement. I love this the camel colour is just so classic. The lining is lovely.

  47. dulciebee says:

    I love it. Like a few others, the Minoru didn’t really appeal to me but seeing yours has changed my mind! Just need to add it to my neverending list of ‘things to sew’ after the Beignet and the Macaron.

  48. Wendy says:

    This is absolutely lovely – I’ve been back and forth on whether wool would look right, and here you go showing us all it most definitely does! I would love more on how you did your pockets too, they really are a nice detail.

  49. Anne says:

    Looks fabulous! I think that two coats in three months is absolutely amazing, fantastic actually! 🙂

  50. gingermakes says:

    This is amazing! You’re a stitchin’ wizard! I love the lining (and is that a Cambridge satchel???)!

  51. Lindsay says:

    Fab jacket – love the wool/silk combo! I’ve just finished making the same jacket tonight, and glad you mentioned the giant raw edge, as nobody else that’s made it has mentioned it and I wondered if I’d done something wrong. I couldn’t live with it – too big and ugly, so I decided instead of stitching in the ditch underneath the collar, I topstitched further up about 2″ or so straight across the collar (omitting the plackets) and this then concelaed the ugliness but there was still plenty of room for the hood to get zipped away. Not ideal, but I decided nobody else would know that there was a line of stitching that wasn’t supposed to be there and I feel it will be more hardwearing when I wash it (although am scared of doing this – somehow I think it will disintegrate???? this is riduclous thought as no other coat falls apart in the wash, but you know what I mean). Congrats on your 2nd coat anyway – both fabulous.

    • Jo @ bubala says:

      I ended up doing this with mine too – for me it’s preferable to leaving it as is. I’m surprised this got past the pattern testing stage. I’d been thinking it was just me who was fussed about it until I read this post, so thanks for commenting on it everyone.

  52. Sophia says:

    Lovely jacket. The color of the wool coupled with its smoothness really makes it look expensive (and the beautiful silk only adds to it!).

    I remember that raw edge, too. I serge most of my seams, so this one isn’t raw, but it’s still not pretty. Next time, it would be nice to pretty it up just a tad.

  53. Miss Celie says:

    Love it! I think I may be tempted just now from your review. It looks luxe but sturdy. Nice work!

  54. KristenMakes says:

    It is so lovely! Great job! Pockets are fab, great idea on the pleat detail. I agree, if I had known AHEAD of time about that seam before making it inaccessible, I would have finished it or had it bias bound or something. But it’s just a bit too hard to get to now… Oh well, next time!!

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  56. Colleen says:

    For the one raw seam, I’d try making some bias binding, similar to what Peter (Male Pattern Boldness) did for his toggle coat to cover the raw edges.

  57. silvia says:

    Love that jacket! Nice lining choice too. You’re kicking me in the booty to start mine before it’s too warm for outerwear.

  58. Dilly says:

    Amazing! What an outstanding combination of what looks like a fabulous pattern (I love the cut and lines of this, the exposed zipper, the high collar, the inside pockets, the hood…) with a beautiful choice of fabrics and perfect construction! I love the combination of the neutral wool with the dark slightly abstract lining. Gorgeous. In case it wasn’t clear from all that, this is one of those garments that I see and just fall in love with…! Now I just need to work out if it will suit me and where I can get fabrics to shamelessly copy yours 🙂

  59. Wow, it’s beautiful – I have a serious case of coat envy!

  60. Adrienne says:

    WoWwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! Beyond words to express admiration for you!!! Are you human?? How do you find the time to make all of this — on top of your FULL TIME job! You put me to shame.
    I like what you did with the patch pockets, by the way. So yes, make a tutorial for us! Also, thanks for the heads up about the inside seam — I’m sure it will make sense once I get started on my Minoru.

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  62. Great jacket! Your sewing skills are amazing 🙂

  63. Ash says:

    LOVE your pockets and would be delighted should you desire to share a tutorial – my Minoru is still a cut up heap on the sewing room floor (I just can’t seem to get around to putting it together, but I know that when I do, I want to add pockets). Yours is definitely inspiring!

  64. Debbie says:

    Lovely jacket. Great job!

  65. Mary says:

    This Minoru is so yummy!

  66. Meagan says:

    This is gorgeous! I love your fabric choices!

  67. Elisalex says:

    Seriously digging the camel wool – and you’re right, it’s incredibly intellectual-like-looking (spoken like Zoolander of course)! Kind of wish I had added patch pockets now too – maybe next time (yes please tutorial!) – but for now I’m happy with my side seam ones.

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  70. Teri Wallis says:

    The jacket is a great looking jacket. I also liked seeing the other pictures of the jacket with different fabric. I had never thought of using silk and wool together. I would imagine that would be nice. –

  71. Teri Wallis says:

    The jacket is nice. You did a very good job on the sewing. Thank you for sharing.-

  72. Your jacket is mind blowing.
    Looking made it with good fabric.

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