Ooh, OWOP!

OWOP (One Week, One Pattern) starts in 12 days’ time! Thanks to Tilly and the Buttons we are all going to have loads of fun with our favourite patterns.

I was going to do a mad rush of sewing up versions of V1247, until Tilly and Handmade Jane pointed out that would be a) tiresome for me and b) entirely unnecessary as I already own multiple versions of the Sorbetto. Also, some may say cramming in loads of new sewing is not really in the spirit of Tilly’s original impulse to help us celebrate those patterns we’ve gone back to time and again.

So I agreed to refrain from furious sewing, but I couldn’t resist running up one last Sorbetto, pictured above.

My Happy Sewing Place has a photo of the EXACT MOMENT I bought this fabric on the Edinburgh Ceilidh:

The polka dot bias tape is too cute for words, great quality, comes in multiple colours and was posted in record time from Ebay supplier, Beans Beads.

Now I’m thinking I really need a Sorbetto in a solid colour, because my collection is entirely made up of prints…

What do you think? Can I justify one last make?

If you’re wondering how I store my multiple Sorbettos, here’s the answer:

Cascading hangers! The invention of a genius! I bought these a while ago from Amazon, after bemoaning my horrendous clothes storage situation. My readers came up with loads of great suggestions, including these. Out of all the money I spent on storage solutions (some more useful than others), these cheap hangers have far and away been the biggest success.

So, I think I’m nearly set for Countdown OWOP! This is going to be soooo much fun. Thanks, Tilly! Anyone London-based fancy meeting for a celebratory cocktail on the last day Friday 30 March, in our favourite versions of our favourite patterns? If there are enough of us, I’ll reserve us a space somewhere in Central London. You know what to do – leave a comment!

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40 Responses to Ooh, OWOP!

  1. Annie says:

    Ooh I hadn’t seen that polka dot sorbetto before and I love it!

  2. Felicity from Down Under says:

    I do love that bias binding. But I was struck even more by the base fabric. What is it? Is it a cotton? I ask mostly because I have a knit fabric that’s very similar in terms of print, and I planned to use mine to make yet another of Miss P’s simple self-drafted tops (of which I’ve already made three). I didn’t plan on signing up for OWOP, though the temptation is strong. I shall be waiting excitedly to see how you style your several Sorbettos (and those cascading hangers really are winners, aren’t they?). I must say, those Sorbettos look very appealing all there in a row.

  3. Tamsin says:

    Oh, I think the new polka dot one is my favourite!. They should keep you going for OWOP. Would probably be available for a meet up…

  4. ooobop! says:

    I love the expression on your face as you are cradling that fabric! And I get it completely! Am I allowed to have a favourite? Because this one is the loveliest of the bunch!. And if I didn’t say before those hangers are genius! Got to get me some x

  5. Joanne says:

    What a fantastic choice for OWOP – I can imagine the myriad of styling ideas… layers, tucked into skirts, over jeans – maybe even over a long sleeved T? And yup – I’m free on 30th – as long as I’m not furiously sewing my Mad Men dress to make Julia Bobbin’s challenge I’m there!

  6. Suzie says:

    Love your latest Sorbetto. And thanks for the Ebay link….totally in love with the spotty bias tape! You have such a gorgeous collection of sorbettos…and I say to heck with it, make that last one – then you will have a new sorbetto for each day of the challenge!
    Love the cascading hangers too, thats a really great idea.

  7. Jane says:

    The Sorbetto is a perfect choice for OWOP, especially your collection, which is awesome. Love the latest one and especially love the look on your face as you’re cradling the fabric like a newborn babe! Very predictably, I HAD to buy some spotty bias binding before I even left this comment! Thanks for the link. Oh yes, I’m free on 30th March, great idea Karen. x

  8. Debi says:

    This one is definitely my favourite! Plus, I got to see the fabric in it’s primitive state in Edinburgh to it’s current life of glamour in London 🙂 Man, I so wish I was in London as I’d love a drink with all of you!

  9. Rachel pinheiro says:

    Yeahh we I’ll have so much fun this week… Loved your hangers… I will keep an eyes for those in future and I agree this sorbetto is the cutest of the bunch xx

  10. Kitschy Coo says:

    That’s my favourite Sorbetto! Might have to make a trip back to the shop and pick up your polka-dot fabric 🙂

  11. Sam says:

    Your polka dot Sorbetto is gorgeous! I have yet to make even one, although I do have plans for a couple shortly. I think I need to add a polka dot one to my list.

    Great choice for OWOP, as you already have several of them – all lovely, might I add!

  12. Michelle says:

    I’m planning on doing OWOP with my Not Sorbetto AKA Simplicity 2938. Except it’s getting cool here in Canberra so I might be wearing Simplicity 2938 with a lot of different cardigans.

    I have 5 tops and 4 dresses (so far). Actually, I think that’s taking the one pattern thing a little too far …

  13. Sølvi says:

    Those Sorbetto´s of yours all look terrific! And I love the cascading hangers. So simple, yet genius! 🙂

  14. Leah says:

    oh my those hangers are fantastic! i think i could do with some of those too!
    i was thinking of doing the sorbetto too, i think i wore them for much more than a week during the summer!

  15. Mela says:

    I’d love to meet up! I’m still deciding on my pattern but I think I might copy Jane and do the Ginger. I have a few of them already.

    Your polka dot Sorbetto is beyond cute. Polka dots never not bring a smile to my face either.

  16. LinB says:

    What a beautiful display! I would never in a hundred thousand years have thought of cascading those hangers. I use mine to keep related separates together: pants/skirt on clip hanger, which hangs on the little hook, blouse/jacket on actual hanger. Thank you for teaching this old dog a new trick.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I wanna come!!!! I’m so jealous of all of you living in London together.

    Have fun with your sorbettos!

  18. Jacq says:

    Oh I love your spotty Sorbetto with the matching bias tape, I do have a thing for polka dots. I’ve been so tempted to join in OWOP but I’ve only been sewing clothes for about a month and, unless I entirely stress myself out, the only multiple pattern I have is the Sorbetto (4 & counting). I was not sure my efforts are good enough but I’ve decided, I’m going to wear them with pride. Now I just need to get on with number 5!

    • You most definitely should wear your multiple Sorbettos with pride! I think the theme should be fun, not stress. I bet your tops are gorgeous.

    • Curious Gem says:

      Surely if you make number 5 you’ve done it – O(work)WOP? 😉

      • Jacq says:

        Absolutely! I’ve picked the fabric out this evening. Finally feel brave enough to cut out the Liberty tana lawn – I’ve just stroked and admired it up until now! 🙂

  19. LLADYBIRD says:

    OH MY GOD why have I never considered cascading hangers? My closet is smaller than most small pantries – I actually have a freestanding rolling rack in my bedroom (super trashy, yep) to make up for the lack of space. But going vertical instead of horizontal – BRILLIANT.

  20. sewforward says:

    I love the polka dot blouse. Polka dots are my favorite! And, No, you can’t have too many great looking tops. Make some more! Enjoy! That’s why we sew . . . well, at least one of the reasons 🙂

  21. Bold Sewist says:

    Gorgeous – that is my favourite of all your lovely Sorbettos (Sorbetti?) – that binding and fabric are a match made in heaven! And yes, a plain one can definitely be justified – so versatile!

  22. Marie says:

    Oh, what pretty Sorbettos all lined up in a row. I toyed with the idea of using my Sorbettos for OWOP, but wondered if I’d be too cold in March…might see a late change of plans from me now ;o) By the way you can defo get away with making another cheeky one!!

  23. Laura says:

    It looks great! I’m still trying to figure out what I could wear for the challenge. I’m thinking “self”-drafted (read: heavily modified) skirts.

    Oooh I would love a meetup on the 30th as well.

  24. Catherine says:

    You are SUCH an enabler! I have just gone straight to ebay and purchased the polka dot bias … you should be asking her for commission! In fact I bought so much I did not have not pay P & P…
    I love your tops, yum yum!

  25. Rachel says:

    I can see why you’ve made this multiple times; it looks lovely and very versatile. I bet it will be great fun trying out various ways of dressing with them all. Like dress-ups for adults, yeeha!

  26. Yvette says:

    Wow I am in love with this top it is just super cute. I am going to do my first Sorbetto this week (fingers crossed)!

  27. symondezyn says:

    I LOOOOVE that last Sorbetto…. big dots, little dots….. come ON!!!! Of course, right?? That is awesome, and I will probably steal that idea at a later date, just so you know ^__^

  28. Curious Gem says:

    That’s my favourite yet Karen. I love it 🙂

  29. rachel says:

    I love your new Sorbetto – the bias tape is to die for! And I think one last Sorbetto in a solid would be totally justified – I wear my black one all the time.

  30. happyhermit says:

    You could have a caused a ‘Delia’ effect in the world of hangers, there could be hanger salespeople scratching their heads as to why the sudden surge in hangers purchases!
    I am wearing the sorbetto (only 2 so far) for the OWOP challenge and yes, i love to come for a cocktail!

  31. Elle C says:

    Your polka dot Sorbetto is my very favorite ever. You are fortunate I live in Canada, because if I lived in the UK I might have to stalk you and steal it. 😎 Love it,

  32. Stacy says:

    Oh, that is fabulous. Big polka dots with tiny polka dot trim–love it! I have yet to make a Sorbetto. I feel like I’m the only sewist in the world who hasn’t!

  33. Aaron Diamond says:

    We are the manufactures of the ClutterFree Cascade Hangers, thank you for the nice shout out 🙂

    Aaron Diamond @ WorldWide Home Products, Inc.

  34. I absolutely love all of your Sorbettos – especially the floral prints! I was so excited by this post I’ve actually printed out the pattern and ordered my very own bias tape maker, which should be arriving in my mailbox within the next few days. I can’t wait to try it all out! Thanks for the inspiration!

  35. PendleStitches says:

    Love, love, love your spotty Sorbetto! Simply gorgeous.

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