Wool Shopping in Haworth, Yorkshire

If you’re ever in Haworth, you really should stop by Daisy Days. You will need to walk up a very steep street to get here:

Can you see how the cobbles are laid horizontally rather than vertically? This was to give horses’ hooves more grip on the very steep climb. Once upon a time there would have been open sewers running down either side of this street. The local water supply ran beneath the church’s graveyard. No surprise that life expectancy was low, though this state of affairs wasn’t untypical. Fortunately, things are better now! There are even half price wool sales:

Inside beautiful shops:

With knitting badges to die for:

If that’s not enough, pop over to A Sewing Odyssey and follow Marie’s guide to fabric shopping and afternoon tea in Skipton (Which links to my original blog post about Yorkshire fabric shopping here. The yin and yang of blogging!)

Ah, Yorkshire! It really is god’s own country.


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8 Responses to Wool Shopping in Haworth, Yorkshire

  1. Kirsty says:

    Ooh lovely! I’ve been to Haworth before, such a pretty place. The Rose & Co. shop had me open mouthed for about half an hour, so much good stuff in there, both the products and the decor/fittings. Your weather looks better, when I was there it was raining so hard the hill was like a waterfall!

  2. Erika says:

    Ah, your last two posts makes me consider emigrating to England. Lovely, lovely, lovely…

  3. Elle C says:

    Next time I hop across the pond I will stop in. If only.

    I was in Newark in 2007 for my niece’s wedding, visited York a few times while I was there. Fell in love with it, actually I loved every place I visited.

  4. fickle sense says:

    Oh, I just went to Yorkshire last weekend to visit my cousin. I wish that I had more time there to explore the yarn and fabric stores. Thanks for the tip…. perhaps next time I will try and visit this sweet little store:)

  5. Felicity from Down Under says:

    I heart that giraffe!

  6. Simona says:

    Waw, isn’t that a lovely little shop.
    Be assured if I am ever there, will stop by. Will even try to see if I can convince my hubby to have a holiday close by so I can visit the lovely shop 🙂

  7. Lucy says:

    Not helping with the Yorkshire cravings…

  8. rehanon says:

    all that lovely wool and the scenery oh you can literally feel the open space from your pics. I rewatched a film recently called Fanny and Elvis that sets in Yorkshire and it always makes me want to put on a period costume and go tramping across hill and dale 🙂

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