Blogger’s Guide to the iPad

 Blogging on the train

For my recent birthday, I asked for money towards an iPad. I’d played with my sister’s and decided I wanted one for myself, with its super-fast Internet access. I felt very pleased and excited – until the iPad arrived. I’m such a writing obsessive that I missed a proper keyboard and plunged into self-doubt. Had I just stupidly spent hundreds of pounds on, well, a toy? Should I have bought a laptop instead?

I’ve since got over that wobble and have used my iPad every single day. This bit of technology is now a credible blogging option and very useful on my travels (see picture above), but it took a bit of time and thinking to get there, so I thought I’d share my experiences in case you have the iPad glint in your eye.

A wireless keyboard

I bought the Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad after reading many enthusiastic reviews about it. It has been really great. I can even use this set up propped on my lap when I’m lounging on the sofa! The keyboard and display unit fold up really neatly, when you’re not using them:

Yep, this has definitely been a winner. Some would argue that if I need to invest in a keyboard to go with my iPad, shouldn’t I have just bought a laptop? Well, I only use the keyboard when I have serious amounts of typing to do and the iPad is SO great for casually slipping into your tote bag. A new laptop would mean a proper laptop bag, more weight and… For now, I’m delighted with my Logitech keyboard. I wouldn’t write a novel with this, but I would write a blog post!

Blogsy app

The next challenge I came across is that I couldn’t upload photos from my iPad to WordPress. I don’t mind admitting, there have been a few needs on my iPad that have required an app. An app here, another one there, a slow dribble of money… Apple aren’t stupid, are they?! Anyway, I invested in the Blogsy app for £2.99 and it’s been great. I can upload photos, write blog posts in a cafe, send them live. You just need to do a tiny bit of new learning to use this app, but otherwise I’d say it’s a corker.

One other things to bear in mind: If you want Internet access on the train or out and about when you can’t lock onto a wireless supplier, you’re going to have to pay extra for mobile data access. With Vodafone, I buy in £5 chunks.

I hope this may have helped some of you! I’d love to know if anyone has other hints and tips to share. I’m all about the hints and tips. Or do you have an opinion on tablet devices? The work of the devil or something you just can’t live without?

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17 Responses to Blogger’s Guide to the iPad

  1. Jane says:

    This is timely – thank you! I was in John Lewis on Friday and got caught up in the new iPad frenzy, the next thing I knew, I’d bought one…. My kids love it for all the games and apps but I’ve been feeling distinctly anti climactic. I’ll be uploading the Blogsy app straight away and hope your readers have a few other hints and tips so I can justify my mad expense!
    At least I can make it a nice tweed jacket/cover to wear I suppose. x

  2. Stephanie says:

    I got one too recently, not an iPad though as I wanted to have the option of using cards to extend the memory. Honestly , I had the same doubts of having spent a shovel of money on a toy I didn’t really need, but progressing along the learning curve I have to say I’m just delighted with the possibilities.Plus there usually is a free app for anything to test and a pro version to buy if you want/need more features. I haven’t regretted getting this thing. Actually, I think I would miss it even after so short a time!

  3. Joanne says:

    The work of the devil hehehe. I have a tablet – the samsung galaxy and it’s great if you’re on the move. We took ours on holiday and of course it was perfect for browsing through blogs on the beach! I’m one of those anti-Apple types though which is why it’s not an iPad. I don’t want to get sucked into the endless upgrade/lost in itunes thing as I know I would if I had one. Best not to court temptation! My one concession is an old iPod for running (erm when I get back into running after a year off). I like the little keyboard – think that would be handy to have.

  4. melissa says:

    Thanks! I just received an iPad this weekend… when my husband upgraded to a new one. 😉 Checking out the Blogsy app now to see if it works with Textpattern *fingers crossed*

  5. I love my expensive ipad too, thanks for the app tip off, last time I looked there was nothing on offer for bloggers. A fab non blogging app is Flipboard the way it sets out all of your feeds is fab.

  6. shivani says:

    i second the flipboard app – it sets out my blogroll like a magazine! I find mine invaluable for watcing video tutorials at the sewing machine.

  7. Erin Cumming says:

    Thanks for the info. I was curious about the data plans, so the bit about the $5 chunks is helpful.

  8. symondezyn says:

    I’d love to have an ipad, but for now I blog on the go using my iphone. I have a WordPress app that allows me to do almost everything I need, including uploading pics. I wonder if you can grab it for the ipad too? 🙂

  9. Vicki Kate says:

    My iPad 2 was a birthday present and I use it everyday! I use the WordPress app to blog, although one finger typing is frustrating so I’ll investigate the keyboard… I use pulse for my blog roll, although flip pad looks interesting. Instapaper gets a lot of use too for saving web content to read later – there’s a lot of tutorials in mine…

  10. MrsC says:

    Oiks, I’ve got a netbook, using it now, that we bought for our UK trip last year and I am adicted to it. It’s a laptop in every sense but it is smaller than a sheet of typing paper and barely 2cm thick, and apart from noone telling it its screen is smaller than it thinks it is, I love it. BUT, bit but here, battery life is pants. 2 hours tops without power, and the power cord is a big lump of extra bulk. I am getting me a Kindle too, and I do ownder if I’d have been better off with an iPad. As it is, I have added:
    Sent from my iRon
    to my work signature for my last week. Seems appropriate for someone chucking in corporate life to run a craft and sewing shop! 😉

  11. Andrea says:

    I actually stood in line for a new iPad on Friday! I got mine mainly to use as an art tool — drawing, and possibly some photo editing. I’ll probably use the Kindle app some too, and to get my HGTV fix. I’m not a big games person, but I do like the game Spelltower: if you like Boggle, then you’ll like it too!

  12. Vicki Kate says:

    I finally sprung for the keyboard! It’s brilliant – thank you for flagging it up (hee hee, I’m typing this using my new keyboard and the iPad! So much easier than the on-screen one!)

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