Triple Score!

Yesterday, saw the arrival of the largest fabric order I’ve ever placed! So huge was this parcel, that my colleague assumed it was for a different department. But I recognised the soft corners of brown paper bearing fabric and went over to rescue this behemoth.

You may remember me being tempted by some poly mix at the recent Textile Forum I blogged about here. There was a minimum 10-metre order. Fortunately, two Sewists came to my rescue. Elizabeth from SEWN and a new friend, Fay, offered to come in on the buy with me. I bit their hands off. Yes, please!

Out of the ten metres, I’ve bagged six metres for Gertie’s Starlet Suit, even though realistically I won’t be able to start on this until June earliest.

In the meantime, I’m sending out two metres each to my lovely mates Elizabeth and Fay. Triple Score!

But first, I had to get that brown paper parcel home on the tube. A bit of crochet and ‘South Pacific’ on my iPod kept me amused…

Gotta Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair!

Once home, I tore open the package:

And now all I need to do is cut up our shares, and send parcels on their happy way.

What I absolutely love about the process of sharing an order is the civilised way in which the three of us arrived at a consensus agreement on which colour we’d collectively order. I particularly relish the fact that this took me out of my comfort zone. Left to my own devices, it would have been red all the way. But a solid red suit? Maybe… You have to be in the mood for that statement. Teal is an equally strong colour. All I had to do was hold the (respectably heavy!) bolt to my throat, to know that I could also work this colour.

Thank you, ladies! I think this is called a slam dunk.

What about you? Have you ever shared an order or would you consider it?

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24 Responses to Triple Score!

  1. Jane says:

    It’s never even occurred to me to share an order but not you’ve planted the seed…. what a great idea! I’ve been pining over some polka dot lining fabric that’s only available in bulk and I can immediately reel off three or four sewists who wouldn’t mind sharing. Oooh, now I’m excited!
    Nice stripy tights by the way. x

  2. Jan Carr says:

    love your blog, Karen
    I’m a too infrequent visitor because it just gets me longing to do some sewing
    when I have to do something else
    But won’t be long….

  3. It seems a lovely color! well done. Like you I am drawn to bold colors sometimes…and need to refrain myself. As you say depending on the garment a color may be more appropriate than another depending on your style (of course!). You need to picture yourself wearing the finished garment out on the street… just that thought makes me veer towards more ‘comfortable’ colors. I only ever made a shared order for drafting paper…never for fabric.

  4. Felicity from Down Under says:

    Let’s hear it for the polkadots! My (teenage) son told me only a couple of days ago that polkadots were a bit out of fashion or at least that he didn’t see them very often. Clearly we’re in the wrong part of the world. All the same, I won’t join the party on that lining. The notion of sharing orders is one I’ve adopted for other things (books, for instance, where sharing an order made its total sufficient for free postage), so I imagine it would work very well for fabric. Yep, the blogosphere is a great place for sharing all sorts of things.

  5. beebeesvintagedress says:

    I would totally do this. Due to the small amount of dressmaking fabric available to us thats in the uk and doesn’t have to be shipped from elsewhere I’ve also been thinking about the fabric club idea. Theres a couple like Chrysalis and Stone fabrics (which I know you love Karen) once I’ve got some spare cash I think i’ll sign up to a couple of them! x

  6. Roobeedoo says:

    SUCH a good idea! As long as you know it is a good quality product – imagine how embarrassing it would be if you offered to share and it turned out to be hideous / flawed. Definitely a case for requesting a sample in advance!

  7. shivani says:

    What an excellent idea, Karen! I would totally do this too.

  8. Funnygrrl says:

    Just saw Kate Middleton in a teal suit. Made me think of Gertie’s Starlet in teal. Methinks I should get some teal suiting fabric! Can’t wait to see your Starlet.

  9. LinB says:

    Only time I’ve shared an order was for choir uniforms in the 1970s — imagine 200 spotty teenaged girls, of all shapes, weights, races, and standards of personal hygiene, wearing the same dark green polyester double-knit maxi dress at the same time. (Tanit-Isis has the pattern — she made hers without the Italian collar.) That experience, multiplied by six years, plus roughly the same experience for four years at college, has scarred me for sharing fabric cuts.

  10. mujerboricua says:

    Slam dunk indeed! That teal is beautiful. I’m sure you can rock teal easily.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks! I think the color looks lovely and I can’t wait to receive it!!! Will wire the money pronto!

  12. Fay says:

    Oooh Karen – I am really excited!! It looks so great in the photo, I cannot wait to actually touch it : ) I think a fabric club would be great but I would have no self control at all! Your starlet suit will be amazing in that colour and I do think that colour will suit you. F x

  13. Alessa says:

    That is indeed a wonderful idea! I’m still looking for some nice fabric for that starlet suit, too!
    But, first things first… There’s still some stash busting to do!

  14. symondezyn says:

    Great idea! I’d totally be down with sharing an order with some local sewists, especially since shipping cost to Canada is always so atrocious LOL.

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