Sewing An iPad Case – Success!

Check me out! After the Oh Sew Pathetic travesty of making a too-small iPad cover I finally did the maths and have me an iPad cover.

Recognise the fabrics? The vintage cotton print comes from my NHS Direct top aka one of my Sewaholic Pendrell blouses. (I love that this fabric was bought during a writing weekend in the literary hub of Hay-on-Wye and now it’s keeping an iPad warm.)

The red cashmere wool is from a sizeable leftover scrap from my Lady In Red dress aka V1183:

Don’t you just love it when scraps come together in new makes? (And can you see what I meant in yesterday’s post about my love of red?)

Finally, I got my dimensions right! If you want to use them, I cut three oblongs each 460x295mm – one from batting, and the two others from the fabrics. Oh, and I just made up a nice V-shape for my tab.

Right up until the eleventh hour, the cashmere wool was going to be my outer casing. Then, prior to sewing a final seam I thought, Oh, isn’t it a shame this cheerful flower print will be hidden? My next thought was, It doesn’t need to be! Plan turned abruptly on its head. And how glad I am.

The label that was meant to be discreetly hidden inside is now there for all to see:

Because I know you’ll ask… The labels came from Ray Stitch!

I decided to fully embrace the whole flower theme by adding a felt flower:

And even the button is flowery:

Point proved yet again. There’s always the perfect button waiting in your button jar.

This iPad case makes me soooo happy. There’s no danger of misplacing an iPad that’s a screaming red flower fusion one off! And I don’t think any macho thugs will try to steal it, do you?

The moral of this lesson is: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

I might be maths phobic, but I can still sew. Phew!

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20 Responses to Sewing An iPad Case – Success!

  1. ooobop! says:

    So pretty… and resourceful… and practical… and professional. Love it! 🙂

  2. Felicity from Down Under says:

    I’m entranced by the whole thing

  3. Catriona says:

    It’s beautiful

  4. Joanne says:

    Hooray well done 🙂 Very nice – love the pointed tab closing too

  5. Marie says:

    That’s the cheeriest iPad case I ever have seen, great stuff!

  6. Handmade Jane says:

    Another timely post, I’m planning to make one this weekend. The difficult bit is deciding which fabric to use, I’m now tempted by one side wool, one side mad florals! Thanks for the measurements, it’s good to know it’s roomy enough for the smart case thing as well. X

  7. Kerry says:

    What a stylish iPad cover AND it matches 2 of your outfits – win! 🙂

  8. Great case Karen!

    (You’ve just made me look up Raystitch’s shop & I’ve worked out I can get to it in 16mins on the bus from my work… which could prove v. bad for my bank balace Oooooo!)

  9. Very lovely case.
    I like the Ray Stitch website. Was the “made by me” ribbon printed to order or from a roll?

  10. nothy lane says:

    I love it! Thanks for reminding me why I keep all those stray buttons I have been accumulating…

  11. Jennifer says:

    This is adorable! Great way to use a few scraps and a stay button. Love it!

  12. LinB says:

    Yay! Cashmere against its skin should make your iPad happy.

  13. stacyverb says:

    Everything about this is so cute! And what a great use of leftover fabric. Also, seeing this Pendrell makes me want to sew one of those ASAP. The pattern has been in my stash since it came out and I have yet to make it. (How pathetic!)

  14. See I think the first one was not destined to fit your ipad. It just wasn’t the right mix of scraps, your ipad needed the softness of red cashmere wool. It’s suppose to work out this way.

  15. symondezyn says:

    You rock! I love this! And btw, aside from orange, I think red is totally the best colour EVAH!!! 😀

  16. Alessa says:

    Ah, what a great iPad case. I sooo love the flowery fabric! Also, cute felt flower. And I love your new labels!

  17. maddie says:

    So so great and I love how you up cycled other projects to make this one. Creative you are!

  18. I’ve sewn a too-small iPad case as well, but the second one was perfect! Now I just have to figure out what to use a large fabric envelope for…

  19. Siga says:

    Love the case and that red dress. Red is your colour.

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