OWOP Day 1


Oh, come on. This was ALWAYS gonna happen. Setting a photo-a-day sewing challenge is like waving a red rag to a bull. Yes, I will find strangers to get photographed with. Preferably, strangers holding giant foam hands.

It felt appropriate that I began OWOP with the very first Sorbetto top I ever made out of a scant one metre of lawn fabric that had been languising in my stash box. I still love this oh-so-pretty blue rose print and it’s perfect for sunny days.

Tilly’s challenge is to find different ways of styling our makes. Well, I’m – er – styling it with my ‘I Like Your Beard’ brooch, which doesn’t get anywhere near enough action:

The photo was taken as I made my way to Hastings. Guys! If you’re after antique shops, vintage caverns, second-hand loveliness and general gubbins that someone else has owned before you, you have to come here! My purse was burning a hole in my pocket. I HAD to spend some money! But I’m telling you, I was struggling. Yeah, I found a lovely brooch but it just felt a bit too tinny. I spotted some vintage patterns and riffled through them, but… I dunno. Nothing was leaping out at me.

Then, bingo! Let me save you a lot of time. Head straight for the High Street Retro Centre on the, um, High Street. Vintage gold.

I can barely describe the self-restraint involved in not buying this wicker handbag. Even as I type this, I am seriously considering going back for it. It’s an item of delight; I would never use it. I’ve always wanted one of these; I would never use it. An Ebay seller would be charging twice; I would never use it.

I wonder where this little dance will end?

But, of course, I did buy something. On the top floor, at the back, back, back of the shop was this:


Let’s not waste any more time here. Let’s see what I bought:

I fell in love with this fabric – the vintage print and the density of colour. See how those purple velvet buttons bought for £1.50 match it perfectly? And how gorgeous are the other buttons?

I reckon I have about two metres of this fabric. The red printed vintage cotton I recently featured proves how great vintage prints can be. What, oh what, shall I use this on? I don’t want to waste it.

Suggestions on a postcard! Or in the comments box, if you want to be all 21st-century about it.


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21 Responses to OWOP Day 1

  1. gail says:

    I love your outfit photos with strangers! Yay! Gorgeous new fabric and buttons too!

  2. sewforward says:

    I know the feeling about the wicker basket. I have several and they sit a top my book shelves. No, I have never used them – I don’t even store anything in them, but everytime I see another one . . . I want to buy it. Don’t know why – just do! Love the orange buttons! Inspiring me to get back into sewing.

  3. What a fun start with the challenge ! xx

  4. stacyverb says:

    I love that giant finger, hee hee. What luck you had, finding that vintage fabric. I never seem to find fabric in secondhand stores, unless it is hideous.

  5. oonaballoona says:

    can i please come over and tag along for one of these posts? i promise to be tipsy.

  6. Trisha says:

    Perhaps in the spirit of OWOP, you should make a Sorbetto with the fabric, and use the button down the front, like a faux placket. I think that would be lovely!

  7. Emer says:

    That shop looks amazing, now I want to go to Hastings. Well done on starting the challenge. I think you should make a sorbetto with that fabric also.

  8. Marie says:

    What a great way to kick off OWOP – the man with the foam hand is a great addition! I think you should get that wicker handbag that you’ll never use, you’ll regret it otherwise ;o)

  9. Roobeedoo says:

    Ah the perfect start! Thought really you needed to find a man with a beard… or a bearded lady?
    If it was me I would use it to make another Portfolio dress with purple neckband and use the buttonss as a decorative feature on the front 🙂

  10. You picked a perfect day for going to the seaside. The warm weather threw my OWOP plans into a slightly sweaty disarray – I was wearing big boots this morning! A six-month habit is hard to break I guess.

    (I like Trisha’s idea of a top with a faux placket. Some people have a knack for spotting things in charity shops!)

  11. Felicity from Down Under says:

    Now that you have warmer weather on the way, I think a dress from that fabric would be bound to see a lot of use. You could use the Sorbetto pattern and lengthen it to make a dress (which works well) or, yes, the Portfolio – ah, the choices. Great start to OWOP.

  12. Tamsin W-P says:

    I’m thinking another portfolio dress for your fabric. I am biased as I am wearing one of mine today! I used to go to Hastings every year for my holidays as a kid, haven’t been there for years. One of our treats was to go on the trampolines and then watch someone blowing glass for really kitch ornaments… Memories!

  13. Portia says:

    LOVE that fabric purchace! (Sorbetto would have been my choice for OWOP too 😉 Hmmmm, I’m planning on revisiting this make with some vintage fabric I’ve just bagged:
    and I think it would work fabulously with your fabric too. Maybe with the velvet buttons as a detail on the waistband…?

  14. Bold Sewist says:

    Fab fabric! What is it? Great styling on the sorbetto too and so happy to see the return of random strangers 🙂

  15. silvia says:

    And here I thought giant foam fingers were a strictly American thing…

    I would take that fabric and make a wiggle dress. The buttons could be featured on neckline embellishment (tabs or a fake placket). Hot!

  16. Wicker basket would be perfect knitting-on-the-train-project-storage if you know what I mean. DO IT!

    Love your sorbetto. Goes beautifully with your red coat (and of course the beard brooch).

  17. Love your sorbetto top with the red coat. And of course the beard brooch!

    The wicker basket would be the perfect receptacle for knitting-on-the-train. Yes, it would.

  18. That fabric is gorgeous! I don’t know how heavy it is but how about a Beignet? Or a close fitting skirt with those ace purple buttons on the pockets?
    Also, congrats on your race success. How did you manage to look so put together after that kind of distance? I’d have been curled in a fetal ball somewhere.

  19. symondezyn says:

    OK… all I can say is I LOVE THAT PIN!! I WANT IT!! LOL it’s hilarious and awesome! You look so great in that first picture, too – love it! 🙂

  20. Alessa says:

    Great fabric! It screams Sorbetto at me – or maybe a nice, flowy dress for summer? Great button finds, too!

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