OWOP Day 7 – Cocktails!

Our Beloved Leader!

Yay! One Week One Pattern culminated last night in celebratory cocktails. I was wearing my giant polka dot Sorbetto but fell at the last hurdle, and didn’t manage to get a decent photo of it. If anyone from last night has one, do let me know.

We gathered in a cocktail bar in Kings Cross, London and survived our encounters with the, ahem, gregarious bar staff. (House of Pinheiro survived by flirting them off the scale and out of the room. One day I will learn how to flirt like that.) When the bar announced that happy hour was extended until 8pm I’ve never heard such raucous cheers of delight from a group of people usually to be found crouched over a sewing machine. And best of all, Pincushion Treats brought…


Home-made macaroons, no less! Did you know that Pincushion Treats has also run a marathon in her time? And has the most flawless skin I’ve ever witnessed up close and personal. (Though I’m still waiting to meet the person who bats Roobeedoo‘s cheek bones out of the field.) Why, oh why, do I surround myself with these uber-talented and beautiful women? Oh, yeah, I forgot – because I like them!

I was really thrilled that two of our cocktail drinkers travelled in all the way from Cambridge and Kent. Truly, our community is devoted to meet-ups (and alcohol). Attendees also included Pimp My Curtains, Stitch and Witter, Lazy Stitching and two lovely readers, Laura and Happy Hermit.


Thank you to everyone who joined me last night. Most of all thank you to Tilly for suggesting OWOP. It was a blast! Tilly asked me last night what I’d learned from this experience:

  • That one of my Sorbettos is ready for retirement.
  • How to think my way out of my usual styling choices.
  • That I’ve put weight on! Climbing into some clothes I hadn’t touched in months was … interesting.

UPDATE! Tilly has kindly presented me with a photo of me in my Sorbetto, drinking cocktails:

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12 Responses to OWOP Day 7 – Cocktails!

  1. Anne says:

    I’ve just found your blog and have been reading through your posts with great interest. I’ve added you on to my Google reader so I can read more! :o)

    I was going to follow all your links to read the others’ blogs but some of them aren’t linking – “leader”, “stitch and witter”, “lazy stitching” and “Tilly” all take me to a “page not known”. I just thought I’d let you know.

  2. It was such a fun evening… Thanks for organising !!! I’m wake up late and get ready in 5 min wasn’t really easy to do with owop so I had to think about the night before…

  3. Pippa says:

    Ah the cocktails looked lovely. Wish I had been able to come.
    Love all your outfits 😀

  4. prttynpnk says:

    So jealous of your fun! Must keep working on the mystic portal from South Carolina to your neighborhood!

  5. Roobeedoo says:

    Oh what fun indeed! I’m not sure I want my cheekbones batted out of the field, it sounds a bit painful :S
    You look very cheeky yourself in that cocktail photo!

  6. Felicity from Down Under says:

    What a lot of fabulosity. I did briefly think about what fun you’d be having with cocktails while I was being impressed by the punchbowls of fruit cup at the neighbouring (private school) marquee.

  7. It was your Sorbettos that made me start sewing my Not Sorbettos (Simplicity 2938) because I realised I needed a good basic top that fitted well (however I knew the Sorbetto would never fit me well – low bust and huge hips!) so I found something that would work for me.

    I do think that the polka one is my favourite. It just pops! Everyone should have some polka in their wardrobe.

  8. happyhermit says:

    Really nice to meet you on Saturday, thanks for making me feel welcome! Claire

  9. Tamsin W-P says:

    Thanks for organising a lovely evening out!

  10. symondezyn says:

    Aw you guys all look so happy and beautiful! I’m so glad for you that you got the opportunity to do this…. and a little jealous as well! LOL

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