Pincushion Treats – An Addict’s Story

How Many Pin Cushions Are Too Many Pin Cushions?

I don’t recall when this addiction began. I can tell you that it’s not going anywhere. Six now, and counting.

Of course, it’s always someone else’s fault. This time I hold Dibs and the Machine entirely responsible for highlighting the Etsy store of Pincushion Treats with a giveaway. I didn’t win. So I had to buy.

Isn’t this just gorgeous? It’s bone china, you know. Pincushion Treats very kindly included a little egg cup pin cushion into the package. I now have the perfect home for my extra fine pins to use on silks and fragile fabrics.

Sigh. When did addiction become so PRETTY! Do you have a sewing addiction you’re currently, ahem, managing?

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10 Responses to Pincushion Treats – An Addict’s Story

  1. mujerboricua says:

    I am so glad you like it. You have a lovely collection going! My growing addiction lately has been buttons. I never realized how pretty they can be. I would love to have enough one day to put them in jars and display them in rainibow color order. *Sigh* One day.

  2. Sassy T says:

    I don’t have one as yet but love looking at buttons and if I had the cash I think my ultimate addiction hands down would be fabric. Am yet to own a pincushion need one, hope I win one in a GIVEAWAY someday lol

  3. Felicity from Down Under says:

    What gorgeous pincushions, and if you use them – as, clearly, you do – then I don’t see how you could possibly have too many. Why, how else could you be sure of keeping special pins readily available and not mixed up with others?

    My addiction – and it’s a family failing – is stationery although yarn is probably a close second. And then knitting needles, although they are necessary and when you don’t have any of the several lots of a particular size available because they’re all in use of other projects and something more urgent has just been zoomed to the top of the list, then what choice do you have but to buy another lot? Or a different length that’s better adapted to the current project?

    I mean, I think they’re all defensible positions. Except for the stationery. I struggle with that one. I don’t write enough letters to need any more writing pads or fountain pens. Really I don’t. Of course I don’t. But equally of course, it’s necessary to have precisely the right sort of pen to mark up patterns, isn’t it, otherwise you could end up with the wrong size.

  4. Marie says:

    How very pretty…I think I need me some pincushions…Mela here I come! I think we all know my sewing addiction at the moment is jersey…so much jersey in my stash!

  5. Lynne says:

    I was just trying to remember how many pincushions I have, and I thought it was four. Three that I made, and one of the ones that go on your arm. Then I remembered I have one of the ones that looks like a strawberry with a wee thing attached to it for sharpening pins. And then I recalled two button boxes I bought in Liberty’s that have pin cushions as lids – but I don’t use those two! Umm…

  6. Those pincushions are too cute! I think I might have just found my project for the day. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. MrsC says:

    Oh, I could join you in this one but I am Being Good. I’ve seen them locally made from bone china demi tasse complete with saucer clued on, and I just squealed! Actually, I have a few sets that never get used..hmmm…My current obsessions are fabric (as always) and buttons, but now I have a shop (squee!) I am on the hunt to become the One with All the Haberdashery Things. It will happen…. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  8. Wendy says:

    While I have a reasonably respectable fabric ‘collection’, I was reading on PR about the virtues of vintage sewing machines, so thought I’d get one to try out.
    Well she got lonely so another one joined her, and then I had one of those ‘armageddon’ type thoughts that I needed one that didn’t rely on electricity, so I now have a hand-crank too! ….. These obviously are in addition to my modern s.m. and overlocker 😉

  9. rachel says:

    I think mine is patterns at the moment. Really have to tone down purchasing them for a while I think… and actually sew them up!

  10. They are super cute pincushions!

    Happily I don’t have a sewing related collection/addiction. I already collect enough vintage Pyrex and vintage teatowels/tablecloths/doilies to start a kitchenware store!

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