Spring Crochaliser

And there was Rhinestones and Telephones, talking as though the Crochaliser was a thing of the past…

You can see Christmas and Valentine installments of the Crochaliser here and here.

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16 Responses to Spring Crochaliser

  1. 2paw says:

    How lovely to hear your voice!! I thought the Crochaliser might be a machine not being very au fait with Blue Peter. I know they had lots of Doctor Who and scandals and maybe had a garden?? We had Play School and then Adventure Island. Well done with all your squares!!! I hope your cotton provider re-appears soon.

  2. The slower you crochet, the more updates we might get. Potentially. Thanks for the splash of hilarity and colour, I was indeed LOL. 🙂

  3. Anne W says:

    lol! Love it! The blouse look great too, I love that elephant print. Well done and happy crocheting.

  4. Marie says:

    Yikes, that’s a whole load of granny squares right there…they really make me want to have a go! Loving the Burda blouse ;o)

  5. tinygoldenpins says:

    You are an adorable riot.

  6. gail says:

    This video is adorable! Somehow I missed the previous 2 updates, so I’m really glad I saw this one. Put a smile on my face on a rainy day!

  7. grenouille78 says:

    The daffodils are a nice touch. 🙂

  8. Lynne says:

    Congratulations on 100 squares!!! The crochaliser still rocks!! Thank you so much for posting this, you’re a hoot! And your Burda top looks gorgeous. 🙂

  9. Bethany says:

    This might be the result of watching all seasons of Vicar of Dibly in a mad “this show is hysterical, why don’t we have things like this on American tv?” but you sound (in a good way) like you could be on that show!

    I promise I don’t think that of everyone who has a British accent.

  10. Sarah says:

    HOORAY for the Crocheliser!! I am so happy to see your update. Well done on making 100 squares. You are definitely the crochet queen. 🙂

  11. Sarah says:

    Oh, and your blouse is wonderful! Looks terrific!

  12. Michelle says:

    You’re HILARIOUS! Thanks for making me smile xxx

  13. woohoo 100 squares – amaze! I’m well impressed with all of the squares you’ve managed to make so far – can’t wait to see the granny blanket!

  14. Yay crochelizer! 100 is a pretty good mark, 71% of your goal. You can do it!

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  16. sewforward says:

    Okay, I didn’t know what a ‘crochelizer’ was – yes, I will admit my ignorance. Here’s rooting for 140!!!

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