Pyjama Party – Sewing The Centre Seam

When two become one…

Very exciting today, guys! Our two legs are going to come together in beautiful union.

First of all, turn one leg inside out. Then put one leg inside the other, right sides together. At this point, your notches will really help you be sure that you’re sewing the right sections together. You’ll want to be confident you’re sewing a back centre seam to a back centre seam, and a front centre seam to a front centre seam. Why? Because otherwise your PJs will be all sorts of wonky!

Did you know that three notches mean the back of an item? I only learned that recently!

Once you’re happy, pin together this seam in one long ‘U’.

When I start pinning I don’t start at the ends or at the notches, I start dead centre where the seams of the inside legs are going to meet. This is the point where I really want things to be accurate:

I start pinning here and work my way out either side to each edge.

Then, sew your seam! I put mine through the overlocker again.

Now we come to an important stage – reinforcing this centre seam.

Just think about all the stress your jim jams go through as you sit cross-legged on the sofa, or twist around in bed, or slouch legs akimbo. (Maybe that’s just me?) You’ll want your pyjamas to survive all the abuse you’re going to throw at them.

Take your pyjamas back to the sewing machine and sew a second line down the seam. If you’ve overlocked, as I have, you’ll want to sew along the inside line of the overlocking:

I used blue thread for this second row of sewing. You can see the two rows of stitching, in blue and white, below:

That’s it! Press your seam and turn your pyjamas right side out. Yes, these are starting to look like pyjamas…

And how do those inside leg and centre seams meet, after I took the care to start my pinning from that middle section:

That will do for me.

This is another step that didn’t take much more than half an hour. You’ve had three stages so far, each 30 minutes long. That’s not so overwhelming, is it? But I know some of you may be feeling a bit panic-ey or maybe thinking you might dip out of this sewalong. I know what it’s like. You sign up, full of enthusiasm, and then life goes and gets in the way.

So you may need a bit of extra motivation. Something to keep you powering through. A giveaway, perhaps…

Tune in tomorrow!

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18 Responses to Pyjama Party – Sewing The Centre Seam

  1. I am impressed by that central precision. Even starting centrally, I sometimes get it off by a bit. Once I’ve matched the centre (and I do, really, even if it sometimes doesn’t quite look like it in the finished product), I then pin from the top back to the centre, easing my fabric if required (if it’s a stretchy satin, sometimes that’s a necessary thing). I love the way they’re looking! Very inspiring.

  2. KC says:

    What a splendid crotch!

  3. Fiona says:

    They look lovely and the overlocking looks so professional. Still haven’t cut mine out yet, but hope to get on with it later today. I need a small portable project to take to sewing class this week, so PJ’s will be perfect. I’m making 3/4 length bottoms and a vest style top for summer PJ’s, so I wonder if you think the Sorbetto pattern would suffice for the top? I would leave the pleat unsecured at the bottom for extra roominess.

  4. Funnygrrl says:

    Looking forward to starting this post-vacation!
    Love your fabric even more the more I see it.

  5. Lucy says:

    Must. get. started.

    But first I have to finish a wedding-guest dress which actually has a tangible deadline and then I’ve got to trace and *gulp* blunder my way through guessing exactly which gazillion alterations I need. It must be so nice just to be able to sew things straight out of the envelope!

  6. nothy lane says:

    Wow! I love it. I never thought to pin the central seam first. It looks great and I am definitely doing it your way from now on….

  7. Marie says:

    Hehe, I love how you’re bribing us to sewalong! I’ve made a start today and your tip about what the three notches mean is going to make sewing life so much easier from now on! I’m pretty convinced that my poor machine’s about to pack up though as its making all sorts of clunky noises…just hope I can at least finish my PJs before that happens :o(

  8. Beautifully explained!

  9. Far says:

    🙂 Have found my pattern and a few probable fabric… Thanks for the central seam matching reminder! I sometimes forget this and had to take out the seam ripper!!!

  10. Debby says:

    Well I am in the party spirit and have had a productive day cutting out my PJ’s and starting a new sewing blog. I just need some sewing enthusiasts to subscribe to my blog now! and whilst I remember the book I am currently reading on my Kindle is ‘Coaching for Performance’ by John Whitmore, its for a Coaching and Mentoring assignment. Whilst the Kindle is not the best way to read a text book, the book is a must for all aspiring managers. Happy sewing everyone.

  11. 3 notches for the back? I didn’t know that at all, I love learning new things through blogs. I usually sew the center seam frm the back to the front and not in two episodes as you do, but I’m careful to pin all of it. I’m not sure I’ll have time to sew a front before the big reveal, but I’ll try.

  12. I really like your fabric! I’m using a vintage pattern that has me do the front and back crotches first (flat-felled!) then the inside legs all as one.
    I cut them out, and did the two crotch seams this afternoon when the rain came (while listening to St. Trinian’s on the tele). I also read the instructions more fully and found that I’ll be doing a placket and two buttons on the left side, plus front pleats and a front yoke! Goodness these are going to be fancy! Shame my fabric is a tad see-through….oh well, I just won’t answer the door when I’m wearing them 🙂

  13. Pingback: A certain night-attire ‘party’ sewalong! | ooobop!

  14. I had to leave you a big THANK YOU on my blog because this fun, simple challenge has helped me to sew again. Your photos are remarkably clear. It is so exciting to know that others are doing this at the same time. I love this kind of carefree sewing.

  15. Jacq C says:

    I know its a bit cheaty because I’ve made shorts pj bottoms, but I have made 2 pairs already – this is a great idea. I’ve decided against making tops as I like to wear vest tops with some built in support – I’ve no idea how to make those myself!

  16. francoise says:

    Thank you so much for the inspiration and the excellent tutorial. Your sewalong is a brilliant idea Karen and motivated me into having a go myself. I am looking forward to more of your excellent advice and tips…

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