Pyjama Party Giveaway

So, what do you reckon? For the approximately 160 people taking part in the Pyjama Party, a giveaway is in order, don’t you think? We can all do with a bit of motivation, now and then.

Today’s post is also a great opportunity for me to explain exactly how the Pyjama Party will work. I’d like as many of us as possible to blog on that day about our new pyjamas. Then you can link to your blog post in comments on a launch blog post that will go live here at 7am GMT 28 April. A comment on 28 April about your pyjamas automatically enters you in for the giveaway. I know not all of you have blogs, so otherwise, just leave a comment about the pyjamas you’ve made and send me a separate email with a photo. Use the email address didyoumakethatatfastmaildotfm.

The closing time for this giveaway will be 7am GMT 30 April. I’ll leave it another 24 hours to wait for emails of pyjamas from non-bloggers. Then, I employ the Random Number Generator!

Remember – in the comments, I also want to hear about what book is on your bedside table. As well as the book title, I’d love a line detailing what you’re enjoying about this read. I’ll share highlights in a later blog post.

Okay, them’s the rules. So, what’s in the giveaway, Karen? Well, it had to be all the most perfect items to go with your new pyjama bottoms! Let’s see…

  • One pair of Slouch Lounger Socks in light pink and with bobbles!
  • One bar of Fortnum & Mason milk chocolate.
  • One Liberty of London handkerchief for dabbing at your tears as you watch a soppy film, before hitting the sack.
  • One Liberty of London lavender sachet for placing next to your pillow.

Enough? I don’t think so. The first person randomly picked for the giveaway will win all of the above, but the next THREE people picked will each win one of these:

These are nifty little creatures that allow you to cut out Burda patterns without having to measure those pesky seam allowances. I’ll be reviewing one soon, but the genius behind these little babies has generously given me three to hand over to the first three people out of the hat after the main giveaway.

I’m willing to send parcels worldwide. So is it worth finishing your pyjamas? Fancy posting a link on 28 April? (Remember, a comment on THIS blog post doesn’t enter you for the giveaway.)

This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time!

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33 Responses to Pyjama Party Giveaway

  1. Rachel says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I’m looking foward to the Pyjama Party. Need to get some photos so I can blog about it before the weekend!

  2. makeitgiveit says:

    awesome – I just need to find your post with the code to put the button on my blog -couldn’t find it for the life of me the other day. Would you mind emailing me a link – very motivated now!! :o)

  3. Wow Karen, that’s such a lovely giveaway! Looking forward to the weekend.

  4. Lazy Stitching says:

    Amazing Karen! Right, now I’m off to Golddhawk Road for some PJ fabric x

  5. Jacq C says:

    Brilliant giveaway. I have just such a purple bag on my dressing table – my lovely husband bought me some quilting pins from Liberty at Christmas just so I could have a bag, he knows what makes me tick!

  6. Angela says:

    You are awesome! I’ve been wanting those wonderful seam allowance adaptors, guess if I don’t win I’ll have to buy some for myself.

  7. Michelle says:

    What a great giveaway! Makes me wish I didn’t have oodles of PJs already in my drawers. Otherwise I’d be right onto this.

  8. Marie says:

    Oh Karen, this is so generous!!! I hope my machine holds up until my PJ bottoms are finished at least ;o)

  9. Melizza says:

    You spoil us! That is some divine goodies there. Must get cutting my fabric asap!

  10. shivani says:

    what a generous giveaway! even more motivation to get those PJs done!

  11. just have to add my voice to chorus: very motivational stuff!

  12. thats is such a amazing giveaway… The party was already fantastic without it…

  13. Bold Sewist says:

    What a lovely giveaway – those slouchy socks look divinely comfortable!

  14. Not sure if I can impress you with my pyjamas (I’m making them from old duvet covers…..) but I can’t wait to tell you what I’m reading. It would be the perfect book for you – that’s if you haven’t read it already…

  15. Miriana says:

    This is a lovely giveaway Karen! I’d love to participate in this fun pyjama party but currently I’m volunteering in the Southern emisphere while my sewing machine is still in Europe… hopefully I’ll be able to join in next time once we’re happily reunited! But as an avid reader I’d love to let you know what’s on my bedside table anyway if you’ll let me crash the party for that 🙂

  16. must say, I don’t really do bedtime reading, though when the time comes, I plan to tell you simply what book I’m dragging about the countryside with me while I commute. However, what I’m presently reading with some intent and great enthusiasm is Successful Dressmaking, especially the bit about minor adjustment to drafted patterns to allow extra hip comfort in pyjama pants!!

  17. kittysdrawings says:

    Oh what a cool prize! I havent been party of the pyjama party though – I should huh! Though I plan on making a robe this year after last year’s plans failed.
    So, the book on my bedside table is Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson. I’m only reading it slowly but it’s quite entertaining despite being 20 or so years old – The English language has changed SO MUCH in these last 20 years so I think Bill should write a revisit somewhere. 😀

  18. kittysdrawings says:

    Did my comment go into spam? My email has been doing that a lot lately!

  19. prttynpnk says:

    I’m so looking forward to this, well, except for the vaguely unflattering jammier pics I will be posting!

  20. oooh this is really exciting!! I’m really looking forward to the explosion of pyjamas on the internet on Saturday!!

  21. Tessa says:

    What a great giveaway! My inside leg seams are now sewn up, hoping to join them to each other tonight!

  22. Nice. Thanks for setting this up. I have two metres of that exact Liberty fabric already so I don’t want to be entered in the main giveaway but the seam allowance widgets would be a cool win.

  23. Sue says:

    What a wonderful prize!! I am almost done with my pyjamas. I just need to finish up and take some pictures before blogging this weekend!

  24. Susan says:

    Those prizes are super. I’ve finished my PJ bottoms, and just got some plain fabric to go with the scraps , so I can make a Sorbetto top to go with them! I’ve also got a Lekala(modest version) nightie to make up. I don’t read in bed as DH hates that, but I’m currently reading Worlds of Honor by David Weber(SciFi in an equal opportunities universe).

  25. Andrea says:

    Wow! You are so generous! I’m a little late in the game, but I think I might have a pair of PJs to add. 🙂

  26. grenouille78 says:

    What a way to sweeten the pot! My pj’s are finished, but they need some embellishment. I’ll be on time!

  27. Vicki Kate says:

    You are super generous! I’m glad you had fun shopping, give always are sooo much fun. I’m gonna have loads of PJs after you motivated my behind, one pair is complete and two more just need the waistband doing after I went all assembly line this evening. Genius on constructing the, with the server too – saves oodles of time 🙂 I may have to finally get on and make Colette’s Cinnamon so I have something to wear up top that isn’t an old vest top or T (but they’re sooo comfy…) right, I’ll shut up and go to bed now.

  28. Jill says:

    Annnnd, this pushed me over the edge-I’m in! Plus, after doing laundry tonight, I realized I only have one pair of pj pants, and flannel at that. Certainly not suitable for the upcoming summer, for shame!

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  31. What a great pj party.. and how sweet and thoughtful to do a give away..
    Love your pj’s. Thankyou for hosting the sew a long. I had bought my pj
    pattern.. and it had set on the shelf for months.. and this got me going..
    Now… I am going to make several pairs.. So fun and fun to wear.

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