Pyjama Party Game

What’s a Pyjama Party without some games? I took my inspiration from a ‘Pass The Question Ball’ game I read about on t’Internet. One person throws the ball and whoever catches it has to answer a question written on the ball. What fun!

So, I stopped by my local pound shop. Man, what that shop owner doesn’t stock for 99p ain’t worth having! I walked in there on a rainy April day.

‘Do you have a beach ball?’ I asked.

‘Course I do!’ he replied.

I couldn’t help grinning.

So, here we are. A game with questions. Answer either or both. Have fun!

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  1. Vicki Kate says:

    Favourite Sewing Pattern… Erm, that’s really really hard! I’m going to go for Colette’s incredible and free Sorbetto pattern. It’s, well, free; uses a tiny amount of fabric; is fast to make and will turn you into a bias application master! Basically anything by Sarai or Tasia works for me! I can’t wait for Gerties book though and to get my hands on that sheath dress pattern she designed…

    Childhood bed time cuddly toy. I didn’t really have one that HAD to go to bed with me. I sucked my thumb and paid in my teen years with the joy of orthodontics! My most precious stuffy though is a small teddy called Adwelam Baldrick (named after my Siamese Ceefer as that was his pedigree name) that I was given on my 18th birthday. Having said that, Boy is now in charge of his care and he was ‘flying’ earlier today (read that as being thrown from one end of the room to the other with a two year old yelling Weeeeeeeeee at ear splitting volume!).

  2. Hahaha.

    My answers:
    All time favourite Pattern: Colette’s Sorbetto. Free, versatile and my most worked item ever. ( maybe it will change because this pjs are way too comfy to take off.
    Favourite Cuddly Toy: It was Napoleon the Lion. My parents brought me when they went to Rome for the 1st time. I love this and I sleep hugging him for a good 10 years. Now he is stored for posterity.

    My turn to throw the ball. I added yours and 2 more questions.

  3. Pırpır says:

    My favourite sewing pattern is from a vintage German mazagine calles Beyer’s Mode, it is a blouse. Very simple very elegant. Here is how it turned out (the red one at the bottom row) :

    I made it in several different versions. 🙂

  4. oonaballoona says:

    i love this.

    favorite pattern: gathered sundress from pattern runway, but really i have to try another pattern!

    childhood toy: pookie, a brown bear. he lost a blue eye in the wash at one point, and i made him an eyepatch complete with yellow and gold sequined P.

  5. LOVE IT!
    Favourite pattern – probably the Colette Ceylon – despite the number of pattern pieces I really love the vintage vibe of this pattern. It’s definitely a dress I’d like to make again.

    Childhood toy – I absolutely loved my teddybear, called, originally, ted! He went everyehere with me (even to uni, lol). He lost an eye and needed to be stitched back together around the neck from all the cuddles, but he’s still alive and well today!

  6. Jacq C says:

    Oh, great game! The Sorbetto gets my vote too, just because I’ve made it 5 times and it was free!

    My childhood toy was my teddy bear – also called Ted (we had a cat called Kitty too, oh the imagination!). He is now very tatty and I’ve packed him away for safe keeping. He used to play music, with a wind-up key in his back, but that stopped working decades ago. His nose fell off and his paws are practically nonexistent but that’s because he was much loved.

  7. Tina says:

    Favorite pattern–geesh! Rather than pattern (because I’ve really just started sewing “for realz”) I’m going to go with favorite design element: PRINCESS SEAMS! OMG I love them! They’re easy to adjust for a FBA and are so flattering!

    Childhood Toy–growing up my sisters and I had a toy chest (and old dresser) full of bizarre dress up clothing that my mother collected from relatives and places like Good Will and the Salvation Army. I used to LOVE dressing up my sisters in these clothes and directing little plays. My favorite item from that toy chest was probably this vivid purple (thin Barney) turtle neck sweater dress. It had long sleeves and was floor length on an adult! It came with this belt made out of the same yarn that was studded with purple rhinestones. I adored that thing!

    • Tina says:

      I should add this: I didn’t like bed time cuddly toys growing up. As an baby, I used to throw them all out of my crib and as I child, they ended up on the floor. So.

  8. Anne W says:

    Favourite pattern – that’s tricky!! I could go with a Burda Jacket pattern, of which I have made 4, or a Burda trouser pattern, and I have lost count of how many pairs I’ve made from that! Jacket is style 116 from April 2009 and the trousers are style 116 from March 2004. I have too many faves!!
    I didn’t have a cuddly bed-time toy, just a real fuffy kitty! 😀 Daughter no 2 has a teddy called “Little Big Ted”. So called because he is a smaller version of “Big Ted” which Daughter no 1 had for a while. Daughter no 1’s fave bed-time snuggle buddy was a rabbit from Jellycat called “Camelia”

  9. ooh games! I love it!

    My favourite pattern….. probably HotPatterns Sunshine tops as they’re so flattering and fun to make too. As for a cuddly toy when I was younger, I really can’t remember having a beloved toy….but I had my cat Holly who used to curl up on my pillow!

    More games please!!! Or more questions!!

  10. Fave pattern is probably the Colette Ginger skirt, so easy and so flattering. My favourite teddy when I was little (I call all soft toys teddies) was in fact a teddy bear. His name was McIntyre and you could actually unzip his fur from the neck down and dress him in pyjamas!!! How appropriate for today. I’m really not making this up, you can ask my mum! I can’t remember the PJ’s lasting that long though, he was definitely PJ-less when my brother claimed him a few years later. X

  11. Roobeedoo says:

    sewing pattern? Um… probably the Pattern Runway shorts, because although I won’t make them often (twice so far) they felt like such a milestone – I got my knees out for the first time happily since I was about 8 years old.
    Cuddley toy? That would be teddy – he fit perfectly in the gap between my shoulder and my chin / ear and I told him all my secrets (I told the budgie too but he had a big mouth and was not to be trusted.)

  12. happyhermit says:

    Favourite pattern would be the Sorbetto for all the reasons already stated! and my toy was a little pink and blue rabbit which was bought for me as a baby and i used to suck my thumb and snuffle an ear under my nose. The rabbit became just the ears in time! Lovin’ the party!

  13. eumoronorio says:

    oh oh I know this one! Cuddly bear! He was about three feet tall and was my 5th birthday present! He was as big as I was and I loved him to pieces! Literally! As for the fav pattern, um, I don’t really have one. I just can’t make up my mind…my current love is StyleArc’s Cynthia R’s 2178 and Colette’s Hazel and, and, um okay I’ll stop there. Sigh… I just love…mumble mumble…

  14. grenouille78 says:

    Hurray, I get to play! My favorite pattern… Well, I haven’t repeated any of my patterns to even know! But my favorite one to work with was a 1940s vintage mail-order dress pattern that went together like a dream. I would like to make a few more versions of it.

    My cuddly bedtime toy: I had so many stuffed animals! I used to rotate which ones I slept with, but the one I could always turn to when I was feeling sad was Pink Tiger. It was a small tailless cat (may not have been a cat) and as a child, I swore that it used to have stripes, but I think that’s probably not true, either. Pink Tiger was my very first stuffed animal and its face is now perfectly molded to mine to wipe tears from my eyes. He’s still around, but packed in a box currently.

  15. leahfranqui says:

    Hmmm, a favorite pattern, that’s hard. Well this might be a super unpopular statement, but the Burda Style Cap Sleeve Dress with gathered skirt may actually be my favorite thing to make. Everyone made it, everyone hates it, but it’s works for me, what can I say? Also I’m fairly enamored of the Colette Patterns Pastille Dress. Oh, and Dixie’s Ballet Dress! Man, I”m sucha pattern trollop.

    Favorite childhood toy was my stuffed toy monkey, Chiqueta. Hands down.

  16. I don’t have a fav. pattern, what I want to make keeps changing! My fav. cuddly toy (I only had the one XD because as soon as I learnt to read I chose books over everything else) was a yellow monkey called tingu with velcro hands and feet (so he could sit on my back with his arms around my neck. His nose fell off early on and I think my mum still has him somewhere..

  17. Tilly says:

    Oh Karen, you look so gorgeous in your PJs! You’re really rocking that floral. What is it about being in pyjamas which makes such a fun party? Love it! I’m so sorry I missed the party, but I will join at some point, albeit when everyone else is fast asleep.

    But I am *wearing* my jim-jams as I type – does that count? I think my favourite pattern is the Beignet skirt (you probably could have guessed that), and I do have a penchant for my self-drafted button back blouse (again, I do believe I may have mentioned that before!).

    It pains me to recall my favourite childhood toy. Poor old Teddy Without A Head. The hotel cleaner may have mistaken you for an old rag that needed to be chucked in the bin, but you were sorely missed (oh! I think I have something in my eye!) 🙁

  18. Well now I have just mastered the fba, I’m loving the free sorbetto blouse, so very adaptable, but I love love Megan Nielsens’ Darling Ranges dress that I can see being made into lots of different ways, and who doesn’t love a dress, no worrying about what seperates go with what!
    Well I did have a doll with a plastic face that came to an unfortunate end when my big brother smashed it’s face in, poor doll! But really I loved books.

  19. I think the only sewing pattern I’ve used lots of times (10 and counting, I think) is, in fact, the pattern I used to make my Boy’s PJ trousers this time round.

    Soft toy? My bear, whose name was Veronica (don’t ask me why because although I’m sure there was a reason, I can’t remember it; it might simply have been because that was my mother’s middle name and I’m s-o-o- imaginative!).

  20. gingermakes says:

    Ooh, love the questions! My new favorite sewing pattern is Grainline’s Tiny Pocket Tank. I’ve made two already and want to make dozens more!

    My favorite childhood toy actually makes a cameo in my PJ photos! He’s a Pound Puppy given to me when I was 4 by my grandfather, who passed away a few years later. His name is Flash, although he was a girl dog for a short time named Violet (not sure why/when I decided he was a boy!). I slept with him every night until I was married, ahem, I mean, or, you know, whenever is a socially acceptable time to still sleep with a stuffed animal.

  21. Great questions. My favourite pattern is probably Amy Butler’s Barcelona A-line skirt, I have made it about five times now. It sews up really quickly and I have always been happy with the results.

    My childhood cuddly was Lemonade, she is a yellow bear. Her ears have blue with white polka dots which some how as a four year old reminded me of lemonade. She went everywhere with me, she had her own coat peg next to mine when I started school. She finally found her way out of the bed but is still in my bedroom, she was on the windowsill until Little One (my dog) found her and chewed off an arm leading to some quick cuddly surgery. She is now on top of the wardrobe…well out of the way from Little One.

  22. Sigrid says:

    I’m late to the party, but just wanted to check in to say I made it a day late.
    My favorite pattern is Ginger by Colette Patterns because it always looks good on me and is easy to make.

    Oddly, I don’t remember having a bedtime toy, but I do have the remnants of a much loved cloth doll my mother made for me from a pattern in Women’s Day magazine.

  23. Tessa says:

    Hmm – I haven’t been sewing long enough to have a favourite pattern – but it’s very useful for me to see all these ones listed, so thank you for asking the question! The one I’m most looking forward to making is the Ginger skirt as I’ve seen so many great versions of it now and everyone seems to love it. My most beloved cuddly toy was my teddy bear, named Big Ted, given to me by my grandparents shortly after I was born. I’m happy to say Big Ted survived the rigours of being favourite toy and is still with me now, looked after very carefully!

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