Mine’s A Margarita

I write this blog post from the bar in a Mexican restaurant with a strooooong margarita beside me, a small food mountain of chips and salsa as the gratis snack whilst I wait for my table, and my ears flapping wildly as I eavesdrop on the extraordinarily bratty young woman bitching about her female friends to the handsome Californian god who clearly adores her.

Welcome to San Francisco!

I am very happy. My room in my budget hotel is much lovelier than I’d anticipated and thanks to the several American readers who IMPLORED me to wrap up against SF vagaries, I have a fleece close to hand. I was very touched by everyone’s deep concern on my behalf. For the love of god, Karen, wrap up! Never since my Derbyshire childhood and my mother’s insistence on the wearing of vests all year round have I felt such deep concern for my well being. Bless you all! And as you rightly predicted, come 5pm the air turns chilly.

The trip started very early with a Paddington Bear photo that has quickly become established as Didyoumakethat tradition:

Note the lack of other travellers. It was silly o’clock!

London readers will laugh wryly when they hear that my first sight on riding the escalator to street level in San Francisco was … a Westfield shopping centre! (For international readers, we have two of these in London.) And so the world gets smaller…

But my second sight was of the tram above, and I was staggered to discover the below literally around the corner from my hotel:

First impressions of a city I last visited about 15 years ago?

It’s very … groovy is the word that springs to mind. I think of New York as cool, but San Francisco strikes me as groovy. Wander into a seemingly innocuous hotel lobby and – yes, Handmade Jane! – you have stumbled upon a free-thinking chapter from Tales In The City. (San Franciscians – have I just committed the equivalent sin of saying that Oliver Twist is an accurate reflection of London?!)

In a couple of days, I’m meeting up with some fellow Sewists at the Rouge & Blanc bar, 334 Grant Avenue in Central San Francisco:

Unbelievably, one of the attendees will be a fellow London resident, who joined me at the OWOP cocktail evening! What was I saying about the world getting smaller?

If you’re considering a jaunt in town with like-minded people, a group of us will be at Rouge & Blanc from 6pm, Wednesday 9 May.

Right. The jet lag is making me feel heady. Or is that the margarita? I hope you don’t mind any stream-of-consciousness or erratic blogging from this trip. I can’t promise it will all be about sewing or knitting or crochet. (Though may I just say: High five! Knitting needles, crochet hook and embroidery scissors through airport security no problem. The crochet saved my sanity as a queue crawled through passport control.)

Um, what was I saying…? I’m losing my focus. I think it’s time to crawl towards my bed.



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20 Responses to Mine’s A Margarita

  1. Nice. Thanks for sharing the excitement =D
    Have you been to the Museum across from your hotel, yet? Would be cool have a review on that.

  2. Laura says:

    Welcome to SF! I arrived on Tuesday and barely getting over the jet lag now. Enjoy San Francisco, and remember to do all the touristy things!

  3. Michelle says:

    Have a great time! As a recent visitor I can highly recommend a visit to Imagiknit on 18th St (I think) not far from the Mission (and very close to the Castro which is where we stayed and good Lord it was SO MUCH FUN).

  4. Marie says:

    Thank you for transporting me there with you Karen…keep having fun and being happy!!!

  5. I’m most impressed by that uncrowded Paddington shot. You might never see it that way again. SF looks fabulous too. Hope you have a thoroughly wonderful time there.

  6. colognegrrl says:

    Was that your complete luggage? Admiration and awe.

  7. elle c says:

    No pressure or anything, but you have to have a wonderful time for all of your readers that are living vicariously through you. No Pressure. 😎

  8. gingermakes says:

    Hooray, you made it! Have a wonderful time!

  9. redsilvia says:

    Yay they let you into the country 😉 Trust me, they were thrilled to let you in…

    If your in the Union Square area and feeling peckish with the jetlag at 1am, King of Thai Noodles on O’Farrell next to Macy’s will feed you for $10. It’s fast and filling as noodles can be.

    I know you’ve got your own travel agenda, but I did see there is an exhibit of Victorian Children’s Books in addition to the Cult of Beauty exhibit at the Palace of the Legion of Honor. That museum is way out on the water’s edge and has a pretty darn spectacular view. Have a wonderful time!

  10. sewforward says:

    How exciting! SF is one on my favorite cities – I visit there every fall and never miss an opportunity to stroll through Britex Fabrics – yummy fabrics to die for 🙂 All cities have their charms, even LA (where I live), of course, maybe LA’s charm for me is soley the Fabric District LOL! Have fun on your vacation. Enjoy!

  11. whatsupcupcake says:

    Welcome to SF! Amy just tuned me in to the meetup so I’m hoping I can make it over to the city on Wednesday night to join you all!

  12. Evelyne says:

    I’m amazed that the airlines let you take knitting needles on the plane!! Here in Australia you can’t even take nail clippers (hmm, how would you use nail clippers for no good – mind boggles). Have fun in SF – thanks for sharing your holidays with us.

  13. Rose in SV says:

    Welcome to San Francisco! I won’t be able to join you (i’m down on the peninsula in Silly Valley)., but I hope that you enjoy your stay.

  14. livebird says:

    I was just there – you must see JP Gaultier at the de Young. I promise you won’t regret it!

  15. Welcome to the US and hope you have a great stay in SF! I’m jealous of these fabric shopping trips I’m reading about!

  16. Siga says:

    Have fun in San Fran! I’m enjoying Arizona right now, but SF is one of my favourite cities.

  17. symondezyn says:

    Aw that’s so exciting! Hope you have an awesome time on your adventure! 😀

  18. jealous! i love SF. last time i went i had just found out i was pregnant so didn’t take full advantage of the margaritas (and the napa valley wine tasting that followed!). have fun!

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