San Francisco Sensational Sewing Shin Dig


That’s perfectly simple, isn’t it?

So, on Wednesday evening we had our SF meet-up. Beth, my lovely sewing teacher, had done a sterling job of finding a great location in downtown San Francisco. (More on Beth and our classes to come – much, much more!) We’d both spread the word, and all we could do was wait and see who’d join us. I had no idea if we’d be an exclusive club of two or part of a crowd of sewing fanatics.

Can you guess which it was? I was flabbergasted to meet Laura again, photographed above with me. We’d first met only a few weeks ago at the OWOP Cocktails in London. Yeah, London. Our second meeting was in San Franciso. How many levels of crazy is that on?

I had so much fun, helped along by the exhaustive wine list. I was thrilled to see a huge range of attendees. Amy of Sew Well arrived, wearing two beautiful Sewaholic patterns – the Lonsdale dress and Minoru jacket. That lady rocks Sewaholic! I felt a bit like a trembling fan girl.

Two other attendees – What’s Up Cupcake and Silvia – were wearing one of the new Colette summer dresses, both looking absolutely gorgeous. I definitely spotted a Sorbetto also! Everyone had come out in their beautiful finery, and we all looked splendid. Hurrah to us!

A special mention must go to Verte Adelie who brought along a selection of the accessories she’d made with painstaking attention to detail and huge originality. I fell in love with the ‘Kiss A Frog’ ring:

Isn’t that amazing? A lot of her jewellery is inspired by fairy tales – there was a mouse ring based on the mice that pull Cinderella’s carriage. I was speechless.

Other mentions must go to Courtney who gave me an exhaustive list of restaurant recommendations (there will definitely be a ‘Courtney Recommends!’ blog post coming up!), the two ladies who were enjoying their first proper outing since giving birth, and the lovely, lovely new friend from Canada who arrived with a gift for me. My flabber was properly gasted.

Last but not least, Beth deserves a trophy AND a gold medal for organising settling the bill for such a number of people. I’ve never seen so many dollar bills flying around yet Beth remained stoically unflappable throughout. And yes, the waiters – at no stage did they seem even a tiny bit unsettled by such a large group of very excited women, all stroking each other’s clothes.

I guess you see it all in San Francisco… Thanks, guys!

If you’re thinking about organising a meet-up in your area, I would urge you to go for it. It’s no big headache – set a date, time and place and turn up. At the very least you’ll meet like-minded people but at most, I am going to promise you friends for a lifetime. That’s quite a claim to make, I appreciate. So, go on – try to prove me wrong by organising your own meet up. You can buy me a drink in ten years’ time when you realise you can’t remember how you ever existed without these people in your life.


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22 Responses to San Francisco Sensational Sewing Shin Dig

  1. Tamsin W-P says:

    I’ve just read Amy’s post as well. Sounds like you had so much fun!

  2. Debi says:

    Sounds like such a fabulous day! I agree on the meet-ups! They are so much fun!!!

  3. Shelly says:

    Oooh I’m so envious. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. gingermakes says:

    Hooray! What a fun day!! San Francisco is so, so beautiful– I would LOVE to live there!

  5. Shams says:

    It was so great to meet you, Karen!! Thanks for inspiring a great get together!

  6. Laura says:

    I am really, really disappointed my work deadline prevented my from attending! I’m so happy there was a good turn out and that you’ve enjoyed your visit to SF.

  7. Karen, it was such a pleasure to meet you, hear your delightful british accent and see the gorgeous Peony dress that made me discover your blog a few months ago! And goodness, you just made me blush with your sweet compliments on my textile jewelry, thank you :).

    It was also great meeting all those lovely ladies – meeting people and being able to say (or at least think) “oh, I love your sorbetto/peony/minoru jacket/sundress-that-is-surely-a-Colette-pattern but-I-can’t-remember-which-one” rather than a dull “nice dress you have here” – this is so deliciously refreshing, or quirky, or geek, whatever adjective one prefer!

    I love your last sentence, because, yes, I sometimes wonder how I was doing before being able to “meet” like-minded people thanks to internet. It just seems to me this has been such a quick change, and it really is a revolution I’m grateful for.

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  9. Amanda says:

    That’s so much fun! If you ever come to New York again I have a great suggestion for a sewing meet-up!! I’m not so great when it comes to organizing these kinds of things, but I can at least suggest a neat location 🙂

  10. Amy says:

    What a wonderful evening. We all owe you a great deal of thanks for bringing us together. Hopefully we’ll keep it up, but it won’t quite be the same without you there. Have a great rest of your vacation. I’m really excited for you since your plans sound absolutely amazing!

  11. “a large group of very excited women, all stroking each other’s clothes.”
    Only in a sewing community is that not grounds for sexual assault charges. 😉
    I am glad to hear you had a great time. My husband visited SF prior to meeting me, I know he would like to show it to me but because he’s been there it is not as high on the priority list as it deserves. We are a bit like magpies liking the new shiny place we haven’t seen as much of our vacation time is taken up seeing family.

  12. Sewingmrsc says:

    Sounds like a great night! If you ever do another London date, I’d love to travel in for it!

  13. Courtney says:

    It was fantastic meeting you! And ditto on the thank you for organizing. You all inspired me to start thinking about starting a blog 🙂 maybe one day. As I was walking home I thought of a few more eating ideas for you… “off the grid” is a food truck gathering and on Friday nights it’s down at Fort Mason (it’s mobile, so you can check the Internet for other locales over the weekend) because of the lovely weather forecast you should also check out the biergarten in hayes valley!

  14. Fiona says:

    Agree SF is an amazing place, and if you get a chance, take a trip down the coast to Monterey to see the sea otters – they are the most unbelievably cute little things, floating on their backs so close to the shore.

  15. Every Stitch says:

    I’m soooo envious. Much as though I love NZ there are major drawbacks to being in an isolated little country at the opposite end of the earth to everyone else. Sounds as though you had a great time.

  16. Tilly says:

    Oh that looks like so much fun! Mega jealous!!

  17. nothy lane says:

    LOoks and sounds like a wonderful time! Meet ups are really interesting – you know everyone through their blogs and then to see them in person must be a bit of a surprise! I’m glad you had fun!

  18. Melizza says:

    Funny enough Greg and I had a choice to move to San Fran or London and we chose London. But I do love San Fran. It’s such a pretty and vibrant city.

  19. symondezyn says:

    I would love to do something like this!!!!! Everyone come to Vancouver now! 😀

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