Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition and A Surprise Score

On my last day in San Francisco, prior to Ian’s arrival, I caught the bus over to Golden Gate Park to visit the De Young Museum and their Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. It turned out to be one of my most successful expeditions in San Francisco!

First off, Golden Gate Park is really lovely. Who wouldn’t want to stroll through the gardens?

Second off, I found the exhibition much more enjoyable than I’d expected. I’d forgotten the fun, energy and creative surprise of a younger Gaultier in the Eighties. It was a joy to be reminded of the innovations that led this designer to supplying Madonna with some of her most memorable outfits. It may come as no surprise when I say that Jean Paul’s work brims with, ahem, appreciation of the female form…

Tilly and the Buttons, a big fan of the Breton stripe, would have been in heaven:
My favourite dress from the exhibition was covered in buttons, on a moving catwalk so extremely difficult to photograph:
All in all, a really enjoyable day out. I believe some San Francisco Sewists are planning a gathering to visit this exhibition. Do it!
As I strolled out of the park, I thought my day’s delights were over. WRONG! I spotted a street sale just down the road from my bus stop and wandered over.
This lady was selling various items, including two modest boxes filled with neatly folded fabrics. I rifled through and spotted the above delight. Isn’t it fun? I ached immediately to turn this into Sewaholic’s latest Cambie dress, which fortunately I pre-ordered as soon as I laid eyes on Scruffy Badger’s triumphant versions.
I asked how much the fabric was going for. My lady told me she’d been instructed to sell it for $2 a metre. She started to measure the fabric with a tape, asking, ‘How long is a metre?’ Readers, forgive me! I played dumb! ‘Dunno,’ I muttered, shrugging my shoulders and dropping my glance to the pavement. She waved a tape in front of the fabric with very little conviction. ‘Yeah, um. Looks like a couple of metres. Call it four bucks.’
I handed over my money, grabbed the fabric and ran to the bus stop. When I let myself back into my hotel room, I spotted this label:
I don’t know exactly how much fabric I have here, but certainly enough for a dress. Beach Fun, indeed!
One last photo from San Francisco.


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12 Responses to Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition and A Surprise Score

  1. Sarah says:

    nice one! Which version of the cambie do you think you will do? Have you got enough for the full skirt?

  2. elle c says:

    A perfect souvenir of your visit to California!

  3. gingermakes says:

    Love that fabric! So cute!

  4. ooobop! says:

    What a great day. I’d have loved to have seen the JPG stuff. Good bit of playing dumb too! That’ll make a great dress!! 🙂

  5. Shams says:

    So glad you got to see the exhibit! And you really scored with that fabric. 🙂

  6. Please tell me you went to Humphrey-Slocombe? You cannot leave SF without visiting them! Please, do it for those of us who cant (at the moment)!.

  7. Marie says:

    What gorgeous Cambie fabric…I love it!!!

  8. that is indeed a fantastic souvenir of your visit.

  9. LinB says:

    I am shocked, SHOCKED, that the street vendor was selling fabric by the meter! Surely she was selling it by the yard? Sadly, the U.S. soundly rejected converting to the metric system, sometime in the late 70s-early 80s. (But not until after my science-teacher uncle had completely memorized every theorem in his textbook in metric measurements, after a long career of teaching in imperial measurements.) Also, San Francisco is a very sophisticated city, jam packed with persons from all over the planet. So maybe she WAS selling by the meter. Metre. Whatever.

  10. lovely fabric! i love gaultier – do you remember him on eurotrash with antoine de caunes? hilarious!

  11. stacyverb says:

    Fabulous! I’m so jealous that you got to see the Gaultier exhibit. Not to mention your “bargain” beach fabric. 🙂

  12. Mary says:

    How fun! The last time I was at the DeYoung I took in the Vivienne Westwood exhibit…so inspiring! Glad you had a good day and found some fun fabric to boot!

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