The Blue Gardenia Interviews Me!

Hi there, gang! I’m honoured, flattered and thrilled to be added to the roll call of interviewees, over at The Blue Gardenia. This is one of the first blogs I read, long before I had a blog of my own or even dared post comments. Please do go and take a gander!

Thanks so much for the incredibly constructive and helpful comments on yesterday’s blog post. I do appreciate the time it must take to write some of these long comments. It’s safe to say the mantle has well and truly been thrown down! (Where does that saying come from, anyway?) I’m currently researching decent jerseys online and my next question is…

What is your favourite pattern for working with jersey?

Hey, look – the sun is out! And guess what I’m wearing…

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19 Responses to The Blue Gardenia Interviews Me!

  1. Roobeedoo says:

    I recommend the Renfrew – I really do!
    And if you don’t mind ordering farbric from overseas I hear great things about Girlcharlee dot com – they have some amazing prints I am sorely tempted myself!

  2. Marie says:

    Congratulations!!! I’m off to have a gander now! Why not try a pretty dress with jersey (I’ve recently made Vogue 8728 which is gorgeous, although not perhaps the most flattering thing I own due to my generous busts!?!). I was going to say Renfrew like Roobeedoo, but I remembered you were one of the pattern testers and I totally envied your version of the cowl neck!!! Anyway, I hope you find some nice jersey and a good pattern to convert you!

    Also – are you wearing your loulouthi skirt today…was the picture a clue?

  3. Sam says:

    Congratulations, what a great interview.

  4. Wendy says:

    My most favorite pattern for jersey is Vogue 8379, classic wrap dress that works in any season.

  5. Sue K says:

    I took classes from Emma Seabrooke to learn some tricks on sewing knits, and they help a lot. Many of her tutorials are included in online videos, and she sells the tapes and other notions she recommends. Right now my favorite pattern is the Silhouette t-shirts, due to the french dart. I have modified it slightly to add length and lower the neckline a little, and it just fits. Depending upon the fabric you pick, you can be casual, dressy or any where in-between, and knits are very forgiving of learners.

  6. A great interview and I love the photos! I found out about colette patterns from your blog and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the ginger skirt and peony dress.

  7. punkmik says:

    I love your coat in the picture! Did you make that too!? If so from which pattern? And congrats for the interview!!! SO exciting!

  8. lisa g says:

    knits in general are so fast to sew up, it almost feels like cheating! i really like mccalls 6078. it’s a draped neck tank which i’ve made once as a top and the second time lengthened it to a dress. i can’t look at a top pattern without devising ways of turning it into a dress for some reason… lovely interview, you work is just superb!

  9. sewforward says:

    Congratulations! Sewing with wool is wonderful. Unfortunately for me, southern California where I live, wool garments are not really needed, but I can dream can’t I?! Your interview was great, some great insights into sewing and just appreciating one’s own talent and nurturing ones’ creativity, too. Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations.

  10. Congratulations on the fabulous interview!! So cool. You deserve the recognition.

    As for jersey patterns, I have had good luck with Simplicity 2580 and Vogue 8663. They were great for me as a beginner, and the Vogue was the first pattern I altered by making into separates. Again, they’re simple patterns, but if you’re looking for something playful they’re good bets.

  11. Maddie says:

    Congratulations on the interview!

    I wish I had some recommendations for patterns working with knit but I draft many of my own patterns. Good luck hunting!

  12. Hi Karen, I’ve arrived! After 3 wks I’ve caught you up, read your whole blog, an inspiring story. You’ve inspired me to move onwards and get better while I’m at it. I have sewed for 25 yrs, made lots of clothes for my girls and some for my son. But I could never get them to fit me correctly. I often made a practice, (toile) when I bought a new pattern. On completion I would throw it in the bin. So thanks to you, last weekend I unpicked my last FO and added 1in to the shoulders. It was a random color and didn’t match but I now know the doing was more important than the looks. I then needed to change the shape of the armholes but finally I have a Me Made that fits me beautifully, my 2nd wearable toile. Last night I cut out the fabric for my really good make, I know it will be even better. A million thanks to you for sharing your journey.

  13. symondezyn says:

    Wow, many congrats – you are very deserving! It was actually that magnificent coat of yours that had initially inspired me to follow your blog so it was nice to see some of the makes before it 🙂 A lovely interview, and very interesting – you are truly talented and inspiring 🙂

  14. aleah says:

    What a great interview, thanks for sharing all that great advice and experience!
    As for knit patterns, I second McCall’s 6078 (, it’s super quick and easy but still elegant. I also love Vogue 1224 (, it’s easily my most worn me-make. And Butterick 5523 ( is a terrific winter dress, and it’s for doubleknits, which (as someone pointed out in the last post) is easy to work with since it’s so stable and well behaved.
    I can’t wait to see what happens when you apply your tremendous skill and will to learn to conquer jersey!

  15. Ooh, I’ll be really interested to hear about online sources of nice jersey. And congrats on the interview!

  16. Just saw this post in my reader and had to come back to say I loooove that jacket! You did a truly outstanding job from fabric choice to wearing. It’s perfect.

  17. SunGold says:

    I love the coat! It is a beautiful color and very well executed. As for the saying “mantle has been thrown down” I believe that it’s”the gauntlet” that has been thrown down. You “don the mantle” of a king or queen.

    The first is a challenge, the second is an assumption of stature or royalty. I think you can safely say you’ve donned the mantle of sewing royalty with that coat.

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