Where Karen Goes, The Spice Girls Follow

Did anyone see the press shots from the Spice Girls’ announcement that they were reuniting?

Recognise that staircase?

Yes, this is where I was photographed for Me Made June Day Six in 2011. Ah, memories! Ilmar still works there, you know, as does Gabor. For any of you who weren’t following me then, I set myself the challenge of being photographed with a different stranger for each day of the Me Made June challenge. I did it! (If you type ‘MMJ’ into my search box, the blog posts will come up.)

I was being photographed in my Skirt of Extreme Happiness, which still gets a lot of wear. It’s a really great basic and one of those rare makes in a solid colour. Note to self – do more work with solids.

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3 Responses to Where Karen Goes, The Spice Girls Follow

  1. neeno says:

    I love the Spice Girls!!!

  2. I still think those red shoes are pretty cute!

  3. lol out loud had to show hubby. That’s cool and you were famous there first.

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